Easy Chocolate Fondue at Home with Velata #Giveaway

I absolutely love fondue.  My ladies group and I meet almost monthly to crowd around a little fondue pot with all kinds of dippers.  My daughters share in my love for fondue so when the Tween was officially becoming a TEEN I knew a Fondue Night was in order for her and her friends.   I wanted something simple but delicious, and something quick as keeping the attention of a bunch of teens and tweens is like trying to herd cats.   Velata was perfect.

Velata is a new home party plan company started by some of the Scentsy masterminds who wanted to create an easy, fun way to have fondue at home.  They began with finding the best chocolate in the world – from Belgium of course – and then custom created the perfect warmer – heated to perfection with a simple light bulb.

Jessica Thompson, Independent Consultant for Velata sent me a Rouge warmer – a beautiful, sleek red warmer that is as classy and chic as it is easy to use.  My favorite part is the silicone warming dish which has a perfect fit lid so you can save leftover chocolate (I have no idea what this “leftover” is… we practically licked the thing clean) but can also be tossed into the dishwasher to be cleaned.   The warmer also has holes to let the light shine through, which my gaggle of Teens thought was just “the coolest thing ever.”  I had to say, I kinda agreed.

We enjoyed two of the four different chocolate varieties that Velata offers – white chocolate and milk chocolate.   I saved the dark chocolate and chocolate caramel for the adults… just sayin.   The little pouches that the chocolate comes in are so easy – you simply pop them into the microwave and squeeze the chocolate into the dish where the warmer will keep it the perfect temperature for dipping.

Now, I will say this – the pouch says to warm for 1 minute – but that was WAY too long in my microwave, and I actually burned the first batch of white chocolate a bit.  (we ate it anyway – it was still amazing)   With the milk chocolate we only nuked it for 30 seconds and it was perfect.

With both flavors we dipped marshmallows, rice krispie treats, bananas, strawberries, and green apples.  We honestly could not pick a favorite – though we did go through two complete baskets of strawberries trying to decide.

The Velata Fondue Party was the highlight of the night with the Tweens and Teens and was so easy for me I know I will be using this instead of my old fashioned fondue pot where it took 20 minutes of adding ingredients – stir – stir – stir – taste – add more ingredients – stir – stir – stir – taste…. not to mention the flavor was a lot better than anything I have concocted before.  Plus this was so easy, I plan to keep it on hand for any party or for a quick snack for guests.

You can check out everything Velata has to offer – including a killer opportunity to be your own boss – on Jessica’s website –


I am excited to be able to offer one of my readers their very own Velata warmer with one chocolate pouch in your choice of flavors – white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and chocolate caramel – from Jessica Thompson, Independent Velata Consultant.

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  1. Amy Pakidis says:

    Would it be wrong of me to enter? roflmbo!!

  2. Tammy Klain says:

    this is so awesome, I would love to have the huckleberry curve warmer and milk chocolate to go with it
    Gardenstatemom at aol dot com

  3. I like the Key Lime warmer and Dark Chocolate

  4. I’d love any warmer (I am so easy) and milk chocolate. YUMMY!

  5. Michelle W says:

    I would like the Clementine Pedestal Velata Fondue Warmer and White Chocolate

  6. I like the Maraschino Curve Velata Fondue Warmer (it matches my kitchen!) and milk chocolate.

  7. Deb Klein says:

    I would choose the Huckleberry Curve Velata Fondue Warmer and the Milk Chocolate!

  8. Diane Baum says:

    milk chocolate always my fave and pretty greem key lime warmer

  9. rust hawk says:

    I like the Noir Velata Fondue Warmer and the Dark Chocolate.

  10. Don’t they have a blue fondue warmer? I saw it before… if not, I’ll take the licrorice curve.

    And CARAMEL :) milk chocolate! yum!

  11. I like the Blue Razz Curve Velata Fondue Warmer and the milk chocolate

  12. I would choose Huckleberry Curve Velata Fondue Warmer and Dark Chocolate

  13. Richard Hicks says:

    Noir Velata Fondue Warmer and milk chocolate

    – brich22 at earthlink dot net

  14. Nicole Moore says:

    i like noir velata fondue warmer and white chocolate

  15. Jennifer Peaslee says:

    I like the Key Lime Pedestal and I’d choose milk chocolate….YUM!!

  16. Huckleberry curve warmer and dark chocolate.

  17. i like the noir velata fondue warmer and chocolate caramel

  18. Noir Velata Fondue Warmer & Caramel Milk Chocolate.

  19. Rouge Velata Fondue Warmer and Caramel Milk Chocolate

  20. I would choose red and milk chocolate

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