LidPocket – Crockpot Lid Holder – Why Didn’t I Think of That?!

Every once in a while I get a product that is so practical and so useful I think “Why didnt I think of that?!”  The LidPocket is exactly that product.  As a lover of all things Crockpot – I even have a section of Crockpot Recipes here on MoscatoMom – I use my Crockpot all the time… and every time I do, I lift off the lid and hold it in mid air – searching for a safe place to lay it down where it won’t A – burn anything, or B – get water all over everything from the steam.  The LidPocket is the solution – just a simple little gadget that hangs on the side of your CrockPot – anxiously awaiting the lid. I mean… how has it taken this long for someone to invent something this awesome?


The LidPocket is a hands free solution for Crockpots. Whether you have a small Crockpot or the huge one like mine, the LidPocket easily hangs on the side – ready to work when you need it to. Benefits include:

  • Hands-Free solution when seasoning, stirring or serving
  • Built-in Drip Catcher collects condensation
  • Keeps your counter top free and clean
  • Stores inside the crock
  • Fits 3-Quart and up – round to oval slow cookers
  • Fits the majority of slow cookers

The LidPocket website also has tons of recipes from Vicky Braun, inventor of the Lid Pocket. In fact her Chicken Taco Soup is what I have going in the pictures above. Find recipes for entrees, side dishes – and even hot apple cider! Yum!

You can order the LidPocket for just $9.99 directly from their website, and be sure to Like them on Facebook as well for even more recipes and tips for your kitchen!

What is your favorite dish from the Crockpot?


Disclosure: I received a LidPocket for the purpose of this review, however all images and ideas are my own.

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