LAST MINUTE Valentine’s Day Ideas

This weekend I received an email from one of my clients that made me *actually* laugh out loud.  He is a great guy who I enjoy working with, but this one really took the cake.  Each month I lead a team conference call for his company.  We always touch base a few days before the call to confirm.

Client: Hey Lynsey, excited about our call Tuesday night.  We would like to talk about increasing your business through Social Media.  Sound good to you?

Me: Ummm… the topic sounds terrific – its one of my favorites…. but you do realize Tuesday is Valentine’s Day right?

Client: OH JEEZ…. I gotta get out of the office more…

So this post is for all of you MEN out there who had the same realization as my favorite client here and are scrambling to figure out what to do tomorrow- AND more importantly make it look like you’ve been planning it for weeks.  Whether you like Valentine’s Day or not – the truth is unless you want to be in the Dog House until Mother’s Day, you better show up with something.

 2012 Grammy Nominees CD

Last night’s Grammy’s were probably the best I have ever seen (minus of course that spectacle Nasty Manaj put on) and the 2012 Grammy Nominees CD is certainly going to be added to my collection.  With all of the top hits from artists like Adele, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Coldplay, and more – this CD is a fantastic addition to any music collection.  At a “rockin” price of less than $20 – this one can’t be beat!  Check out your local media store.


Classes for Two

Whether it is wine tasting, ballroom dancing, or channeling the scene from Ghost pottery lessons – classes are a fun gift to give that you will both enjoy.   Check out local Fred Astair studios, wineries, or art studios and inquire about classes for two.  Also, places such as Paint – N – Pals are a great alternative to “classes” and you both get to leave with your very own masterpiece.  (Mike and I still have ours on display)

Movie Night

There are some amazing movies opening tomorrow night.  One I can not wait to see is This Means War with Reese Witherspoon and Chelsea Handler.  This movie looks like it has just enough “guy” in it to not bore you to death while still having the romantic comedy side to make your girl laugh and feel all mushy.   If you are feeling really frisky you can grab the KY Date Night Pack that comes with a $10 voucher to to buy the tickets and take a chance at making some off screen romance scenes of your own. (PS – I am GIVING one away right here)

A”Hot” Massage

Speaking of the KY Date Night Packs – they also include a sample of the KY Touch – a warming oil that works great for a nice loving massage.  Brush up on your massage skills here and let your sweetie relax and unwind under the power of your hands.  If you are good, she might even return the favor.

Dinner at Home

With websites like Pinterest showing us the way, we can all make meals that rival the greatest Emeril fare.  (Ok, maybe that is a stretch) A romantic dinner at home can make the perfect night to remember.  Chances are restaurants will have a ridiculous wait time, and who can feel really “romantic” with a jillion other loud people and waiters running around anyway?  Peruse sites like Pinterest to find something new to make (probably not a bad idea to have a back up plan) and strap on a cute little apron and get to work.  Let your girl sip wine and watch you whip up your finest cuisine.

Three Years and Counting

Another great idea comes from Jenny at Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line.  She surprised her hubby for their anniversary with a bedroom filled with helium balloons all holding a special memory or message attached.  You can use as many balloons as you have had Valentine’s Days together – or just fill the room with as many as you want.  You can find helium filled mylar balloons at just about any grocery store for pennies a piece.  This is a fantastic, memorable idea that will not break the bank.


Ok, let’s get real on flowers for a moment.  Guys, there is a HUGE difference between florist flowers and I-realized-what-day-it-was-so-I-hit-up-the-grocery-store flowers.  Not to say that there aren’t some beautiful arrangements at grocery stores these days, but rule of thumb – if I can see the stems dripping or they have one of those little “cork” thingies on the bottom – keep looking.  The good news is that the florists knew this day was coming, and will have dozens of beautiful pre-made arrangements for you to choose from.

Tech Gadgets

Maybe it is the geek in me, but there are few things more romantic than a new Apple product.  Take advantage of In-Store Pickup and Overnight Delivery from places like Best Buy to grab some hot new tech toys for your Valentine.   Chances are there will not be a huge line at Best Buy since it is not really thought of as a “typical” Valentine’s Day Gift locale, so you should be able to breeze right through.  Check out the new iPod Nano – you can get it in her favorite color and even preload it with some of her favorite tunes.

 A Love Letter

Finally, never underestimate the power of your words.  A simple love letter telling her how you feel will be a keepsake forever.  Include all of the reasons why you fell in love with her, and what your hopes are for the future.  Don’t worry about being formal – talk from the heart.  And don’t worry about being cheesy either.  Truth is, even if it IS cheesy, a good woman is going to love you – and reward you *wink wink* – for the gesture.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


  1. Maryann says

    I like a special dinner or just some good chocolate. Right now money is tight so I don’t require much, just knowing he is a good husband and father is good enough with me.

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