Just Eat The Cake

In the last couple of years I have obsessed about my weight. I am pretty sure I have done it since high school – but I do not remember it as vividly as I have in the last few years. I have “tried everything” from hiring an incredibly expensive personal trainer, drank “meal replacement” shakes, taken dozens of pills, started several gym memberships, did crossfit until I literally popped a rib out of socket and had to stop for risk of further injury, owned every FitBit product they have put out, done whole30 ad nauseum… you name it, I have done it.

About two weeks ago I just got SO sick of it ALL. I took off my FitBit, I ignored my scale, I stopped reading labels, skipped out on zumba – just took a mental break from everything weight loss related. I indulged in some treats – and over indulged in some cocktails – all while laughing with my friends to the point of tears.

It. Has.Been. Fantastic.

This week I have had a few very eye-opening moments, and it has made me stop and think about what my life has become and what I actually have been putting value and time and focus on. When I think of all of the time and energy I have put in to my weight over the last few years – it is depressingly sad. And with the exception of the 30 days of Whole30 – the weight has stayed the exact same. (I am proud to say I have not gained any pre-w30 weight back, but I have been within 1.5 pounds of the same weight since I completed it back in August) So all of that time in reality… has been wasted.

I spent a good part of this morning in a group text with two of my absolute closest friends that have known me since high school. The conversation somehow became weight and body image and society and how even though we are all very different in our weight / exercise routines / eating habits, we are all struggling with the exact same issues with our bodies – and our minds. It went in perfectly with how I have been feeling the last few weeks – these two best friends became my sounding board for everything that I have been feeling and surprisingly they have been feeling the same things too.

We said things like “why do we obsess over this crap?” and “why do we care what anyone else thinks?”

We all agreed that in general we are pretty happy with our own bodies – and our husbands are certainly happy with them – so why are we obsessing and letting society make use feel like we are anything less than exceptional? None of us are that overweight, nor does our weight affect our health or quality of life. So WHY can we not just shut up and quit stressing over it all the time? Why have we let this consume our thoughts and rob our joy? And why have we been made to feel bad about our choices? “Sometimes I just want an effing donut.”

One friend mentioned how her mother in law has been on a diet ever since she met her. Every event – every holiday, every birthday party, every lunch, every everything – all has been centered around what she can or can not eat with the particular fad diet she was on. It made me think of just the other day when I asked Mike where he wanted to go to dinner, and he said “well, where can you go?” Now, I know this mother in law and I have always thought she looked fantastic, but I completely get what she has been doing the last 20+ years. She’s been doing the exact same thing I have been doing. She has become addicted to dieting. I do not want to be that person. And I wonder if she even knows she is that person, or if it has become such a huge part of her identity that it is second nature.

Yesterday as I was strolling through Publix I saw the table of King Cakes. I passed them… and then turned around. I stood there for a minute – thinking how every Mardi Gras we always have a King Cake. Then I thought back over all of my whole30 training and how I didn’t reach my weight loss goal last year and how I have a big event I am training for this year. I thought about how huge it was and wished they were smaller so I could have just a bit and not be tempted by the rest. I thought about how many people I have inspired to do Whole30 – which is fantastic – and wondered if I would be letting them down if they knew I ate a King Cake.

And then… I got the cake anyway. 

In that moment I made the conscious decision to just eat the cake. To stop worrying and obsessing over the scale. To stop telling myself what I “can’t” have and focus on what I can – and what I want. To stop beating myself up over my choices and to just embrace life and focus on being HAPPY – whatever that means. I am not going off the rails and eat everything in sight and never break a sweat again – but I AM going to quit this awful self deprecating cycle that I have been doing for as many years as I can remember.

Some day I am going to look back on my 30’s and I do not want every memory to be riddled with a weight issue and body struggles. I do not want my girls to look back on their childhood and remember every diet their Mom was on. And I do not want to even think about the time I have already wasted thinking about this crap already. I had this goal to “weigh 135 by 35″ – and you know what… I really just do not care. I am going to turn 35 this year whether I weigh 135 or not. So why not just enjoy it – especially since I will be eating cake then too.

Today in text my friend said “I am going to be 40 in a few years, and while I do not have the desire to wear a bikini, I do have the desire to sit on the beach with my husband and sip pina coladas and not worry how many calories are in them.” 

Me too, honey. Me too.

Photo credit: http://www.ambrosiabakery.com/mardi-gras-king-cakes

The Day He Bought A Coffee Stand…

Two years ago I went to my grandmother’s house for Fourth of July. The girls always go to their Dads for the 4th and Mike had a big tournament – so I took the opportunity to unplug for a few days and go hang with the family. While I was there I received a text from Mike and the conversation went something like this:

Mike: Hey babe, what do you think about owning a coffee stand?

Me: Mike, do you even DRINK coffee?

Mike: What does me drinking coffee have to do with me selling coffee?

Me: Well I guess that’s a good point.

That was it.

Fast forward two days when I came home, and Mike proudly announced that he had purchased the coffee stand and we had a new business to fill the fourteen seconds of spare time we had one week. Naturally I hit the ceiling over this, all the while him insisting “WE DISCUSSED IT!”

Gentlemen, can I take a moment here to say that a four sentence text exchange is NOT in fact discussing it. At all. 

