My #Whole30 Experience – #IAmWhole30

Twenty nine days ago I began a program called Whole30. I have tried everything to lose weight – a personal trainer, a gym membership, Naked Fitness, and even over $800 in AdvoCare – and while I had some results with some of them, I was still not where I wanted to be. When my friend Jen challenged me to do a round of Whole30 I whined and complained and told her she was nuts. But she kept insisting – ragging on me about never being able to turn down a challenge. Finally I gave in – begrudgingly – and we both started our Whole30 Journey on July 7th.

whole 30 1

Whole30 isn’t just about losing weight, but about breaking your addictions and emotional issues with food. By eliminating certain food groups that could be having a negative impact on your health, you force your body into using the correct nutrients to perform the correct actions in your body – kind of like pushing a reset button. The basics of Whole30 is like a very strict Paleo – no sugar, no grain, no beans, and no dairy. Sounds impossible right?

To say that I was skeptical when I began this is the understatement of the year. I didn’t even want to blog about it because I didn’t have much hope. To me it was just another “diet” and something I would see mediocre results from just like everything else I had tried. OR – more likely – I would give in after a few days and go back to eating normal, deciding I was going to just love every extra pound. After all, I wasn’t grossly overweight or even unhealthy – it was more vanity pushing me than anything. Either way I jumped in – keeping Jen on speed dial – ready to see what would happen. I wont bore you with every detail, but here is a quick snapshot of how the last 29.5 days have been for me:

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CrossFit, My Highschool Love, And Second Chances

When I was in high school I worked at the local grocery store with my friend Emmilee. Since we went to school together AND worked together we were pretty much inseparable. She met this guy named Keith who was in the Marine Corps that she really liked – so she did what any best friend would do… “Hey Lynsey…you know Keith has this friend Rob that I think you would really like…”  A few phone calls later and my blind date was set. Neither of us had ever been on a blind date before and you never hear anything good coming from them but whatever – this was happening. Rob and I decided to meet for lunch at the little diner next to the grocery store.

We met up and had lunch… and it was nice… but… something just didn’t “click.” Even as we were leaving we did the whole “ok, well it was nice to meet you – see you around” kind of thing. When I walked back in to the grocery store and saw Emmilee, she beamed “Sooooo how was it!?” and I just shrugged and said “meh, it was ok, I just dont think we are each other’s type.”

But Emmilee wasnt satisfied with that so the whole rest of the shift she pestered me – knowing that she and I being best friends and Rob and Keith being best friends – we were all going to be around each other a whole lot. So later that week Rob and I met up again – and before long it was the two of US who were inseparable.


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Get Moov-ing – Wearable Fitness Tracker – On Sale Now

moovIf you have been following me long, you know I have a mild addiction to my FitBit. I have had five different FitBits actually – three FitBit Ultras I kept accidentally killing by tossing them into the washing machine still attached to sweaty gym clothes, one FitBit Flex which I loved but hated wearing with a watch, and as I type this I am wearing my FitBit Force – which I have stood beside even with the recall as mine has never given me of bit of trouble.

But there is a new Fitness monitor on the horizon – one I have already ordered for myself and for Mike and can not wait to share my love for it with all of you. It’s called Moov – a wearable “personal fitness coach” that like FitBit tracks your activity – but will also help critique your form, intensity, and even encourage you along the way… check it out:

Moov connects with your smart phone and other devices to record all of your data, and offers a community so you can connect with your friends for added competition and encouragement. Plus it talks to you!!  I mean – how cool is that!?


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The Problem With A “Lifestyle Change”

keep-calm-and-change-your-lifestyleTwo weeks ago I wrote this post and decided to take a mental break from trying to lose weight.  If you have been following my journey, I have been working on it for a solid year… with little to no results. I don’t have much to lose – and I want to lose it mostly for vanity reasons anyway. I am not a contender for the Biggest Loser, I would have to GAIN more weight than I want to lose in order to have any kind of surgery, and even my doctor says she doesn’t want to put me on any kind of pills because she says I just don’t have that much to lose and should be able to do it through diet and exercise.


