Lifetime’s 7 Days of Sex Challenge Day 6 – She’s On Top (Again)

Wow what a week this has been.  If you have been following all week you know there have been some ups and downs with my 7 Days of Sex Challenge I am participating in with Lifetime as part of the premier of their new show.  If you have just found me – maybe because I am one of three bloggers featured on Lifetime’s Website –(first, umm, WELCOME!!) you can check out the first five days here, here, here, here, and here.

When I took on this challenge I thought it was going to be a piece of cake.  I mean really – make love to the man of my dreams for 7 days in a row?  No problem, right?  Weeeelllll….

I have to admit that several times I have thought in my head “it was just bad timing for this.”  Thursday I begin picking people up for Brandcation.  Tuesday I began my Now’s The Time Call Series for over 100 new Coaching Clients I have signed in the last month.  (I know)  I also had two guest conference calls and NINE Coaching calls this week, as well as signed on a new Business to coach their entire team of Consultants.  On top of that I had to finish the Brandcation Booklet, confirm with all of the local sponsors, celebrate my Godmother’s birthday, …and I have mentioned I am fostering three kittens, right?

Honestly this has been one of the busiest weeks of my life.

And it makes me …. completely normal.

We ALL have busy lives.  I dont know anyone who I hear complaining about having “too much spare time” on their hands.   I thought about bowing out of the challenge – saying it was “just too much” for this busy week.

But I realized that is exactly what this challenge is all about.  It’s about being busy – and making love anyway.  Being stressed – and making love anyway.  Being tired – and making love anyway.

Today was my day to “be on top” and make the plans.  What I love about this Challenge is when it assigns you a “day” your goal is to plan something that’s fun for the other person as well as yourself… but not just for yourself.   So like on Mike’s day he did the things I enjoy – working, grilling out, working in the yard, etc.  On my day we got to go to the golf course, peruse the home improvement stores, and watch hockey.  It was all about planning a day to please your partner, and in both instances we actually had a really good time – doing what we thought the other person would like to do.

Today was my turn to “Be On Top” for the “Last Chance.”   Being that it was a weekday kinda put some restrictions in there, but I still tried to let Mike know how much I loved him all day long.  We worked, talked, spent time together… and ordered pizza – Mike’s absolute favorite food in the entire world – for dinner.

Even though I had TWO Conference Calls I still packed up my office after the second call, and joined him in bed at a decent time to watch some tv before bed.   Instead of working till midnight and falling into bed half asleep, we spent some time watching tv just snuggling, and it was fantastic.

I have to say, as we head into the final day of the 7 Days of Sex Challenge, I have learned so much in just 6 days, and have had a lot of things put into perspective.  I know that putting your relationships first is critical to not only the relationship, but to living a happy and fulfilled life… but this week has really cemented in just how lucky I am to have a man like Mike, who puts up with me and all of my quirks.   It has shown me how stupid it is to “not be in the mood” or to be “too tired” or whatever.  Am I saying you have to have sex every day… no.  Honestly I think that is probably unrealistic…. but it certainly is a fun goal to strive for anyway.

Check out the second episode of 7 Days of Sex on Lifetime this Thursday – and be sure to check back tomorrow for my final wrap up of the week – AND an extra special giveaway to one of my readers who wants to take the 7 Days of Sex Challenge yourself!

 Disclaimer: I received a “Survival Kit” for the purpose of this series. All opinions are 100% my own.


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