Lifetime’s 7 Days of Sex Challenge – Day 5 – He’s (Back) On Top

Ok first let me say… this is wearing me out.  And not in the way you might think.

Mike and I have a very solid routine.  And I thrive on routine.   As a solopreneur of a large international business, a mom of two daughters, mom of two dogs, foster mom of three kittens, blogger, wife…. seriously, without structure and routine I would probably have a body count.  So when something interferes – even in a good way – it doesn’t take long to wear me out.

Today was Mike’s turn to take the lead again – and I learned just how much my love knows me when he said “honey, you seem stressed… do you want to just stay in all day?”  Talk about music to my ears.

With Brandcation being only 2 days away, my “To Do” list was starting to get quite overwhelming.   Mike hopped up and got Sami to school and then helped me tackle some of the big things from my list.   By the time we were getting Taylor from the bus my anxiety level had come wwwaaayyyy down.  I threw some hamburgers  on the grill after Taylor got home as Mike and I worked straight through lunch without even thinking.  We ate outside again since we loved it so much the day before and then headed back to our respective offices to keep at the To Dos.

By the time 3:30 rolled around I needed a break from my office chair so I went to pick up Sami and get some kitty supplies while out.  Mike kept Taylor home so I didnt have to drag her all over town.  Back home Taylor, Mike,and I were still full from our late lunch – so Sami made some quesadillas and we all did our own thing either working, watching TV, playing on the computer – whatever.  I think maybe 10 words were spoken all evening.

It was fantastic.

After we tucked the girls in I headed off to the gym to burn off the last bit of stress and anxiety from the day.  A hour later – and completely exhausted – I came home, took a shower, and I piled in to bed with Mike to catch up on the DVR.

I remember a friend once told me “there are a hundred different ways to make love – and none of them involve sex” – well, I get it now.  Mike was attentive to everything I needed – from helping with the girls school schedule to working on my site.  He knew I was getting uber stressed, and though he had things he needed to do, he helped me tackle my list instead.

Romance doesnt always have to be flowers or dinner out or candle light.  Sometimes it can be as simple as “here, let me do that for you.”  I am learning how much of the “help” I take for granted, and realizing just how you can find romance in just the simple every day things in life.  Helping with the children – romantic.  Helping clean up after dinner – romantic.  Installing a new website to try and help me streamline some of the stuff I already have – romantic.  Realizing any of this without making the control freak have to ask for help – romantic… and sexy.

Check out 7 Days of Sex Thursday nights on Lifetime and take the Challenge for yourself… it’s tougher than you think!!

 Disclaimer: I received a Survival Kit for the purpose of this Blog Series. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. says

    Kudos to Mike for spotting the signs. I’m not sure my hubby would be quite so ‘tuned in’.

    And only 2 days to go…. I’m not sure it will be a restful break, but a break from all of the above nonetheless!

    My radar most definitely picked up on ‘install new website’. Details. Must. Have. Details :)

  2. Jenn says

    Amen! I completely know where you’re coming from. Right now hubs is feeding the foster kittens while I lay here and do absolutely nothing. LOL I’m loving it!

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