US Road Running Dog Lover Day Virtual 5K / 10K / Half Marathon

Remember last month when I decided on a Sunday to run a 10k the following Saturday? And then I actually did it? Well… this time I decided on a Wednesday to run a 10k the next Saturday… so instead of six days notice I am giving myself ten days notice… that’s progress, right?

US Road Running Dog Lover Day Virtual Run

US Road Running is an amazing running site which hosts all types of events – from Virtual Races (Virtual 5K, Virtual 10K, Virtual Half Marathon), Goal Programs, Mileage Programs, and a number of Live Races. Their goal of encouraging people to Get Out and Run ® has inspired thousands of people to get off the couch for some impressive bling. They even have a new Virtual Cycling Series that you can earn bling for too… how cool is that?!

us road running

This week one of my Sweat Sisterz posted that she wanted to do her first 10k and being that she is a Pet Sitter here in Pensacola, what better one to start with than the Dog Lover 10k!? So next weekend we will all be meeting up at the crack of dawn to take to the streets of my neighborhood to cheer each other on! And the cool thing is – you can join us too from wherever you are! All you have to do is register yourself and then run and log a 5, 10k, OR half marathon (13.1 miles) between now and Sunday June 28th!

virtual 5k

I am super excited to not only do another 10k – and get another bit of bling – but to do it with some of the best ladies in the world! Watch us on Periscope next week and come along with us for the run! And if you choose to do it too, let me know! We can cheer you on too!

Painting With A Twist – Pensacola Pride

Last week my friend Patty invited Mike and I to a “couples night” at Painting With A Twist – an instructional art studio that lets you create your very own masterpiece with the instruction and guidance of a lively instructor. She had seen an advertisement for the “Pride Over Pensacola Beach” piece, and being that we absolutely love our city, I jumped at the chance. The Pride Over Pensacola Beach is a Van Gogh inspired painting that includes two iconic pieces of Pensacola Beach – our beach ball water tower and our beach sign – swirled with a bright rainbow of colors over our sandy white beaches. I checked out the painting, absolutely loved it, and registered Mike and I without a second thought. It was a much needed, long overdue date night.


When we arrived our table was already set up and ready with our canvas, paint, brushes – everything we were going to need. Since this was a couples paint – we got to choose which side we wanted to do. I actually only chose the right side because I wanted a better view of Jaime – the awesomely funny instructor – so that I could get a better shot to Periscope a part of her presentation. That put me in charge of the Pensacola Beach Sign which was a bit intimidating, but they assured me they would help if I needed it.


Once we got settled in and got our aprons on, Jaime did a quick intro and we we ready to roll. Basically the way that it works is your artist goes step by step explaining how to do each part – giving you just a minute or two in between to paint along with her. The atmosphere is totally relaxed and fun, everyone was laughing while jamming out to a pretty eclectic playlist. The instructions are actually super simple, and I was impressed with how easily I was able to follow along. It did not take long for me to realize that while the point of the painting was to be matchy matchy… that was not going to happen in our case. Mike is a blender – I am a dabber.

painting steps

Every little while you have to take a break to let the paint dry before moving on to the next step. I took this as an opportunity to grab another drink walk around to see all of the other paintings that are offered at Painting With A Twist. I absolutely MUST go to the Pensacola Wine Glasses one – I was wanting to buy that set right off the wall. I can not think of a more perfect painting for my MoscatoMom office!!!

pensacola paintings

The entire painting took about three hours – but really we were having so much fun we didn’t realize how late it was getting. Several RLI members came that night and it was fun to get to hang with them in a totally different atmosphere outside of work. We took a few breaks, ate some amazing food that Patty brought in, drank a few drinks and just all in all had an absolutely wonderful time. This was Mike and my second time doing a painting date like this, and it made me wonder why in the world we have waited so long. You can bet we will be back regularly now.

painting with a twist parties

Painting With A Twist RLI

Even though Mike is a blender and I am a dabber, I was really happy with how our Pride Over Pensacola Beach painting turned out. In fact I thought all of them were absolutely fantastic. If you are looking for a fun date night, girls night out, or even a team building networking meeting, I highly encourage you to check out Painting With a Twist. It is located right here in Pensacola in the Target shopping center on Bayou Boulevard – across from Cordova Mall. You can check out all of the details as well as their upcoming calendar and register for a painting class right on their website.

painting with a twist

Best Networking Group in Pensacola – RLI

Last Fall I began holding Diva Success Sisters Chapter Meetings here in Pensacola to meet and connect with some of my local Divas. They were totally informal, but a great time to just get together, network, and learn from one another. At the time, Elizabeth was working with me in the office and she invited her friend Patty to the meetings. Patty is with BeautiControl – a Tupperware owned beauty company with some of the most amazing skin care ever. Patty came to every meeting like clockwork, and the more time I spent with her – the more I liked her. So when she invited me to HER new networking meetings – RLI – I couldn’t say no.


