Lifetime’s #7DaysofSex Challenge Day 4 – Get Out

Today’s task for the 7 Days of Sex Challenge was an easy one – GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!  Since Mike and I are both workaholics who work from home, we can both agree that the need to “break free” from the house is a welcomed event.    We laugh because people say how since we both work from home we must see each other so much…. the truth is sometimes 6 hours can go by and we have not spoken a word between us.

On Day 3 we perused through Lowe’s and Home Depot and found some fun stuff to help spruce up our back yard to get ready for Summer, but naturally, as soon as I got home I thought of other things we should do. So our “get out of the house” day actually began with a huge pancake breakfast at a local restaurant and then another stop by Home Depot.  Another $100 later and we were heading back home.

Even though it was Sunday Mike and I both had a few things we needed to get done workwise, plus we got home right at the heat of the day, so we decided to relax and recover from our carb-induced pancake coma until mid afternoon.

Around 2pm we headed to the back yard – Lowes and Home Depot bags and boxes in hand.  We purchased a new plant stand for all of our potted plants and Mikes live terrarium which now houses all kinds of critters that I try not to imagine.  (he lost me with the spiders) as well as a Topsy Turvy plant stand thingie with 2 strawberry Topsy Turvy planters.  Who new gardening could be so romantic, eh?

Taylor and I also found the cutest little garden starters called GrowUms.  They are truly the cutest little things ever.  So while Sami and Mike put together the plant stand, Taylor and I planted everything from cucumbers to bok choy to zucchini.  I absolutely can not wait to have a garden again.  And unlike last year, this one will be a container garden, so I think I will be a lot more inclined to take care of it.  I will keep you posted on their progress.

Then we switched and Sami and I put together the Topsy Turvy stuff while Mike and Taylor raked and bagged leaves.   Once that was finished Taylor and I began prepping for Dinner while Mike and Sami began installing our new – and huge – mailbox.  Our sweet little mail lady left us a note asking us to get a new box – ours broke off a few months ago and we just stuck it back into the ground – it was the perfect height for Taylor to check the mail… but apparently too low for our little mail carrier to get to it.  So we got a nice new big, tall one and left her a little note thanking her for putting up with the short one so long.  (we got a note today saying thank you)

Taylor and I cut up a fresh garden salad and baked potatoes, and I grilled a beautiful London Broil on the grill.  In keeping with the “Get Out Of The House” theme we dined on the back porch together – the weather was perfect.   We cleaned up after dinner and Mike got ready to go to a Bachelor Party with all of his buddies.   He left around 7:30 and I tucked the girls in at 8 and headed straight for my office where I got sooooo much done!  Honestly it was one of the most productive evenings in my office ever. I guess clearing my head and spending the whole day not even thinking about work helped make me so much for focused and on task when I did finally get to my office.  Hmmm…

Mike woke me up when he got home to tell me all about his night.  We enjoyed laughing and snuggling together – even in the wee hours of the morning.  It was a perfectly romantic day together as a family working on making our house more of a home, and then spending some time just talking to one another without any distractions.   Honestly, to me, it doesn’t get much more romantic than that.

Have you checked out the 7 Days of Sex show yet?  Set your DVR to catch it on Thursday nights on Lifetime and take the challenge yourself to see how it can improve your relationship in just 7 days! Can you handle it?  😉

Disclaimer: I received a Survival Kit for the purpose of this blog review series.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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