Daddy’s New Wheels – Tire Safety from Cooper Tires

You may remember last year when I went to San Antonio Texas to test drive the new Cooper CS5 Touring Tire. You know, that time I got to hang out with Indy Legend Johnny Unser to do some hot laps around the track?

No name dropping here… *cough* 

cooper tires

The thing is – while I was there I learned so much about tire safety that I had never even heard of before – it just wasn’t something I ever thought about. And ever since I got home, I have been a lot more aware of not only the tires on my Acura, but also on the rest of the family’s cars. The Rubber Manufacturers Association Tire Pressure/Tread Depth Survey in 2014 showed that 69% of all vehicles have at least one under inflated tire. In fact  17% of all vehicles have at least one tire under inflated by at least 8 pounds per square inch (psi) and 12% of vehicles have at least one bald tire. Not good statistics y’all.

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Have You Tried Oil Pulling? GuruNanda Pulling Oil Review

A few months ago I noticed a bunch of my friends trying this whole oil pulling thing and I pretended not to notice (read: avoided like the plague) because the whole idea sounded awful to me. First – I have seriously weird consistency issues and a major gag reflex and well honestly… eww. However, as with most everything I have said I will “never do” - like Whole30, running, teaching a Zumba class (you get my point) – I was offered the opportunity to try GuruNanda Pulling Oil, and I took it as a sign to quit resisting and give it a shot. After all, my friends claim it is incredibly good for you and as someone who is borderline OCD about dental hygiene and ducks into bathrooms at random times to brush my teeth, I should get past my reservations and go at it with an open mind.


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Evolution Fresh #3DaysToGreen

So here we are at the 12th day of the New Year. Did you know that by now 30% of people have already broken or abandoned their New Years Resolution? Sad right? Well, I am excited to say that I am not one of those 30% and that I am still holding on strong to new goal to continue losing weight and participate in my first Triathlon in October. One of the products helping me to achieve my goals is Evolution Fresh juices – cold pressed juices and smoothies now available at your local Publix.


Evolution Fresh juices have over one pound of green vegetables in every bottle and less than ten grams of sugar per serving. And there is nothing added – no preservatives, no sweeteners, no flavors – not even natural ones. All you get is pure, delicious juice. I picked up a couple bottles on my last shopping trip and let me just say – they are delicious. I especially loved the Defense Up which has orange, pineapple, mango, apple and acerola. Not only did it taste amazing, but I started my day feeling kind of puny, and I think the power blast of vitamin C and other great stuff is what had me feeling so much better by lunch time.


Right now Evolution Fresh is challenging everyone to #3DaysToGreen to take a small step toward a better self and a new healthy habit. All you have to do is commit to drinking one green juice a day for three days.

evolution fresh 3 days to green

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Tracks Air Wireless On Ear Headphones with 100 Day Guarantee

The Teen is obsessed with music. Like, seriously obsessed. I used to be able to call out her name and she would hear me – but now I have to track her down because she has her headphones on – jamming out to whatever her favorite song of the week day moment is. Of course I remember being pretty obsessed with music myself at her age – Salt N Pepa anyone?! – so I totally get it. But because she listens to music just about 24/7, she goes through ear phones and ear buds like crazy. It seems like once a month she is asking me to buy her new ones because she has blown one out. That’s why when it came time for a Christmas gift this year, I was super excited to learn the Tracks Air from Sol Republic have a 100 Day Money Back Guarantee. Superior headphones that are wireless and have a money back guarantee – that sounds fantastic. (See what I did there!?)

tracks air

Tracks Air are SOL REPUBLIC’s first wireless Bluetooth headphones to push the limits, and rival the sound of wired headphones with the freedom to move. Tracks Air comes with a 100-Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can go from 0 to 100% Wireless with nothing to hold you back. Wireless sounds better with Tracks Air. 

tracks air review

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National Geographic Kids: Try This and Cook Book #Giveaway

When it comes to giving gifts to kids – I always try to find something that will not only make them happy, but make them learn something as well. Yes, I am that mom. Growing up I used to love reading the pages of my grandfathers National Geographic magazines – he must have had a million of them. So when I saw that National Geographic Kids had some new books coming out, I was excited to check them out with my girls. National Geographic Kids Try This: 50 Fun Experiments for the Mad Scientist in You by Karen Romano Young and National Geographic Kids Cookbook: A Year-Round Fun Food Adventure by Barton Seaver are available now from the National Geographic Store.

National Geographic Kids Try This: 50 Fun Experiments for the Mad Scientist in You

Discover what makes science fun in this engaging book, filled with weird, wacky science facts, basic principles, and 50 creative science projects that take interactivity to a whole new level. Dynamic photos and art highlight projects step by step so kids can conduct experiments with confidence and accuracy. Most projects involve kid-friendly subjects like electrical charges, chemical explosions, and food chemistry and are based on materials easily found at home. Bonus projects throughout encourage curious kids to dig deeper and experiment on their own.

national geographic kids try this

National Geographic Kids Cook Book: A Year Round FUN Food Adventure

Join Barton Seaver—master chef and National Geographic Explorer—on a year-round culinary adventure as he explores what it takes to create the ultimate dish. Barton provides mouthwatering recipes, the ins and outs of healthy eating, awesome crafts and activities, and food-focused challenges, proving once and for all that cooking can be a blast. Follow along as he teaches you to plant a kitchen garden, host a dinner party for your friends, and pack the perfect school lunch. Other highlights include ways to play with your food, festive holiday meals, snow day snacks, and family cooking competitions. With fascinating sidebars, profiles on real people, and cool facts, the National Geographic Kids Cookbook will have you ruling the kitchen in no time!

nat geo cookbook

You can enter to win one or both of these great books right here on MoscatoMom! The giveaway is quick and open to USA Residents only. Good luck!

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