Simple Felt Dog Bone Stocking Craft #TreatThePups

This year Big Heart Pet Brands® and Walmart are helping nurture the bond between pets and their people with creative crafts and ideas to help you include your furbabies this holiday. The holidays can be stressful and confusing on your pets, but with a little love and TLC (and of course a bunch of great treats) your pets can enjoy the holidays just as much as you do.

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The only thing more spoiled in this house than our two girls is our little 6 pound chihuahua, Indi. She is quite the little princess here and the older she gets the more important it is to us to make her feel loved every minute. Feeling crafty and inspired by #TreatThePups I set out to make Indi her very own Dog Bone Stocking to hang alongside the girls stockings on the mantle. It turned out super cute – but the best part was that it was super easy.

felt dog bone stocking #treatthepups

Since Indi is getting older, I chose to get her some soft treats to fill her stocking this year. I was pleased to find a variety of soft treat options at my local Walmart. The “trail mix” I thought was hysterical since I take trailmix everywhere – now Indi can have her own. And the Soft & Chewy Milkbones were just like her favorite Milkbone Original Dog Biscuit – only softer for her little aging teeth.

DIY dog stocking

All I needed was five pieces of felt – two brown, one red, one green and one white – a needle and thread, a glue gun, a sparkly pom pom, sharp scissors, and my printed patterns that I found on Pinterest. You can use a marker or a piece of chalk to mark out your cut lines and then use your scissors to carefully cut each piece out.

diy stocking

diy holiday stocking

I did use just a little bit of thread to secure the bow to make sure it did not come undone. The bow was super simple to put together – I am going to have felt bows on everything now.

diy felt stocking

Before gluing everything together with the glue gun I placed them all togehter to make sure everything fit and lined up correctly. Start by running a line of hot glue down one straight side of your “bone” and securing to the other “bone.” Then work your way around the edge gluing and pressing the felt together – leaving room at the top of the stocking to stuff your Milkbone treats in to.

diy felt bone stocking

Once that has cooled and dried, add a loop from your leftover felt, the bow, and the sparkly pompom for a finishing touch.

felt dog bone stocking #treatthepups

I was super happy with how it turns out – and it is now proudly hung right alongside the other stockings over the fireplace so that Santa can fill it as well.

Check out the #TreatThePups page for more ideas for including your sweet furbabies in your festivities this holiday season. You can also enter to win free Big Heart Pet Brands® coupons by entering the giveaway below! Good luck!

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Are you planning to #TreatThePups this year at your house?


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Simple Valentine’s – Hershey Kiss Love Bugs

Since we have all begun Eating Clean, most of our “sweets” now revolve around foods like fruit and yogurt, and less around candy… that is except for Hershey Kisses.  Those, I am not sure I will ever be able to give up entirely. At any given time you can find several varieties of Hershey Kisses in our cabinets – my favorite being the special dark chocolate.  Nothing cures a late night sugar craving like a bite of some of the best chocolate in the word.

The other day the girls and I were playing with crafts and Midge put eyes on a Hershey Kiss and said “Look Mom, it SEEEEEEEES YOU!!!!”  Though creepy, an idea was born…

hershey kiss love bugs

Stuff you will need:

  • Hershey Kisses
  • cardstock
  • heart paper punch
  • wiggly eyes
  • double sided tape

Step One:

Punch out two paper hearts and join the points together using double sided tape to make the “wings.”

love bugs craft

Step Two:

Using double sided tape, affix wings on to Hershey Kiss – pressing firmly.

hershey valentines

hershey valentines 2

hershey valentines 3

Step Three:

Using double sided tape, make a loop and affix wiggly eyes side by side. Since it is double sided tape, it should stick to itself making a more firm foundation for the little eyes to stick.

hershey love bugs

Step Four:

Press wiggly eyes firmly on to Hershey Kiss, being careful not to smush the chocolate.

hershey kisses

candy love bugs

Want more ideas of what to do with Hershey Kisses this Valentine’s?  Check out these Chocolate Kiss Valentine’s Day Cookies!


Paper 3D Valentines #silhouette #cameo

Every year the girls and I make homemade Valentine’s for the kids in their class.  Buying a box of some random paper tween-lebrity cards or 18 pounds of sugar hearts just isn’t our style. We have done Melted Crayon Valentines, Swedish Fish Valentine’s, and even Valentine’s Wind Chimes.

This year we wanted to make something totally different and something a little more… unique. Last year when I bought the Silhouette Cameo I wore through three blades in the first month… but since then… well… it’s been collecting dust.  So I decided to fire it back up to do something fun for my very favorite holiday.  What we came up with – 3D Valentines.

Paper 3D Valentines #silhouette #cameo find more at

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Rainy Day Finger Painting with #RichArtColor

This has been a particularly wet Summer.   Lots and lots of rainy days has lead us to get pretty creative in how to stay occupied inside.   Thankfully my girls love to be crafty and we have done everything from Perler Beads to Shrinky Dinks to Origami.  This week however we got a chance to review Rich Art Color Washable Paint which caused an impromptu finger painting session.  I let the girls lose with their own imaginations to let them paint whatever they wanted. We had a blast.

rich art color

Now, I will admit… I have been called “uptight” a few times in my parenting because I am not a big fan of anything that makes a mess. However with the Rich Art Color Washable Paints – even finger painting with them was not messy and took only minutes to clean up. We started with two blank canvasses, disposable styrefoam bowls, and our Rich Art Color Paints.  I also had a wet washrag to wipe our fingers on when changing colors ;)

finger painting

It was fun to watch both girls’ personality come out through their paintings.  The Teen showed her “Type A” personality (she gets that from her mama) wanting a perfectly shaped/sized/etc turtle with border.  Midge on the other hand changed her mind about every 15 seconds – constantly changing what her “masterpiece” was supposed to be.  I think she finally settled on it being the Avatar version of Sumo… eating lollipops… by a tree… or something.

rich art color 2

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Mother’s Day Special from Kiwi Crate

Last month I had the pleasure of reviewing Kiwi Crate – a monthly subscription box that is full of fun games and crafts for kids  (although my friend Mary and I had just as much fun playing with it as the children did.)  You can see my entire review of the Kiwi Crate here.

We loved it so much that we actually signed up for the monthly subscription, and had a blast making our own recycled paper and stamped gift bags with this months crate.   Midge gets SO excited when she sees that little green package in the mailbox.

I wanted to share with you a special promo code that will let you save 25% on your first Kiwi Crate box, plus an additional $5 to spend in the shop!  I highly recommend these boxes for anyone with children, or for a gift to someone you love.  Code expires 5/12/

mothers_day_crate_blogger_ad_640x640 (1) (2)


And just so show how much fun we had –

kiwi crate