#Whole30 Myths – And How To Overcome Them {Whole 30 Results}

I am Whole 30Before I began my Whole30 Experience I scoured the internet for more information. I read books, studied recipes, and spent countless hours reading and watching videos about other people’s experiences. I stalked people on Instagram, and posted a million things on Facebook. I researched and agonized and worried and stressed… because let’s face it – there is a lot of stuff out there and the general consensus seems to be  that “it sucks!!! (but it is worth it.)” The more I posted and the more I read, the more I saw a few common excuses myths keep popping up. Since I have now been there and done that, I wanted to debunk a couple of these for anyone who is contemplating their own Whole30 Journey.

1 – It is so HARD.

The one thing that kept coming up in all of my searching was how “hard” it was. The Whole30 crew addresses this by saying things like “fighting cancer is hard – not putting creamer in your coffee is not hard.” But I want to bring even more to that – because for me it was different. If you read and watch everything that is out there – it will have you scared to even try. Had my friend Jen not been so persistent and challenging, I probably could have talked myself out of even giving it a shot, based on how “hard” everyone said it was.

Mine was not hard. Mine didn’t even suck that bad. In fact most everyone that has joined our Whole30 Facebook Group has said it hasn’t been near as hard as they thought it would be – and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that we simply do not focus on the bad – instead we laugh and share the good. You can absolutely choose to focus on the headache you may get the first day… or you can get excited that it is working. You can whine and complain about getting tired, or you can realize how badly you have fueled your body in the past that you are “hungover.”

Everyone is different. You can not compare someone else’s experience to know how yours will be. The standard “schedule” that even put out wasn’t even my experience. Yes I was tired the first day or two – but that was about it. I didn’t have a “Kill All The Things” Day until Day 15 – and that I think had more to do with hormones than eating.

Point is – it isn’t that hard. AND you will get more of what you focus on. So focus on good.

2 – My Partner won’t do it.

So….?! Why does that have any bearing on anything? Look, I used to smoke – my exhusband and I both did. I quit. He didn’t. Did it suck to be around him while he still smoked? Of course it did. But I knew it was what was best for me, and now 7+ years later I know it was still one of the absolute best things I have ever done for myself. It took will power, dedication, and determination… sound familiar?

Saying you are not going to better your health because someone else isn’t is like saying you are not going to repair your car cause the guy next to you is broken down. It doesn’t make any sense. What someone else does should have absolutely no bearing on you. Fact: you do not need someone to do this with you. Fact: you do not even need anyone’s approval. Fact: your partner will probably come around anyway when they see how well it works for you.

I did not change my family’s diet or routine at all when I began my Whole30 journey. If dinner was something I couldn’t eat – I made myself something else. Or if dinner was chicken and rice with veggies… I just simply did not put rice on my plate. They eat fried chicken – I bake mine. They want pasta, I eat spaghetti squash. They saw me making changes and began wanting to “taste” mine… what has happened is the whole family has now begun eating better. Leftovers seem to be more of the “not allowed” stuff and I can’t keep veggies in my house for the life of me.

Only YOU control what you ACTUALLY put in to your mouth. Not everyone in your house has to be Whole30 for you to succeed. I open the cabinets every day and have everything from long grain wild rice (my favorite) to popcorn to kidney beans… and every day I choose to not eat them. My family does, but I do not. I disagree with the whole “clean everything out” routine that most diet books tell you to do… instead I stare temptation straight in the face and celebrate that food has no control over me anymore. THAT is Whole30.

