Shrimp Vegetti Alfredo #Whole30

A few weeks ago a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she “may never eat pasta again” after discovering the Vegetti. The Vegetti is a hand held vegetable spiralizer that lets you turn vegetables like squash, zucchini, and carrots into thin cut spiral “noodles.” Oh, and it is less than 20 bucks!! I was a bit skeptical, but thought I would give it a shot. It has become one of my all time favorite kitchen gadgets.

vegetti spiralizer

Since starting Whole30 I have missed pasta so bad. Like really bad. Like had to talk myself out of cheating at least 3 times a week bad. So I was stoked to try the vegetti and see if I could have “pasta” again. I opted to go for alfredo (go big or go home, right?) using a Paleo Alfredo recipe made from cauliflower. In a word…. ahmayzing.

vegetti shrimp alfredo

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So This Just Happened…


Somebody hold me.



Sami Says – Volume 4

sami lynsey 2014It’s been a while since I have had a Sami Says post on here, but it isn’t because she hasn’t given us plenty of content to laugh about. I remember my parents saying that my brain “detached” when I was a teenager because I said things that just made them shake their head. Apparently the apple does not fall far from the tree. Since going back to school though it seems these “moments” have happened more and more. Here are a few favorites from this week.


It’s The End Of The World As We Know It….

Me: Have you ever spray painted anything before?

Sami: Yes – we did that box project thing.. what was that called?

Me: Diorama?

Sami: No, that sounds like the end of the world. Wait, no, that is “dilemma.”

Me: Yes, dear, the end of the world will be quite a “dilemma.”

A Buggy Situation

Sami: I have to read a book for school but it sounds stupid.

Me: Sadly most of them are. What book is it?

Sami: Lord of the Ants or something.

Me: Umm… You mean Lord of the Flies?

Sami: Yeah I knew it was some kind of bug lord.

Not So Focused…

Dad: I have some of the kids convinced that Werther’s work like Adderal, they can focus better with a Werther’s candy doing homework.

Sami: So its like a GAZEBO!!

Dad: A Gazebo?

Sami: Yeah, you know – when someone takes a pill that they think is going to help them get better, but really its just sugar.

Dad:…. Placebo?

Sami: … oh… right…. I was close.

Their brains do reconnect eventually… right?


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How To Make #Whole30 Mayo – Recipe + Video

When I began Whole30 back in July, my friend Jen said “you make whole30 mayo – its divine.”



For serious?

This lady is nuts.

But whatever, I went to Target and picked up a new food processor and headed home… only to create the biggest mess of my life. I followed the instructions (I thought) but what I created was a bitter salad dressing type concoction only a little thicker than milk. I put it in the fridge and it solidified some, but there was no way anyone was eating it. We tossed it out and I just vowed to not eat mayo….

Yeah, right.

Two days later I pulled the food processor down again – determined to succeed. And I finally did. Since then I have been making Whole30 mayo like crazy – taking 16 jars to a local ladies networking meetup where everyone just loved it. (*waving to all of my SBL sisters*) I was asked for the “secret” and since I too had a couple “mayo fails” myself I decided to video the whole process so you can see it. YES it is a long video… making mayo is time consuming. But you will seen even in the video there is just this *moment* where it changes from a liquid to a solid… into pure mayo heaven.

I have to take back calling Jen nuts – because this stuff truly is divine. Between regular Whole30 Mayo and the Whole30 Baconnaise, I survived my first round and am three days in to my second round. I absolutely LOVE Whole30. Total game changer for me. Anyway, here it is – step by step – how to make Whole30 Mayo! Enjoy!

whole30 mayo tutorial

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#Whole30 Approved Baconnaise

Since I began Whole30 – which has now become WholeLife – I have ventured in to learning how to cook new things. This is saying a lot for a gal who pretty much hates to cook. But it turns out that I am actually pretty good at it, and I have created some pretty amazing meals… so much so that Mike has agreed to do Whole30 in September – stating that the stuff I cooked that was Whole30 approved was “actually pretty good.” Talk about a huge win.

One of the things I made that everyone has loved is Whole30 Compliant Mayo. Because I have pretty much survived on chicken salad, tuna salad and egg salad, making my own mayo was a must from early on. Since then I have been venturing in to flavored mayo to give things a bit of variety. By far my favorite concoction so far – is Baconnaise.

whole30 baconnaise

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