Baby Shower Ideas: Milano Cookie Babies


Remember a few weeks ago when I hosted the #PampersFirsts Baby Shower with some of my close girlfriends and their little bundles? We had an absolute blast and it was by far one of the most fun parties I have ever thrown. I went completely overboard on the food and decorations – but hey, it’s what you when its your besties having babies!

baby shower

The biggest hit of the day – both in cuteness and in taste – were the Milano Cookie Babies. They were super simple to make and were absolutely delicious. All you need is four ingredients and a little bit of time to make a cute and memorable snack! In fact – these were gone so quickly I did not get any great pictures – so please forgive that!

milano cookie babies

Milano Cookie Babies


  • Carton of Milano Cookies – either size works great! I used the minis.
  • White candy melts
  • Food coloring
  • Chocolate decorators icing

Start by melting your white candy melts in a large bowl. You want it to be deep enough that you can dip your cookies in to make the “diapers.” Gently dip each cookie about 1/3 in to the white candy melts and place on a foil or wax paper lined cookie sheet to let cool completely.

milano cookie babies for baby shower

While they are cooling, add a few drops of food coloring to the white candy melts to make the “hats” of your choice. Since we had both boy and girl babies at this party (well… one little girl who arrived 48 hours later) I mixed up a bowl of pink and blue. When the cookies have cooled completely, gently dip the other end of the cookies in to the colored candy melts and place back on the cookie sheet to cool.


When candy melt has completely cooled, pipe on two little dots for eyes using the chocolate icing and voila!

milano cookie babies baby shower food

Whole30 Ranch Dressing Recipe: Total Game Changer

When I completed my first whole30 I was ecstatic – for two reasons. One, I had amazing results and felt better than I could ever remember feeling before. And two, I was going to get to reintroduce some of my favorites that I had missed so much! One of those items was ranch dressing. Now, being from the South, ranch dressing is a staple – and we put it on everything. Salads, vegetables, grilled chicken – you name it – you can put ranch on it. However, I did not want to go back to my old ways of eating since I felt so good, so I set off to find the perfect whole30 compliant ranch dressing.

whole30 ranch dressing

This ranch dressing turned out so amazing that even my girls prefer it over normal dairy ranch. It has not only become a staple here at my house, but my Dad and a handful of whole30 friends have requested I make them jars of it! I am now midway through a whole45 and going strong still in part due to loving all of the whole30 recipes and never feeling hungry. As long as I have fresh veggies and this ranch – I am good to go.

So without further ado, here is my favorite ranch dressing recipe ever.

Whole30 Ranch Dressing

  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1 cup whole30 mayo
  • 1 teaspoon dill
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt

In a nice large measuring cup pour 1 cup of coconut milk. Then spoon in whole30 mayo until liquid level reaches two cups. Add in spices and whisk well. Cover and let chill in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. Enjoy! *Tip: experiment with coconut milks – some have a stronger coconut flavor than others. The milder the coconut flavor, the tastier your ranch will be!

whole30 ranch dressing recipe

25 St Patrick’s Day Meals and Sides

Next week is St Patrick’s Day and the girls have asked for a “traditional” St Patrick’s Day meal. I am not even sure what that means, but I am going to give it my best shot. I guess this is what I get for coloring everything in the house green the last few days. But I began looking and actually some of these sound absolutely delicious… however it is a really good thing I am not starting Whole30 again until April. If you are looking to cook up some traditional Irish Faire for the holiday, here is a great list of 25 Irish Themed Meals and Sides to get you started!

St Patrick’s Day Meals

St. Paddy's Meals 2 Text

1. Breakfast Salad
2. Corned Beef and Cabbage Bites
3. Reuben Sliders
4. Guinness Stew
5. Irish Brown Bread Breakfast of Kings
6. Irish Colcannon Mac and Cheese
7. Irish Stew
8. Fisherman’s Pie
9. Colcannon Skillet Pizza
10. Irish Pork and Fruit Curry
11. Guinness Braised Brats and Broccoli Baked Potato
12. Green Beer Bread
13. Colcannon Irish Potatoes
14. Irish Seafood Chowder
15. Guinness Braised Lamb Shanks
16. Irish Breakfast Skillet Potato Nachos
17. Lamb Shepherd’s Pie & Parmesan Ricotta Potatoes
18. Reuben Bread
19. Guinness Corned Beef Sliders with Irish Cheese
20. Dublin Coddle
21. Irish Corn Bread
22. Irish Bangers and Mash
23. Irish Potato Cakes with Bacon and a Leek Cream Sauce
24. Luck of the Irish Skewers
25. Irish Corned Beef, Potato and Cabbage Pie