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Spicy Shelf Review – Another #Whole30 Must Have

When I moved in with Mike, he already had the kitchen pretty organized. For a bachelor I have to admit – he had a lot of kitchen stuff. The spice cabinet was located directly above the stove – perfectly fine for a man of nearly six feet tall. However as a woman of just over 5 feet tall – that proves to be a challenge.

spice cabinet

I resorted to getting a child’s stool to help me be able to reach and see – but I had so many spices in there, I was constantly digging around trying to find stuff. Since I began Whole30 I have been using tons of spices that I do not normally use – so I have built up quite a collection. Plus once I began reading labels of what I already had – I realized just how much sugar I was consuming that I had no idea about. However even with the stool I could not reach the back of the cabinet – and would keep buying stuff that I thought I was out of – secretly hoping it wasn’t just where I couldn’t see it.

spicy shelf

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My #Whole30 Experience – #IAmWhole30

Twenty nine days ago I began a program called Whole30. I have tried everything to lose weight – a personal trainer, a gym membership, Naked Fitness, and even over $800 in AdvoCare – and while I had some results with some of them, I was still not where I wanted to be. When my friend Jen challenged me to do a round of Whole30 I whined and complained and told her she was nuts. But she kept insisting – ragging on me about never being able to turn down a challenge. Finally I gave in - begrudgingly - and we both started our Whole30 Journey on July 7th.

whole 30 1

Whole30 isn’t just about losing weight, but about breaking your addictions and emotional issues with food. By eliminating certain food groups that could be having a negative impact on your health, you force your body into using the correct nutrients to perform the correct actions in your body – kind of like pushing a reset button. The basics of Whole30 is like a very strict Paleo – no sugar, no grain, no beans, and no dairy. Sounds impossible right?

To say that I was skeptical when I began this is the understatement of the year. I didn’t even want to blog about it because I didn’t have much hope. To me it was just another “diet” and something I would see mediocre results from just like everything else I had tried. OR – more likely – I would give in after a few days and go back to eating normal, deciding I was going to just love every extra pound. After all, I wasn’t grossly overweight or even unhealthy – it was more vanity pushing me than anything. Either way I jumped in – keeping Jen on speed dial – ready to see what would happen. I wont bore you with every detail, but here is a quick snapshot of how the last 29.5 days have been for me:

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Where Have I Been?!

So it has been nearly a month since I have blogged here at MoscatoMom. I have been OUT of town more than I have been IN town in the last four weeks and I have been thinking I should do a catchup post and share with you all of the fun stuff we have been doing – but honestly that would be the longest, probably most boring post ever to read – much less write. So instead I am sharing with you a quick update using all of the pictures from my beloved iPhone – I think they will tell a better story than I can.


Three weeks ago I headed off to Minneapolis Minnesota to speak at the Daisy Blue Naturals Annual Convention. When I arrived I learned that it was the first time that they had ever invited the same speaker back twice. What an honor that was. I absolutely love this company and the owner and I loved getting to spend another weekend with this amazing bunch.


The following weekend my best friend Kim and I took our teens to Jacksonville for the Carrie Underwood Concert at the Jaguar stadium. It was a wonderful girls weekend and we all laughed until our sides hurt. Carrie was phenomenal – I swear she is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. It was a quick trip but we crammed a whole lot of fun in to those few days – complete with a few brushes with death, a long walk over a short bridge, and The Teen getting the new nickname “culdesac”… it was a weekend none of us will soon forget. In fact we are already busy planning our next concert getaway.


This past weekend Trisha and I headed off to Destin to hang with the owners of Jewelry In Candles, a new party plan company I have been working with through Party Plan Divas. It was a wonderful weekend and I am so excited to be a part of this company and help them grow. I leave on Sunday to go spend a week at their corporate offices and I am excited to learn even more of the “behind the scenes.” If you havent checked out Jewelry in Candles yet I suggest you do so – I absolutely love the products and there is a LOT to come for them. Very very exciting stuff.

The days in between these three trips have been a whirlwind of birthdays – The Teen’s on the 12th, mine on the 29th and Mike’s on the 1st – beach days and lots and lots of work. Also lots of crossfit and #Whole30 which I will be updating about shortly as promised. I am beyond delighted that school starts in two weeks and we can get back in to our routine. However this has been an amazing Summer full of travel, friends, and loved ones – and very little blogging. So I apologize for being gone so long, and promise to get back to posting regularly very soon. :)

How was your Summer?



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