Join The Gallo Family Vineyards “Every Cork Counts” Program benefitting Meals on Wheels

I am so super excited to share a great campaign from Gallo Family Vineyards that I hope all of you participate in this year! I know I will be!

Corks and Moscato

Wine and dine your family and friends while giving back this holiday season through Gallo Family Vineyards’ Every Cork Counts program, an initiative that supports Meals On Wheels Association of America and its mission to end senior hunger.

Now in its 5th year, Gallo Family Vineyards hopes to make its biggest donation to the organization yet. The Winery has already donated $100,000 in 2014 and hopes to ramp up efforts to finish the year strong with our help in raising an additional $50,000. With the holiday season and the height of entertaining just around the corner, giving back to help the nearly 8.9 million seniors who face the threat of hunger is as easy as popping the top to a bottle of any great-tasting Gallo Family Vineyards wine during all your upcoming celebrations.

For each cork returned to the Winery via text, email or mail through December 31, 2014, a $1 donation will be made to Meals On Wheels Association of America. Over the past five years, Gallo Family Vineyards has collected thousands of corks and donated more than $250,000 to support the needs of seniors in communities across the country.

How to return corks with Gallo Family Vineyards’ Every Cork Counts

  • Snap a picture of a single Gallo Family Vineyards cork or cap and text, upload or email it to make it count
    • Text the photo and the word GALLO to 811811 and follow the subsequent instructions on how to submit the Gallo cork or cap photo
    • Message and data rates, and other carrier-specific rates and applicable taxes may apply
  • Email the Gallo cork or cap photo to
  • Limit one cork or cap per photo per text/email and up to ten corks or caps per day per phone number/email address. All corks or caps must be received by 11:59:59 PM PST on December 31, 2014
  • Mail your Gallo Family Vineyards corks or caps to Gallo Family Vineyards 2014 Every Cork Counts, P.O. Box 3017, Grand Rapids, MN 55745-3017.

For complete Official Program Rules, visit Gallo Family Vineyards.

Ready to jump in? I did – I texted my first cork in tonight – and I hope you will do the same! Let’s help Gallo Family Vineyards feed more Seniors this year!

Join me and help @GalloFamily and @MealsOnWheels for #EveryCorkCounts

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Halloween Party Ideas – Van Gogh Candy Corn Shooter

Hosting a Halloween Party this year? These Van Gogh Candy Corn Shooters are the perfect addition to your spooky soirée. Made with premium Van Gogh Flavored Vodka, these sweet, smooth shooters will be a crowd pleaser for sure!

Halloween Cocktails

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Whole30 Halloween Stuffed Bell Peppers

When I launched in to Whole30 back in July, I did it alone. My family has dealt with enough of my yo-yo diets, I decided to keep this one to myself. If it worked, maybe they would want to join me next time. If it didn’t they were none the wiser. Perfect plan, right? Well… it worked. It worked so well in fact that when I mentioned that I wanted to do it again – Mike jumped on board. There aren’t even words for how happy that made me.

After that round (his first, my second) we made an agreement to stay as close to whole30 as possible going forward. We all four agreed as a family to stick to Whole30 at least 90% – not stressing over if we eat out or go to a dinner party or whatever. It has been wonderful. I have had so much fun learning new Whole30 Recipes and getting creative with what I serve. With Halloween just around the corner I had an idea of a “treat” everyone would enjoy.

whole30 stuffed bell pepper recipe

Mike had said before that he used to love when his Mom made stuffed bell peppers. I had never had them before, so I thought I would give it a go – adding a bit of a kid friendly spin. When the family came to the dinner table they all loved their little individual “jack-o-lanterns” and gobbled up every bite. It wasn’t until after they finished that I told them they were 100% Whole30 Compliant. How’s that for a “trick!?”

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#Whole30 Side Dish – Carrot and Cauliflower Herb Mash #Whole30Holiday

Since beginning Whole30 back in July, my entire life has changed. Yep, I realize how totally cliche that sounds and I am perfectly ok with it – because it is true. My Whole30 Experience was incredible, and since then I have maintained the lifestyle about 90% – splurging on my last two press trips but staying compliant at home. However with the holidays coming up, I know it is going to be easier and easier to let myself slide if I do not have a plan. So I began this week testing out some “Whole30 Holiday” type food so that when the big day comes, I know I will be serving my family something super tasty – and super healthy.

This week I tried out a Carrot and Cauliflower Mash that was absolutely amazing. The recipe was not only delicious – it was quick and easy to make. The recipe said it served four, but all four of us were wishing for more. It had a sweet and savory taste at the same time – pairing perfectly with chicken, but will also be amazing alongside ham or turkey.

whole30 recipes

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Shrimp Vegetti Alfredo #Whole30

A few weeks ago a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she “may never eat pasta again” after discovering the Vegetti. The Vegetti is a hand held vegetable spiralizer that lets you turn vegetables like squash, zucchini, and carrots into thin cut spiral “noodles.” Oh, and it is less than 20 bucks!! I was a bit skeptical, but thought I would give it a shot. It has become one of my all time favorite kitchen gadgets.

vegetti spiralizer

Since starting Whole30 I have missed pasta so bad. Like really bad. Like had to talk myself out of cheating at least 3 times a week bad. So I was stoked to try the vegetti and see if I could have “pasta” again. I opted to go for alfredo (go big or go home, right?) using a Paleo Alfredo recipe made from cauliflower. In a word…. ahmayzing.

vegetti shrimp alfredo

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