So after a full year of trying, I took the last two weeks OFF.  I mean really off.  I have done my normal daily activity but skipped out on Zumba a few times, I took off my beloved FitBit, took a break from Fred’s, and really eaten whatever I have wanted to. Including pizza, hotdogs, and cream cheese stuffed pretzels…which are amazing by the way. I haven’t agonized over it, beat myself up for any meal, suffered through chicken&broccoli again, chewed Aleve because I was so sore my hair hurt… none of it.

I weighed in this morning at the lowest weight I have been in two years.

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Thank You Biggest Loser

biggest-loser-logoI am sure you have seen the uproar that surrounded the finale of the show The Biggest Loser.  In case you are unfamiliar with the show, they essentially take 15+ contestants who are morbidly obese and help them to shed jaw dropping amounts of weight over the course of 16 weeks – and even compete over who can lose the largest percentage of weight. The final three then get to go home for a few weeks before reappearing live on the grand finale for one final weigh in and the chance to win $250,000.

This season’s  winner, a contestant named Rachel, had become one of the shows “favorites” with her bright beautiful smile, amazing determination, and champions spirit. She won the Biggest Loser Triathalon to secure her spot in the finale as America cheered. At the live finale, everyone anxiously awaited her grand debut. What we saw however was jaw dropping – as the show is known for – but this time out of concern and fear for her health more than admiration and applause. Rachel had lost so much weight that her features appeared sunken in, her bones protruded, and she looked downright frail… Rachel was down to 105 pounds – a 155 pound weight loss in less than seven months.

biggest loser winner before after

The uproar was immediate – Twitter all but exploded and the trainers Facebook pages became inundated with both nasty messages and messages of real concern. People questioned her health, insinuated an eating disorder, blamed the show, blamed the trainers…

For me however, it was like an epiphany.

For the last year I have been focused on my weight, and I have let it control a huge part of my life. You will know what the scale said in the morning based on whether I am happily bouncing around or walking around looking like I could kick the cat. I have worked my body out to total exhaustion – literally making myself sick. I have worked out to the point that I would rather have someone else brush my teeth than to have to raise my aching arms that high. I have been grouchy beyond measure because I was either hungry or mentally tearing myself down because I had indulged on a meal that I knew wasn’t the healthiest choice. I have eaten enough grilled chicken to make my worry I might sprout feathers.

In short – I have been completely miserable, given myself an unhealthy body image, and shattered a good bit of my self esteem.

For what!?

One of the common complaints I saw on Facebook was from Moms who were watching the finale with their teenage daughters, and they quickly changed the channel to make sure their daughters did not see people celebrating and rewarding such a sickly looking frame. I – watching with both of my daughters and Mike – instead turned it into a discussion about how the scale truly doesn’t matter. And we all collectively agreed that none of us ever – EVER – want to be that thin.

My hope is that Rachel will re-emerge in a few weeks having put back on about 20 pounds of lean, healthy muscle mass.  In my eyes she is still very much a champion, and maybe even more so than the others because she clearly did what she needed to do to secure her winnings – possibly at the expense of her health. But to me, the concept of the show is to blame for that – not the trainers, and not Rachel. She is a competitor, and she knows what it takes to win.

As for me, it is time to give it a rest.  I have taken off my FitBit. I have put my scale in the garage. I have turned off MyFitnessPal.

I know what choices I need to make to be healthier, and I know what makes me feel good, and what makes me feel bad. My focus will be more on the former than the latter – and not on the number on the scale – but also to quit worrying so damn much. No more obsessing. No more exhaustion. No more beating myself up.

For months I have been staring at the same couple of numbers on the scale – hating myself a little more each day because the number has not changed – no matter what I have done.  However watching that finale, I realized that I will never be as committed as Rachel was… and that is perfectly okay. 

So Thank you Biggest Loser for giving me some perspective.