Free Seminar in Pensacola – 25 Truths About Money You Were Never Taught

So I have to admit – I was never very good at managing money until I met Mike. I grew up in a very affluent family where money came easily, and while they did instill a great work ethic in me, I was never really taught how to handle the money that I made. We never talked about investments or savings, and to be completely honest I don’t even really know what a 401k is. Mike taught me to manage my money and control my spending in a way that has led us to a very comfortable place financially… for now.

But what about our future?

When I sat down with my friend Cameron Andrews from Panhandle Financial Services, I was completely lost. Cameron can rattle off numbers unlike anyone I have ever met. When I got that “deer in headlights” look, he slowed down and took the time to explain every detail… I was amazed. There is so much that I do not know – and even more that I *thought* I knew – that I was TOTALLY wrong about. When Cameron mentioned that he was having a free seminar – 25 Truths About Money You Were Never Taught – next week at Rodizio’s Grill – I immediately said I would be there.

25 Truths About Money You Were Never Taught

There are things that we all were taught about money that were either incomplete or flat out wrong.
Fact is you’ve been lied to by authors, radio hosts, and even your parents. How soon do you wanna know the truth. Aug. 3rd is the day of reconciliation for You. The day that you learn why the rich get richer and the poor seldom escape their impoverished world.
We’ve been taught half truths
Ex.#1 Your Home Is Your Greatest Investment.
Certain radio hosts have said that Permanent Life Insurance isn’t a good place to save or earn a return money. Real Estate is a much better use of your funds.
So you bought a house in 1999 for $200000 and sold it in 2011 for $344000. You would have realized a 72% growth in that 13 year period. $144000 gain not bad you could downsize into a home that fits your new empty nest lifestyle and keep the remainder for retirement. But if we annualize this return by averaging like we do every other investment. It comes to a 4.3% average annual rate of return. Minus maintenance costs.
This and many other eye opening truths will be revealed.

See what I mean? Mind. Blown. And this is just ONE example. I can’t wait to learn more and help make good financial choices for our future. If you want to join the free seminar, just RSVP on the Facebook Event Page. I hope to see you there!

Zoës Kitchen – Now Open In Pensacola

A few weeks ago Mike and I had the pleasure of checking out Zoës Kitchen, a new restaurant located at Cordova Mall here in Pensacola. I had never even heard of  Zoës Kitchen, but I love when new things come to Pensacola, so I was excited when I was invited to go on opening night to learn all about it.

zoes kitchen pensacola

Zoës Kitchen is a popular, Mediterranean fast-casual restaurant that offers amazingly fresh meals for dine in or to go. The menu features made-from-scratch entrees using fresh, honest ingredients. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes are also available. They even offer catering – which is great for events or just in office meetings!

We arrived around 6:30 on Thursday night – and the place was already packed! They had only been open since lunch, but the manager – who was awesome – said it had been busy since the doors opened. I guess everyone is excited to check it out! I was super impressed at how well everything was running – especially for it being the first day. All of the staff was cheerful and seemed knowledgable about the menu and were happy to help us.

zoes kitchen

We began with the Hummus Trio… now I have to admit I didn’t think I was going to be that much of a fan of pesto hummus – but if you mix the pesto hummus with the roasted red pepper hummus… my goodness it is like a flavor explosion.  You also get great dippers – like fresh cucumbers, soft pita bread and toasted pita chips to dip. I could have just made this my entire meal. It was delicious.

hummus trio

I ordered two types of Roll-Ups – the Spinach Roll-Ups with Grilled Chicken and the Chicken Roll-Ups. They came with a dipping sauce that the manager explained was made with a Greek yogurt and green onions… I could have drank it with a straw. It was awesome. Mike ordered a Zoës Club Pita which was really tasty, and also checked out the Grilled Chicken Fingers from the Kids Meals. I loved that they had healthy options even for kids – I know I am sick of my girls eating fried chicken tenders all the time so we were happy to have some healthier choices. The thing we kept saying over and over was just how FRESH everything tasted.

zoes kitchen menu

Like a good blogger, I updated my Facebook page to say I was checking it out – so as we were being served, several of our friends showed up to check it out as well! We thought that was awesome! They ordered the Steak Kabobs – which looked and smelled amazing – and the Salmon Kabobs which I was really impressed by. Salmon is so easy to mess up and I am often disappointed with restaurant salmon knowing I can make it better at home. This was fresh and flaky and cooked to perfection.

I also loved that there is a nice big table right in the front of the restaurant – perfect for a big group to meet up! The table sat ten – something that it hard to find in most restaurants – but especially with “fast food!” And since the food is not only delicious but healthy too, I could see this being a great hangout after a POUNDFit class or for a working lunch!

zoes kitchen in pensacola florida

We thoroughly enjoyed Zoës Kitchen – in fact I took the girls back the very next day – I had to have more hummus!!! They loved it and my Dad joined us after seeing we were checked in there on Facebook. In fact just yesterday I was heading home from a meeting and zipped in to get some food to go. I love that they have a “Fresh Take” section where you can literally just grab and go.  Zoës Kitchen has quickly become one of my favorite places to eat in Pensacola – hands down.

You can check out Zoës Kitchen now at Cordova Mall – right on the corner near the Ross entrance. Doors are open daily from 11am to 9pm. You can see the entire Pensacola menu on their website –

Have you been to Zoës Kitchen yet?

