Sequin Wine – Add a Little Sparkle to your Day

sequin wineA few weeks ago I was asked to try Sequin Wines – a light effervescent line of wines from Manteca, California.   As usual I took them to Bunco Night to let my girlfriends all take a sip. I play Bunco with the most awesome women in the world… and they are also very honest.

We got a chance to try the Pinot Grigio and the Rose.  Of the ladies who tried the wines at Bunco we were at a 50/50 split for who-liked-which-one-better.  I liked both.  In fact this was the first Pinot Grigio that I really enjoyed.  Normally they are too dry for me, but I really liked this one. Maybe it was the bubbles.

Shimmering with fine bubbles, Sequin Pinot Grigio and Rosé can be enjoyed on their own or as the lead role in a stylish cocktail. Each sip of Sequin delivers sweet aromas and flavors that are special enough to make moments shine, yet light enough to enjoy every day. Luckily, your indulgence is also your reward, because Sequin is lower in alcohol than an average glass of wine.

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How To Choose The Perfect White Wine

white wine 2I am about as far from a “wine connoisseur” as you can get.  I may love wine – Moscato to be exact – but I have no idea about what-wine-tastes-best-with-what or how to “test” a wine by how it rolls around in a glass.  If you ask me – Moscato goes with everything.

However, I know some people are more wine-inclined than I am, and want to actually know wine and food pairings.   And for those people, Bordeaux has created the perfect way to find the perfect wine – right on their website.   A few months ago I shared with you the Bordeaux Wine Tool for how to choose red wine – and I am excited to share that they now have the same awesome tool for how to choose the best white wine:

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Chris Brown New Tattoo – Too Far??!

I love tattoos – especially on men.  And I think getting tattoos to signify major events in your life is a way better way of choosing what tattoo to get – moreso than just “I think its cool right now”….but Rapper Chris Brown may have taken this a little bit too far.

Warning: graphic images

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Lifetime’s #7DaysofSex Challenge Finale (And Giveaway!)

Last week Mike and I were asked to participate in the 7 Days of Sex Challenge which accompanies the new Lifetime Reality Series 7 Days of Sex.  Though we got off to a rocky start on Day 1, the week was absolutely amazing and changed so much about ourselves and our relationship.   We learned a lot in just 7 days, and the few days since – hey, I have been crazy busy with Brandcation this weekend – have been different as well.

To recap the week – Day 1 was an “anything goes” day… and for us it was a day of a huge misunderstanding, hurt feelings, and some hurtful words being thrown around at each other.   Not exactly how I had imagined the kick off to this Challenge.  But the next day and even still Mike and I agree it was a “necessary” argument, and though some hurtful things were said, some very good things have come from it as well.   Day 2 Mike got to “be on top” and choose the activities of the day.  It was a wonderful family day of eating out, watching movies, eating entirely too much candy and popcorn, and an early bedtime.  On Day 3 I took the family out shopping and perusing the Home Improvement stores, and then to the place Mike and I had our first date.   Day 4 was full of working in the garden, putting up a new mailbox, and just enjoying being outside and not cooped up in front of our computers.   Day 5 Mike helped me with a lot of my “to do” list… which in itself was wonderfully romantic.  Day 6 I had one last chance to pamper him and make his day a special one.

Day 7 was literally the day before I kicked off the first 2012 Brandcation Bloggers Gone Coastal Event so needless to say I had a million things to do, but Mike and I made a point to spend some uninterrupted time together – getting away from computers and cell phones and work phones… and just BE.  We made some plans for the future, discussed issues from the past, and reaffirmed that we are “in it to win it” with each other.

All in all it was an incredible week, and I am so glad I was asked to be a part of the 7 Days of Sex Challenge for Lifetime.  Mike and I have talked about continuing the ummm… “challenge”  and continuing to make time every single day for each other and spend more time making the effort to do things for and with the other person – even if we do not “feel” like it.  It made a change in our relationship too – leaving for Brandcation the next day was tough, and unlike the two other Brandcation trips where I was really happy to have the break from reality… I really missed Mike on this trip.  From the Ziplining to the Stargazing to the Parasailing… the whole time I wished Mike was experiencing it with me.

