Who Will Be The “Last KCup Standing?”, an online office supply company that offers everything from ink pens to office furniture, is hosting the Coffee Cup 2014  - like FIFA for coffee ;) Round three is just about over, but you can still vote now to be entered to win a  Keurig® B130 Deskpro Brewing System PLUS a years worth of FREE COFFEE!!  Whether you are entering to win a Keurig for your home or office – or in my case both – it only takes a few seconds to enter, so why not right?


My favorite KCup – the Green Mountain Hazelnut Light Roast – barely even made it to the bracket this year, but that is ok, I can still order it from for a great price and have it delivered right to my door. That is a huge plus for when I run out and it is freezing outside. (Sorry UPS driver) carries almost 100 different KCup varieties, so you are sure to find your favorite.


Head over to the CoffeeCup2014 and vote now! Round 3 ends Saturday and the whole Cup is over on July 14th! Register to win and vote often for your chance to win a brand new Keurig and enough KCups for you to have your favorite brew – twice a day – for 365 days!!!  That’s over 700 KCups!!   Check out all of the details and register now at!

What is your favorite KCup?



CrossFit, My Highschool Love, And Second Chances

When I was in high school I worked at the local grocery store with my friend Emmilee. Since we went to school together AND worked together we were pretty much inseparable. She met this guy named Keith who was in the Marine Corps that she really liked – so she did what any best friend would do… “Hey Lynsey…you know Keith has this friend Rob that I think you would really like…”  A few phone calls later and my blind date was set. Neither of us had ever been on a blind date before and you never hear anything good coming from them but whatever – this was happening. Rob and I decided to meet for lunch at the little diner next to the grocery store.

We met up and had lunch… and it was nice… but… something just didn’t “click.” Even as we were leaving we did the whole “ok, well it was nice to meet you – see you around” kind of thing. When I walked back in to the grocery store and saw Emmilee, she beamed “Sooooo how was it!?” and I just shrugged and said “meh, it was ok, I just dont think we are each other’s type.”

But Emmilee wasnt satisfied with that so the whole rest of the shift she pestered me – knowing that she and I being best friends and Rob and Keith being best friends – we were all going to be around each other a whole lot. So later that week Rob and I met up again – and before long it was the two of US who were inseparable.


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Tony Awards Inspired #Moscato Cocktail from Barefoot Wines

Tonight on CBS you can watch the 2014 Tony Awards. My cousin and I are already piled up on the couch watching the Red Carpet! If you are watching the awards tonight or looking for a great cocktail to serve up at your next award winning party, I recommend the Broadway Bramble aka The “Toe-ny” - a delicious Moscato Cocktail from Barefoot Wines.

Broadway Bramble


0.5 cups frozen berries

2 oz Cran Cherry juice

1 Tablespoon sugar

0.5 cups Barefoot Bubbly Red Moscato

1. Combine all the ingredients in a blender with ½ cup of ice.
2. Blend on HIGH for 10 seconds then pour into a tall glass.
This cocktail is sweet and tart – and impossible to stop at just one. But then, I am not sure I have ever been able to have one glass of anything from Barefoot Wines ;)  Check out their entire wine collection plus tons of other great wine cocktails at!


My Best Friends Wedding

So I havent blogged in about two weeks – which is completely unheard of around here. But it has been with good reason. This past weekend my best friend – who you have probably seen me with a million times on Instagram – got married. Cayce, blogger at said her “I do’s” surrounded by family and friends Saturday afternoon on Pensacola Beach.




mother of the bride 2


Congratulations to the happy couple. May you have many years of happiness.




National Chocolate Chip Day Cocktails from Pinnacle Vodka

So tomorrow is National Chocolate Chip Day. Now, there are some really silly “National” holidays – but this one I can get on board with. Especially when we are talking about mixing up chocolate chip flavored cocktails. (Those have less calories… right?!) If you have never tried Pinnacle Vodka – this is a great excuse to do just that. Here are some awesome recipes for some awesome National Chocolate Chip Day inspired cocktails using their signature Pinnacle Cookie Dough flavored vodka!

National Chocolate Chip Day (1)

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