Lifetime’s #7DaysOfSex Challenge Day Two – He’s On Top

Though we had a rocky start to the 7 Days of Sex Challenge from Lifetime, Mike more than made up for it when it was his time to “be on top” and plan our date. We spent the morning lying in bed talking about the night before, some plans for the future, and made some pacts with each other.  I headed to the office but  I had only gotten an hour or two of very distracted work in when Mike asked if we could just blow off the rest of the day to be a family.  I couldn’t shut the computer down fast enough.

Even though I had an intense migraine – no doubt from a night of fighting – we completed our Day 1 of the challenge early in the day, jumped into the shower, and went and checked the girls out of school to start our weekend early.  We had a late lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant and then the four of us went to go see Mirror, Mirror where Mike and I sat together not on opposite ends of the children like usual – with his arm around me.  We all shared a huge bowl of popcorn.

On the way home we picked up take out and enjoyed a quiet dinner at home.  Then, instead of us both heading to our respective offices like usual, the four of us sat on the couch until bedtime watching “How It’s Made” – the girls favorite show.  (and we think it is pretty cool too)

I ended my day with a long soak in the bath using the Bubble Bath from our Survival Kit, and snuggled in for a good nights sleep holding each other and healing from the night before.

Today was a really nice, low key kind of day.   It was nice to just blow off the day – not worrying about if the phone is ringing, what emails are coming in, or who-is-doing-what on Facebook.  Today we just focused on each other and it was really really nice.

Check out Lifetime’s new show 7 Days of Sex every Thursday night, and take the challenge yourself too!  Can you handle 7 Days of Sex It’s tougher than  you think!

Disclaimer: I received a Survival Kit for the purpose of this blog series.  All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. says

    I love that he asked for a family day. I find that when we are all doing happy family things together, it makes me feel so lovey dovey towards my husband. Family men are such a turn on!

  2. jennifer brown says

    I think that’s great he asked for a family day! Maybe this challange will only make your relationship stronger. Goodluck! it’s sounds like you guy’s are on the right track! ( I did not participate in the challange). Wishing the best for everyone out there who did!!


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