But the deal was done, the purchase was made, and the ink was dry. We were now the owners of a little coffee stand inside our civic center. Two people – neither of who even drank coffee – were now in charge of serving hundreds of people for every hockey game, seminar, concert, circus – you name it.

java hut

For the first year I was pissed. Honestly. I told Mike “This thing is YOUR responsibility. I am entirely too busy to go play at your little coffee shop.” But I worked a few hockey games… then a concert or two… then Pensacon (where I hung out with James Leary all day – that was all kinds of awesome.) I began seeing the same smiling faces coming to get their warm cup of happiness before heading back down to the ice to cheer for the home team. I learned how to make Cappuccinos and Lattes and Macchiatos and Americanos… and before I knew it, I was hooked.

I now know the schedule better than Mike does – and I work every single event. The back of my Acura stays empty because several times a week I am loading it up with espresso and milk and whipped cream and Hershey’s syrup.


I can tell you the Ice Flyers statistics, who all will be coming to Pensacola in concert, the names of just about every employee, and exactly how to make the most amazing Hazelnut triple shot cappuccino you have ever had.

Now here I sit – two years later – feeling sad because the season is almost over. In just a few weeks I will pack up our little stand and lock everything up for the Summer. I will say goodbye to all of my friends that call me “Mrs Java Hut” and tell them to have a great Summer. And then… when the temps start dropping again… I will load up my car and happily head back to my little coffee stand to do it all over again.

Never in a million years would I have thought I would want to own a coffee stand in the Civic Center. But now it’s something I can’t imagine ever doing without.


Happy New Year! Wait – Was That A Week Ago Already!?

If the first week of 2015 is any indication of how the rest of the year is going to go, I am going to need more wine… 

First of all, Happy New Year. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and rang in 2015 surrounded by loved ones. We had a nice low key New Years Eve here at the Moscato household. We went to go see Night At The Museum – which was fantastic and super sad at the same time. Robin Williams of course was phenomenal, and I can not lie and say I didn’t cry a bit at his last few lines, knowing they were some of the last ones we will ever see on the big screen. After that we had dinner at Cock of the Walk (because they have compliant stuff) and then headed home to play with sparklers. I will admit – no matter how old I get, I still love running through the yard like a fool playing with sparklers.


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Merry Christmas from The Kittens

cat in christmas treeI have forgotten to post this the last… two years? This was the first Christmas with the kittens… however… nothing has changed.

A few weeks ago we put our Christmas tree up while the kittens stood back and scoped it out.  My plan was to leave the tree up a few days to let them get used to it and try and avoid a toppled tree.

They couldn’t care less.

The next day none of them even acknowledged the 8 foot monster of a Christmas tree in our living room.  Nothing.  Nada.

So we put lights on it.  Static lights – nothing blinky.  And I tried to pick all of the tinsel off from years past which had somehow been superglued into the needles.

Still nothing.

Thinking I had the only three cats on the planet that didn’t care about a Christmas Tree and silently rejoicing that I didnt have the little terror cats that I have heard horror stories about from so many of my friends, I decorated the tree that third night with ornaments, built a fire, sat back and watched the tree, and went to bed a happy girl.

The next morning as I was sitting in my office I heard an ornament go bouncing across the floor.  I walked into the living room to see all three cats just hanging out, grooming themselves in the living room.  Still acting completely oblivious to the tree.  So I figured one had just fallen lose from the tree… ya know, GRAVITY.

It happens.

The next morning however…. I caught Stella… red handed.  Or red pawed, as the case may be.

Here we go….good thing I had enough sense to get plastic ornaments.

Bets on how long it takes her to try and climb it?


Join The Gallo Family Vineyards “Every Cork Counts” Program benefitting Meals on Wheels

I am so super excited to share a great campaign from Gallo Family Vineyards that I hope all of you participate in this year! I know I will be!

Corks and Moscato

Wine and dine your family and friends while giving back this holiday season through Gallo Family Vineyards’ Every Cork Counts program, an initiative that supports Meals On Wheels Association of America and its mission to end senior hunger.

Now in its 5th year, Gallo Family Vineyards hopes to make its biggest donation to the organization yet. The Winery has already donated $100,000 in 2014 and hopes to ramp up efforts to finish the year strong with our help in raising an additional $50,000. With the holiday season and the height of entertaining just around the corner, giving back to help the nearly 8.9 million seniors who face the threat of hunger is as easy as popping the top to a bottle of any great-tasting Gallo Family Vineyards wine during all your upcoming celebrations.

For each cork returned to the Winery via text, email or mail through December 31, 2014, a $1 donation will be made to Meals On Wheels Association of America. Over the past five years, Gallo Family Vineyards has collected thousands of corks and donated more than $250,000 to support the needs of seniors in communities across the country.

How to return corks with Gallo Family Vineyards’ Every Cork Counts

  • Snap a picture of a single Gallo Family Vineyards cork or cap and text, upload or email it to make it count
    • Text the photo and the word GALLO to 811811 and follow the subsequent instructions on how to submit the Gallo cork or cap photo
    • Message and data rates, and other carrier-specific rates and applicable taxes may apply
  • Email the Gallo cork or cap photo to gallo@everycorkcounts.com
  • Limit one cork or cap per photo per text/email and up to ten corks or caps per day per phone number/email address. All corks or caps must be received by 11:59:59 PM PST on December 31, 2014
  • Mail your Gallo Family Vineyards corks or caps to Gallo Family Vineyards 2014 Every Cork Counts, P.O. Box 3017, Grand Rapids, MN 55745-3017.

For complete Official Program Rules, visit Gallo Family Vineyards.

Ready to jump in? I did – I texted my first cork in tonight – and I hope you will do the same! Let’s help Gallo Family Vineyards feed more Seniors this year!


Join me and help @GalloFamily and @MealsOnWheels for #EveryCorkCounts http://moscatomom.com/every-cork-counts

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