The Pensacola Dream Builders Chapter of RLI meets every Wednesday at 11:30 at Rodizio’s Grill just of Gregory Street in downtown Pensacola. The meeting is supposed to be from 11:30-1:00, but it has been so crazy popular that most weeks it runs closer to 1:30. Lunch is either $10 flat or $20 flat – depending on if you want the meat service or not – and includes drink and gratuity. They even offer a plated pot roast which is about as close to whole30 compliant as you can get in a restaurant – so you know that made me happy.  (Now if only I can stay away from the little cheesy bread bites…)

I invited my friend Amy to come with me to the first meeting. I wasn’t sure what to expect – the last networking meeting I had been to was a stuffy snoozefest that I could not wait to get out of. To be honest I cringed at the very idea of going to a “networking” meeting that wasn’t solely for direct sales. I have run in to so many people who scoff at direct sales as not being a respectable industry (they apparently like to overlook the over $30 BILLION dollars that are spent in the USA alone) that I was not looking forward to even answering the question “What do you do?” However, since Patty was in direct sales I decided to give it a chance to see what it was really about.

And I am so glad I did.

RLI is anything but a snoozefest. The energy in the room is palpable and the people are absolutely unmatched. Unlike other networking meetings I have attended, I was welcomed with open arms and immediately began connecting with the other members and chatting about business of all types – from merchant services to bakeries, catering companies to web development, life insurance to sugar waxing. (Yes, I’m serious… and yes there will be a blog post coming up on that soon.) Before the meeting even started I had already met and been inspired by fun and positive, successful people. I took my seat – realizing that very moment… I had found my tribe.


Photo credit: David Durden Photography

I joined that very day – excited to make connections with everyone in the group. (In fact, that day I received two referrals of people wanting to work together – before I was even officially a member!) Amy joined the second group – the Bay Area Referral Network or “BARN” that had to split off from the “PEN” because of how popular it’s gotten… we have outgrown the room! Plus, with RLI there is only one member seat per industry – so you have no competition in your group. In fact, there is even a third group starting soon – that is how fast RLI is growing in Pensacola!

But the weekly meetings aren’t all there is to RLI. The Pensacola Dream Builders is the largest and fastest growing chapter of RLI – because we have extended it out way beyond meeting one time a week. In fact, when it comes time to discuss the week, every single person stands to talk about who they have met with, who they have done business with, and how their referrals are going. In addition you will hear stories of “painting parties” to help members move in to their new offices, “Sweets Socials” for May The Fourth (complete with costumes of course) and even drive in movie socials that get the whole family involved. RLI isn’t just about referrals – although that is the focus – it is also about surrounding yourself with the most wonderful, supportive, and uplifting people around. RLI is a family.

rli 2

If you are looking to get involved in a networking group in Pensacola – or even just looking to find a new tribe of encouraging, successful people, I invite you to join me on Wednesday at Rodizio’s. I guarantee you will laugh, be inspired, and leave fired up about your business! And be sure to check out the main Referral Leaders website to learn all about the awesome benefits of being an RLI member.


But… What If I Am Not MoscatoMom Anymore?

This morning I woke up about 8am, rolled over, and immediately felt the soreness in my legs from the 10k I ran yesterday. The whole house was still asleep – even the dog was still buried under the covers. I reached over and grabbed my iPhone off the nightstand like I do every morning, and began perusing Facebook to see what everyone else was up to. I had dozens of notifications – people still liking and congratulating me on my run. I read each one with a smile, then reached over and rubbed my little gold medal, hanging above my bed.

I launched my email app and saw I missed a post from my favorite blogger. In fact, she is the only blogger that I make a point to read every single post from, and have pretty religiously for years. I am not sure how I came across her blog, but even though our lives are vastly different on the outside, every word she has ever written I have felt on the inside. In the five-ish years I have followed her I have laughed, I have cried, I have gotten pissed off (for her, not at her) and I have sobbed. Like the ugly cry. For someone I have never met – and might not even recognize on the street if I ran in to her – I feel like I have known her for years, because in so many ways, I am her.

The email I received this morning was about her reflecting on the last four years since she decided to quit drinking, and how things have changed. She battled the idea of not being the “fun friend” at parties anymore and worried about not being invited places since she was not the wild and crazy up-for-anything girl she once was. She talked about letting go of toxic relationships, unhealthy friendships, and other things standing in her way of being truly happy with the changes she was making in her life.

As usual I felt like I could have written the post word for word.

My last few years have been a mix of the same. When I began MoscatoMom, it was who I was. The name fit me because pretty much no matter where I was, you could count on me having a glass of wine in hand. Girls Sushi Night? A california roll requires moscato. Invite me to a dinner party? Guess what I brought with me. Mardi Gras parade? Perfectly acceptable to drink wine from a box as to not have glass on the route. Special occasion? Just get a moscato di asti instead of champagne – you know it’s better anyway. But… that isn’t who I am anymore.

