Adam Levine Breakup

It is no secret that I have a love affair with Adam Levine.  My ringtone has been his part in Stereo Hearts for months, and my friend Natalie and I spent weeks trying to track down a UK Cosmo with his Cancer Awareness ad(be still my heart) In fact if you look at my Pinterest boards I have a “My Favorite People” which is 85% Adam Levine.

So today when  my friend Danielle posted this on my Facebook Page, I had to check it out:

According to PEOPLE, Adam and girlfriend of two years Anne Vyalitsyna have called it quits.   Though an official reason has not been given, the story has been confirmed:

“Adam and I have decided to separate in an amicable and supportive manner. We still love and respect each other as friends. I wish him all the best,” the Victoria’s Secret model also known as Anne V said in a statement Monday (April 2).

The couple met in 2010 when Maroon 5 played at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Release Party.   Earlier this year Adam told Howard Stern “This is the longest, most functional relationship I’ve ever been in, I don’t want to screw it up.”  Adam Levine has been known for being quite a player, but sources say he was settling down.  The pair looked to be doing great recently at the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show when Adam serenaded Anne on the runway, so the news comes as a surprise to most.

I can not find any word from Adam’s rep – and I hope that is just because he is busy and not broken hearted somewhere.  With his rising fame as one of the judges on The Voice, I have no doubt he will have a new beauty on his arm very very soon.

Until then I will just continue to swoon… I can just feel less guilty about it now.



  1. says

    Sorry, I’m sure this was a fabulous blog post – I was just distracted by the pictures :)

    And… I am STILL trying to get a copy of that Cosmo edition! It’s crazy the publishers / magazine can’t help directly, but one day it will come up on eBay, I’m sure of it!

    Whether it actually makes it across the pond to you, is another story. Ha!

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