7 Days of Sex.. from Lifetime

Chances are you have seen the previews for this risque new show which premiers tomorrow night on Lifetime.  The new show – 7 Days of Sex – challenges couples who are on the brink of divorce to give their marriage one last shot… and agree to make love for seven consecutive days.

The show is causing quite a stir, with fans outraged that the show may “promote promiscuity” or even “get more teenagers curious about sex.”  But then there are others – myself included – who think that promoting healthy, monogamous relationships between committed couples should be… well, CELEBRATED.  True – I do wish they called it Seven Days Of Love Making – but let’s be real… people wouldn’t pay as much attention to that, and truthfully, a little bit of “shock factor” would probably do this country some good.  With the Divorce Rate being up over 60% now, I find it hard to criticize any show that is challenging couples to try and reconnect – and one place that you can do that is in the bedroom.

What I feel is sadly overlooked so many times is that a challenge like this really does not have much to do with the actual act of sex itself.  It is about opening up the lines of communication, reconnecting with each other at some level, and adding back in the playfulness that many couples lose after years of being together.  The truth is if you challenged Newlyweds to 7 days of love making, they wouldnt even think twice about it – they are probably doing it anyway.  So why is it so crazy to try and rekindle that spark that we all felt in the beginning?

Mike and I are participating in the 7 Days of Sex Challenge with Lifetime, and I will be blogging the entire experience here at MoscatoMom.  Now, before you get all riled up (Mom!) let me assure you – this has very little to do with sex, and much more to do with us focusing on our relationship and one another for the next week.   Mike and I have been together over 3 years now, and we catch ourselves falling into that long term couples monotony where given the choice between sleep and sex we choose sleep and hope to dream about sex.

We will be following the same format as the show – each day is assigned a different “task” that I will share here… because…

I want you all to take the challenge too.

Yes… all y’all (that’s plural for “y’all”)

I want to challenge every single one of my readers, friends, followers, fans – whatever – to make love to the one you love every day for the next 7 days.  Whether your relationship is in turmoil or not, I think this is a great challenge for all couples.  There are some guidelines though – and like I said, this actually has very little to do with the actual ACT.    So make sure you tune in to the show premier tomorrow night on Lifetime at 10/9C, and then back here on MoscatoMom for the challenge….

It’s going to be a good week, people.


 Disclaimer: I have been compensated with a “Survival Kit” from Lifetime to participate in this challenge.  All opinions, thoughts, and ideas are 100% my own.


  1. Kari says

    This is great! No matter what is going on with your marriage… even if in a great place right now, this sounds like a challenge for any couple, and not only that FUN! Thanks for sharing, cause I dont watch tv often unless its already a show on the DVR. C: Have a great week!

  2. says

    This is SO cool!! Good for you.
    I saw the commercials for the show and thought it was really going to be great for the couples. What a terrific way to reconnect with your spouse/significant other.
    Are you going to be on TV or will it be a blogging event only? Either way, I’m really excited for you and Mike. I’m going to try and get Bill to go along with this challenge, too.
    Have fun!


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