I am now the girl that wakes up on a Sunday morning sore from a run… not a hangover. Seldom am I awake past 9pm – due in part to the fact that I was up working out at 5am. With the exception of the little cups of draft beer I had after my 10k yesterday, I can not even tell you the last time I had a drink – much less a glass of wine. I have an entirely new circle of friends and we have all traded “working out” for “going out” and share recipes for healthy meals instead of wicked cocktails. I read labels and pay attention to what I eat, and gone are the days of drive throughs or dinner from a brightly colored box. In fact I have even learned to cook – something I never thought I would say. I am a far cry from who I was the day I bought, and while it has been good to me all these years… it just simply isn’t “me” anymore.

I have spent the rest of the day contemplating a new blog name. Something that resonates with ME and who I am now… not who I was five or even ten years ago. And something that if I go through another crazy life change, will stick with me though that again as well. It is tough coming up with a new name of “who you are” or even “who you plan to be.” So far all I can come up with is who I am not. I even tossed it out to Facebook for others input, but nothing seemed to quite fit just right.

Some said to use my name – but Lynsey is constantly misspelled – plus do I use my maiden name or the name I will take when Mike and I marry? Do I use “mom” in the title and niche myself in to a “mommy blogger” even though my children are way past the age of most mommy bloggers children? Do I use a play on words or go with something completely off the wall random? I just don’t know.

It is both scary and exciting to not know exactly what comes next, but I guess that is part of what makes life interesting. All I know right now is that I will be changing from MoscatoMom in to something more “me” in the coming weeks… just as soon as I decide what that “me” is.

Running… The Right Way


My entire life I have been a runner. I was that kid whose Mom said she never learned to walk – she went straight to running. I remember field day at Pensacola Beach Elementary – running through the sand dunes from obstacle to obstacle with my best friend Nicole.  In middle school I remember running around the soccer fields – picking blackberries from along the back fence and eating them until our mouths and hands turned purple. Then in high school I joined the Colorguard and spent countless hours running the football field – even running the bleachers “for fun.”

running quote

When I got older I took on a different kind of running. As soon as I turned 18 – I ran away with a blue eyed boy in a white uniform. I ran half way across the country, thinking he would love me forever. Needless to say – that didn’t happen. So I ran. Home. I began running away from my life. My responsibilities. I didn’t like having to deal with the hard stuff – money, jobs, relationships – so I just ran. I made terrible choices that were easier to run from than to face. My pattern became running away from anything that didn’t make me happy at that exact moment, instead of realizing the problem was me and I needed to change to make it better. It was just easier to run.


At nearly 30 I realized I could not run any longer. Figuratively and literally. I decided to cut ties with everything negative in my life that was causing me to run. I was overweight, lazy, and miserable. I was tired. I was sick of running from my life. I began facing my insecurities, apologizing to those I had hurt, taking responsibility for my part in the disaster that was my life. By this time I had gotten so good at running that most people had no idea the internal struggle I was facing. On the outside I was a positive, successful business owner that people looked up to. That was all just part of the run. I began putting the parts of my life that I had run from back together – one step at a time.


One day on a whim I set a goal to run twelve 5ks in twelve months – even though it had been years since I had actually run anywhere. I had these great intentions of training for them… but I let life get in the way. I enjoyed some of the runs more than others, but the actual RUN part… I absolutely hated. I was fat. I was slow. I was miserable. I had horrible shin splints during every single one of them because I did zero training in between. I always had a crowd with me, and every single run I was the last of my group to cross the finish line. I pushed through all 12 – making each one a punishment for the years of running away from my life. After my 12 was over… I quit. I was sure I would never run again.


Then I decided to do a triathlon. A triathlon! (What the hell was I thinking?! There is running in a triathlon!!) But I signed up anyway. And I was determined to train… the right way. I had everything else in my life straightened out… it was time to get back to running- the right way. I hit the pavement – walking the first mile, and then doing the Galloway Method for the second mile. My time was ridiculous. But I did it. By the end of that day my legs hurt, my ankles ached, and I wanted to eat everything in sight. But that was nothing compared to how I felt the next morning. And I ran the next day anyway… and the day after that. And the day after that.

running pain

This week I had my first run that I was truly proud of. A run that, had I been doing an actual 5k, would have put me closer to the front than my usual spot near the back. I did not run the entire thing – my lungs are still not up to the endurance of that yet – but it was a time I was super proud of. I was so sore the next day I did not want to move. But I had a smile on my face that absolutely could not be removed. With every step I took in soreness the next day, I remembered that time – every step, every song, every mental pep talk along the way. I was proud of myself… something I had not felt in a very long time.


This Saturday I will be running a 10k. It is my first time to ever run a long run, and will be the longest I have ever gone at one time, ever. It will be my first long run, my first medal, my first event as an actual runner. This week I had to make a horrible decision to leave a project behind that I had been pouring my heart in to for months. I have known for a long time that it was time to let it go, but I was trying not to “run away” from something again. But the relief I felt the moment I let it go made me realize I wasn’t running away anymore… now I am running towards something. Happiness.

just run