Sure it sounds crazy, but I fell in love with Mike all over again this week.  Though Mike and I were in a really good place when this began, we had still fallen into a place of monotony, just going through the motions of a typical American family – work, house, kids, pets, bills… and then getting up the next day to do it all over again.   I was reminded at how lucky I am to have a good man by my side every day of my life – supporting me, challenging me, making me laugh, and cheering me on.   I had really begun to take him for granted, and I am thankful to this Challenge that I realized it and have been making an effort every day to show him how much I love him, and how thankful I am to have him in my life.   I have to think that if everyone made the time to do just that, the divorce rate would practically plummet.  How amazing would that be?

When I began telling you about The 7 Days of Sex I challenged ALL of you to take on the challenge and see what it could do for your relationship.  Well, now it’s time to give you a little bit of incentive – props! 


I am excited to offer one of my readers one set of the 7 Days of the Week boyshort underwear – perfect to keep you on track with your very own challenge.  This set comes with 7 different colored panties with a sexy day on the back, and the 7 Days of Sex logo on the front.


Comment below telling me about how you would spend your day “On Top” planning a full day of events that your partner would love!


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Lifetime’s 7 Days of Sex Challenge Day 6 – She’s On Top (Again)

Wow what a week this has been.  If you have been following all week you know there have been some ups and downs with my 7 Days of Sex Challenge I am participating in with Lifetime as part of the premier of their new show.  If you have just found me – maybe because I am one of three bloggers featured on Lifetime’s Website –(first, umm, WELCOME!!) you can check out the first five days here, here, here, here, and here.

When I took on this challenge I thought it was going to be a piece of cake.  I mean really – make love to the man of my dreams for 7 days in a row?  No problem, right?  Weeeelllll….

I have to admit that several times I have thought in my head “it was just bad timing for this.”  Thursday I begin picking people up for Brandcation.  Tuesday I began my Now’s The Time Call Series for over 100 new Coaching Clients I have signed in the last month.  (I know)  I also had two guest conference calls and NINE Coaching calls this week, as well as signed on a new Business to coach their entire team of Consultants.  On top of that I had to finish the Brandcation Booklet, confirm with all of the local sponsors, celebrate my Godmother’s birthday, …and I have mentioned I am fostering three kittens, right?

Honestly this has been one of the busiest weeks of my life.

And it makes me …. completely normal.

We ALL have busy lives.  I dont know anyone who I hear complaining about having “too much spare time” on their hands.   I thought about bowing out of the challenge – saying it was “just too much” for this busy week.

But I realized that is exactly what this challenge is all about.  It’s about being busy – and making love anyway.  Being stressed – and making love anyway.  Being tired – and making love anyway.

Today was my day to “be on top” and make the plans.  What I love about this Challenge is when it assigns you a “day” your goal is to plan something that’s fun for the other person as well as yourself… but not just for yourself.   So like on Mike’s day he did the things I enjoy – working, grilling out, working in the yard, etc.  On my day we got to go to the golf course, peruse the home improvement stores, and watch hockey.  It was all about planning a day to please your partner, and in both instances we actually had a really good time – doing what we thought the other person would like to do.

Today was my turn to “Be On Top” for the “Last Chance.”   Being that it was a weekday kinda put some restrictions in there, but I still tried to let Mike know how much I loved him all day long.  We worked, talked, spent time together… and ordered pizza – Mike’s absolute favorite food in the entire world – for dinner.

Even though I had TWO Conference Calls I still packed up my office after the second call, and joined him in bed at a decent time to watch some tv before bed.   Instead of working till midnight and falling into bed half asleep, we spent some time watching tv just snuggling, and it was fantastic.

I have to say, as we head into the final day of the 7 Days of Sex Challenge, I have learned so much in just 6 days, and have had a lot of things put into perspective.  I know that putting your relationships first is critical to not only the relationship, but to living a happy and fulfilled life… but this week has really cemented in just how lucky I am to have a man like Mike, who puts up with me and all of my quirks.   It has shown me how stupid it is to “not be in the mood” or to be “too tired” or whatever.  Am I saying you have to have sex every day… no.  Honestly I think that is probably unrealistic…. but it certainly is a fun goal to strive for anyway.

Check out the second episode of 7 Days of Sex on Lifetime this Thursday – and be sure to check back tomorrow for my final wrap up of the week – AND an extra special giveaway to one of my readers who wants to take the 7 Days of Sex Challenge yourself!

 Disclaimer: I received a “Survival Kit” for the purpose of this series. All opinions are 100% my own.