The Blue Angels Show with the Secur Solar Sun Power Bank 6000

This weekend the family and I woke up at the crack of dawn to participate in the craziness known as Blue Angels Weekend. Over 100,000 people pile onto our little beach to watch this amazing airshow – but one thing locals know for sure – you better get there early. In our case, it meant a wake up call at 5:15 am. Now, I love my iPhone, but the battery life leaves a little something to be desired. I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I am on Facebook and Instagram pretty much 24/7. Either way, normally I am left running back to the car to try to recharge my phone half way through the day so that I can get some clips of the Blues flying. Not this year however. This year I took the Secur Solar Sun Power Bank 6000 to try out. Let me just say, this thing now has a permanent pocket in my beach bag.

secur solar.jpg

The Secur Solar Sun Power Bank 6000 is nice and small – not much bigger than some smartphones I have seen. Its water resistant so I had no worry taking it right down to the beach with me. Even at the end of the day – after most everyone had left – this little thing was still working – having charged up my phone, Mike’s phone, and even The Teens phone. It has built in USB and USB micro cables, but also has a place for two USBs to plug in. There is a screen on the front that will tell you how much battery power is left as well.


We took a couple zillion pictures while we were out at the beach – after all I met up with some people that I haven’t seen in over 17 years… like this guy:


And tons of pics of our beautiful beach all packed out… with 100,000+ of our closest friends:

blue angel weekend

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Hobby Holster – A Must Have Crafters Tool #Coupon

If you are a crafter you know how frustrating it can be to have an unorganized crating space. Like those times when you are trying to hold two tiny little things together… and rrreeeaaaccchhh across the table for your glue gun. Or how about always searching for the scissors… that seem to grow legs and hide under everything.

What if you had something that would just keep everything you need right at your fingertips?

That is the thought behind this awesome new product – the Hobby Holster.

hobby holster

The Hobby Holster® is a heat resistant, 100% silicone pocket that is designed to hold hot crafting tools. A divided pocket separates a glue gun from hot glue sticks, glitter pens from scrapbook paper, mod podge from felt and endless other odd couples and crafty pairings. The silicone material allows the Hobby Holster to cling to any smooth surface without the use of suction cups or adhesive, it’s easy to place and easy to move when your crafting day is complete. It also sticks to itself – so The Teen wore it a la tool belt style and it was perfect. 

hobby holster

I received a Hobby Holster to review and I can tell you – it came in quite handy when we were putting together the Wine Cork Photo Holders last week. Between gluing the corks and snipping the ribbon – the Hobby Holster kept everything we needed right on our hip. To be 100% honest – I didnt even consider putting it on the table – I just strapped it right on our belt. Easy peasy.

I also loved that there was a ruler right on the Hobby Holster too. At one point I was able to lay it out and have The Teen cut ribbon for me while I worked on gluing corks. There are inches on one side and centimeters on the other.

pink hobby holster

The Hobby Holster is just $19.99 but MoscatoMom Readers can get 25% off using the promo code Moscato25 between now and July 31st!  Head over to to order now!

What color do you like best?



Making Healthier Choices with Lifeway Kefir Smoothies #KefirCreations

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

Making the transition to a healthier lifestyle can be tough… especially when your family isnt 100% on board. Mike and the girls have been a bit resistant to me wanting to overhaul our way of life to lead healthier, more fulfilled lives – because they see it as having to miss out on all of their favorite foods. Little do they know that I have been making little changes to our menu – like using organic ground turkey in place of ground beef – for months and they haven’t noticed a thing. When I was given the opportunity to review Lifeway Kefir Smoothies “The Champagne of Dairy” and make up a new #KefirCreations for #CollectiveBias- I knew this was yet another amazing tasting goodie I could add in… and they would never know it was so healthy.

lifeway kefir smoothies 1

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DIY Wine Cork Crafts – Photo Holders and Place Settings

A few weeks ago I shared with you my excitement about receiving a new book for review – DIY Wine Corks: 35+ Cute and Clever Cork Crafts by Melissa Averinos. I love wine cork crafts and you may remember my Wine Cork Wreath or Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments. (My thumb has healed just fine, thank you) Anyways as soon as this book came in I dove in to it and started playing – and came up with my favorite cork craft so far – Photo Holders that can also work as Place Settings… you will see what I mean in a minute. I’m not going to give a detailed tutorial – that is what you should order the book for – but here is a quick recap at this fun and simple craft I made one rainy afternoon with the girls.

DIY Wine Corks Craft Book

First of all I have a confession… I ordered the wine corks from Etsy. For one, I dont drink red wine, but the corks are so beautiful from red wine and I wanted some color variety. Plus I wanted to make a bunch of these (again – you will see why in a minute) and I may love wine… but when you are talking about needing a whole bunch of them… I don’t drink THAT much wine. But I was delighted to learn that you can order corks in lots of 25, 50, 100 – up to 500 or 1,000! That’s a lotta wine!!  Next I got my tools together – corks, ribbons, heavy duty crafting wire, scissors and a glue gun.

diy wine cork crafts 1

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Summer My Favorite Things Giveaway

Do you remember last Fall when I was a part of the My Favorite Things Giveaway? Well I am super excited to be doing it again – Summertime Edition! SIXTEEN bloggers have joined in the party this time, with giveaways of everything from skin care to hair care to kitchen essentials to fashion must haves. Check them out:

Our Favorite Things - SUMMER GIVEAWAY

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