Trick or Treat Cake Pop Cupcakes from #DuncanHines

Back in July I had a blast making Fourth of July Surprise Cupcakes with Duncan Hines Summer Velvets cake mix. When I was given the opportunity to review their new Autumn Velvets, I wanted to make something similar… but with a twist. I have had a love for cake pops for years and thought how cool would it be to have a cupcake and a cake pop in one?! An idea – and a very tasty treat – was born. Check out my Halloween Trick or Treat Cake Pop Cupcakes.

halloween cupcakes

The Duncan Hines Autumn Velvets comes with two packets of cake mix – one brown and one orange. Their website has great ideas for how you can get creative with these velvets – making everything from swirl cakes to biscotti. But I kept thinking about biting in to a soft, rich cupcake… and finding an extra sweet “treat” inside. So I gathered up a couple of ingredients and got to work – not sure how, or even IF this would turn out.

duncan hines halloween cupcakes

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The Ultimate Cake Pop Cookbook

savory-bites-from-your-cake-pop-makerIt is no secret that I have a love for cake pops.  My Babycakes Cakepop Maker and I are very good friends.  And to be honest, it pains me that I did not think of this idea first, but I am so happy to share this with my readers  – a true Cakepop Cookbook for bite size treat  lovers like me.

Introducing “Savory Bites From Your Cake Pop Maker,” a new full-color cookbook featuring 75 adorable snacks, appetizers and entrees to eat before dessert. Enjoy Eggs Benedict in the morning, Monte Cristo Bites at lunchtime, and Lamb, Spinach, and Feta Meatballs for dinner. All made in minutes with your cake pop maker. Make salty, tangy and spicy treats for family dinners, parties, or just for yourself—eating has never been so fun!

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Easter Cake Pops Round Up

With Sunday being Easter, I took the time tonight to look back on the Easter Cake Pops I have made to decide which ones will grace our dinner table this weekend.   The great thing about all of these Easter Cake Pops is how simple they are, so you can even get the kids involved with the creation of these little beauties.  From bunnies to baskets, I’ve got you covered.

Easter Bunny Cake Pops

Easter Bunny Cake Pops


  • Babycakes Cake Pop Maker
  • Pillsbury Cake Mix of your choice (Pillsbury works best in the Cake Pop Maker)
  • White Candy Melts
  • Sweet Mallows Marshmallow Confetti
  • Pink Heart shaped candy sprinkles
  • Chocolate Piping Icing with bag and small tip

Begin by making your cake pops as usual with the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker.  Pillsbury mixes work best – my favorite being the Funfetti style.  Mix your cake batter as usual by the directions on the box, and spoon a teaspoon of mix into each hole and cook for four minutes.  Place cooked cake pops on a cookie sheet and run into the freezer for no less than an hour.  Then “stick” your cake pops using a bit of candy melts on the tips of your sticks and run into the freezer for another hour.  Now your cake pops are ready to decorate.

I have seen pictures of these guys where the baker had used Spring Candy Corn for the ears…  I looked at four different stores and was unable to find them.  I was about to give up and ditch the entire idea when I saw these near the marshmallows in Walmart.  I decided to give them a try, and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.  I did use scissors to snip the very ends off  – both to make the proper size for “ears” but also to give some added “stickiness” to help them stay on the bunnies heads.

For the Easter Bunny Cake Pops you will use the white candy melts which can be found in just about any grocery store.  Almond Bark works as well but I have found it to be a bit thinner than the candy melts so it doesn’t stay smooth quite as well.  Do NOT try to use cake icing – its a totally different consistency when heated. Melt the white candy melts in 30 second increments and stir – making sure you do not burn it.

Dip your Easter Bunny Cake Pop gently into the white candy melts and place in your cake pop holder.  While the coating is still good and warm, stick the Marshmallow Confetti with the snipped ends into the melts in the place for ears.  Hold for a few seconds until the candy begins to set and the ears and secure.

Let the candy coating set for about 20 minutes or until completely cooled and hardened.  Do not put into the freezer or refrigerator as that will cause the candy coating to “sweat” – making the next steps virtually impossible.  Simply let the cake pops sit room temperature.

Using your piping bad and icing, put a tiny dollop of icing onto a pink candy heart sprinkle and place your “nose” in the center of the Easter Bunny Cake Pop leaving room for both eyes above and the mouth below.  I found that since I have acrylic nails that it was easier to lower the cake pop onto the sprinkle than trying to hold on to the teeny little heart and stick it on there.  I think I dropped about 15 of them before figuring this out. Then pipe on eyes and a mouth to complete your Easter Bunny Cake Pop.

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How To Make Elf Cake Pops

Last year when I made the Rudolph Cake Pops and Snowman Cake Pops, we had so much fun I planned to make them again.  However my friend Sara suggested I try my hand at Elf Cake Pops…. and well, I am always up for a challenge.

Now, I thought about doing the “Elf on the Shelf” cake pops, but truth is that thing seriously creeps me out.  I wanted something more whimsical – something more like the elves from the Rudolf movie.  And though they do not look quite the way I had envisioned, they still are pretty darn cute.

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Jack-o-Lantern Cake Pops

Yes, I realize that Halloween is 6 weeks away – but I’ve been itching to design some new Cake Pops using my Babycakes Cake Pop Maker,  so I seized the opportunity!  Here is a step by step for one of the easiest – and cutest – cake pops I have ever made!

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