Disney Live – Three Classic Fairy Tales Giveaway

Hey Pensacola! Looking for something fun to do with the kids and beat this crazy Florida heat!? Disney Live! Presents Three Classic Fairy Tales coming to The Pensacola Bay Center, and I have four tickets to give away! Check out all of the details and enter to win below!

disney live

Prepare to step into a world of wonder where wishing is only the beginning and dreams really do come true in Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales Presented by Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt. An enchanted quest featuring more than 25 Disney characters, this stage production from Feld Entertainment®, the producers of Disney On Ice, performs at Pensacola Bay Center on July 31, 2015. Tickets are on sale now!

Join Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy as they take audiences on a captivating journey and magically bring to life three timeless fairy tale adventures. Discover Snow White as she searches for her one true love; Cinderella getting ready for her magical night at the ball; and Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, as she finds happiness in the most unusual place. Anchored amidst a transforming set, captivating choreography, innovative lighting and breathtaking costumes, this authentically-woven tale of “happily-ever-after” is a heart-warming Disney experience for the entire family.

Tickets are on sale now at, and you can save 20% on your tickets by using the promo code BELLE15

The girls and I have always loved seeing Disney Live! events at the Pensacola Bay Center! I am super bummed that the girls will be out of town that weekend, but I am excited to offer one lucky MoscatoMom reader a set of four tickets to the 7:30pm showing! You can enter using the RaffleCopter widget below! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Quitting Smoking Made Easy

There are many ways to try and quit smoking, but one of the fastest growing is by using E-cigarettes. E-cigs are a wonderful way to quit smoking, as they are cost-effective, reduce environmental waste, eliminate the smell and stains of traditional cigarettes, and give users the same physical act of smoking without bothering bystanders. So if you’re trying to quit smoking, here are some great reasons why E-cigs are your best choice.


How E-cigs help you quit

Instead of using the traditional fire and tobacco of cigarettes, E-cigs supply their users with nicotine from E-liquid. The E-liquid contains propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine, and flavorings, and it allows users to control the potency of the nicotine within the E-liquid, which means it can be slowly reduced until the user no longer feels withdrawal. E-cig users who miss the physical act of smoking, can continue smoking E-cigs with liquid that contains no nicotine, allowing them fulfill the pleasing smoking action without becoming addicted to nicotine.

How E-cigs save you money

E-cigs are a cheap option for quitting smoking, as the cost of E-liquid is a fraction of the price compared to the equivalent amount of traditional cigarette smoking. Once a user has made the one time moderate purchase of their refillable E-cig kit (E-cig, charger, E-liquid), then their only future purchases will be the E-liquid, which sells for about 5GBP per 18mg, and comes in a variety of flavors.

How E-cigs work

Many new users are unaware of the technology that is utilized in E-cigs, and how a vapour is produced without fire and smoke. One of the preferred E-cig products on the market is, “blu” E-cigs. So lets take a look at how blu works. blu eCigs© are made up of a cartridge section, which holds E-liquid and a Vapouriser, as well as a battery section, which holds a Rechargeable Lithium Battery, and a blue LED. The battery provides power for the LED to light up whenever a user inhales, giving the appearance of a blue colored ember at the tip of the E-cig, it also provides power for the Vaporizer to turn the E-liquid into a vapor, which the user then inhales and exhales. The vapor, as opposed to smoke, evaporates nearly immediately after being exhaled, leaving none of the lingering smoke of traditional cigarettes.

quit smoking

Traditional smokers who make the switch to E-cigs not only give themselves the chance of quitting smoking, but they also have reported feeling physically better. So if you’re looking to quit, perhaps E-cigs are your new way out.

Images by Ecig Click and TBEC Review used under the Creative Commons License.

Teen Beach 2 – Now On DVD

TeenBeach2DVD_smallBoth of my girls were completely obsessed with the Teen Beach Movie that came out a couple years ago. So when we heard that they were making a Teen Beach 2, we were super excited to check it out! The girls love the singing and dancing – I love that it is a good, clean movie that I have no problem letting them watch! Its a win-win!

Summer may be over for Brady (Rossy Lynch) and Mack (Maia Mitchell), but our summer has just begun! Get ready for some electrifying song and dance as the hottest surf sequel returns in Teen Beach 2 on Disney DVD! Dazzled by “wow-abunga” fun for everyone, the DVD features never-before-seen bonus features and an exclusive friendship necklace! 

When I told Midge we were getting a copy to review, she pretty much stalked the mailman every day for a week. I am not sure if she was more excited about the movie or the exclusive friendship necklace – but she hasn’t put either of them down since it arrived last week!

teen beach 2

I love that the DVD also comes with a code for the digital version of the movie so she can put it on her iPad to watch any time. Since I do not allow the girls to have a television in their room, the iPad comes in especially handy when I need to work and she needs to be entertained for a little while on her own. This is how I found her after the movie came in… it’s safe to say she’s been a bit obsessed with the second movie as well.

teen beach 2 movie reviewI watched the movie with her and I have to say – it is just as cute as the first one was! I love the message as well as the singing and dancing as much as she does. (Hey, those are some pretty catchy songs!) She just turned nine and sometimes I feel like we are caught in this spot where some movies are to childish for her – but I do not want to expose her to movies that are too mature, so I was happy when Teen Beach 2 kept her attention throughout the movie, and was age appropriate without being too mature for her.

You can pick up Teen Beach 2 on DVD now at your local retailer. And if you are looking for some fun Summer Party ideas inspired by Disney’s TeenBeach 2, check out these awesome ideas for food and decorations to bring together the perfect beach soiree!! Let the music move you with these scrumptious flip flop caprese sandwiches and “lei” one on you with this charming origami necklace.

Have you seen Teen Beach 2 yet?