St Patrick’s Day: Simple Shamrock Cupcakes

This weekend Midge wasn’t feeling her best, so we chose to stay in and doing some baking. Even though I do not do much eating of the sweets since my whole30, I do still love baking and decorating cakes, cookies, cakepops, and of course cupcakes. Since we made our St Patrick’s Day Deviled Eggs I was in a “green” kind of mood, so we decided to make some shamrock cupcakes. I used my favorite Duncan Hines Blue Velvet cake mix and icing, and in no time we were devouring these little cuties.

shamrock cupcakes

St Patrick’s Day Shamrock Cupcakes

Items needed:

  • Duncan Hines Blue Velvet Cake Mix
  • White icing
  • Food Coloring – all colors
  • Cupcake liners
  • Muffin tin
  • glass marbles
  • Candy “eyes”

Mix up the Duncan Hines Blue Velvet cake mix according to the instructions on the box. Add in yellow food coloring until batter is green. Place cupcake liners in to muffin tin, and then place three marbles in each one – between the tin and the paper. Be sure to get these as even as possible – you want your “leaves” to be all the same size.

(forgive my old muffin tin - it was my late grandmother's and I can't stand to part with it)

(forgive my old muffin tin – it was my late grandmother’s and I can’t stand to part with it)

Put cake batter in to a gallon ziplock bag and snip the corner off to make it easy to guide the batter into the three sections of the cupcake liner. You only want to fill them about half full. The batter will rise some and you do not want it to come too far up over the liner as that will distort the shape. If it does though, you can easily trim it – it will never be seen once you add the icing 😉

Again, please ignore the tin. She and I cooked about a million muffins in this tin when she was alive.

Again, please ignore the tin. She and I cooked about a million muffins in this tin when she was alive.

Bake until completely cooked through – and let cool completely before removing from tin. The little marbles will be very very hot – just let them cool down with the cupcakes. It is important that the cupcakes are completely cooled before going on, or the cake will come off in the icing.

easy shamrock cupcakes

Mix green food coloring in to your white icing until it is the desired green. Put in to ziplock bag or piping bag and pipe on to cupcake in a circular motion. Add candy eyes to one “leaf.” Add a few drops of red and blue food coloring to your green icing to make a charcoal like color and pipe on a quick smile. Voila!

st patricks day cupcake


Saint Patrick’s Day Party Deviled Eggs

Saint Patrick’s Day is just a few days away and whether you are throwing a party or just want to do something fun at home, these St. Patrick’s Day Deviled Eggs are a fun treat! The girls and I had a ball this morning making – and then quickly eating – all of them.

st patricks day eggs

These eggs are so super simple! Hard boil six large eggs. Tip: putting baking soda in the water when you boil will help the shells peel off easily. Once boiled put in ice water for three minutes and then peel under running water. Carefully cut each egg lengthwise can pop out the egg yolk into a separate bowl. Gently rinse the egg white to make sure there is no yolk left. The yolk will absorb too much color and look weird. You want your egg whites nice and clean. Set aside to let dry.

Fill a glass bowl or jar with water and add 10-12 drops of green food coloring. Mix with a spoon and then slowly drop your dry egg whites in to the glass one at a time. Be careful not to plop them in there – it does splash!

stpatricks day eggs

Let the egg whites sit in the food coloring about 8-10 minutes or until they reach the desired green-ness you like. While they are soaking, use a fork to mash up your egg yolks for the filling. You can add whatever you would like to the filling – I add pickle relish, whole30 mayo, and mustard. Beat together until smooth.

perfect deviled eggs

Line your countertop with foil or wax paper and then a layer of paper towels. Using a spoon, carefully remove your egg whites from the green water and set right side up to dry. Make sure they are not touching each other – this will distort the color. Allow them to completely dry before moving on to the next step.

green eggs

To make filling your green eggs quick, simple, and mess free, put your egg yolk filling in to a piping bag or large ziplock and snip off the end with a pair of scissors. Twist the bag and squeeze out the desired amount into each egg white. You can be pretty generous here – the added volume of the pickles and seasonings will give you a little more filling to work with. Plus – you cant have too much. Yum.

how to fill deviled eggs

Garnish with a sprinkle of dill and serve!

st patricks day deviled egga