Homemade Edible Arrangements With The Help of Velata

I am not a big sweets fan – but I do have one huge weakness… chocolate covered strawberries.  I will absolutely eat my weight in them.  All of my friends and family know this – so I am often treated with my favorite indulgence for special occasions.  However this year on Valentine’s Day, my family gave me the sweetest gift of all – a homemade “edible arrangement” using my Velata chocolate and warmer.

velata chocolate strawberries

While I was in Los Angeles last week for the Frozen BluRay/ Pirate Fairy Blogger Event, Mike and the girls fired up my Velata Warmer, and hand dipped strawberries, pineapple, bananas, grapes, and cherries into the Velata Milk Chocolate, and then used plastic skewers to create their own “edible arrangement” for me as a surprise for when I got home.

Velata makes it super easy to do – the chocolate is already mixed and ready to go!  You just simply pop the pouch in to the microwave to melt, and then pour into the warmer to keep smooth while you dip all of your delicious goodies into it.  The best part – even Midge could help since there was no danger of her getting burned.

velata chocolate

See, I knew there was a reason to always have Velata on hand!

Check out my friend Jessica’s Velata website to see everything that Velata has to offer – and start making your own chocolate covered masterpieces right at home!



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    Holy Smokes this makes me want to get some fruit asap! Looks amazing! You are spoiled! They did an amazing job! Really a beautiful arrangement Lynsey! You taught them well!!!! I Love it! Hope it tasted at good as it looks!!!

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