Lifetime’s #7DaysOfSex Challenge Day Three – She’s On Top

I was so glad my day of the 7 Days of Sex Challenge fell on a Saturday – so I could fill the whole day with fun stuff that the four of us could do as a family.   My original plan was to all go play putt putt golf – Mike has recently begun playing golf and loving it, so I knew since we had the girls we could play a round of putt putt to kinda symbolize us supporting his playing…. but it was HOT.  Like we-would-be-miserable-out-there-hot.

So Plan B was to head to the Club for lunch – Mike and my favorite lunch spot – and show the girls the golf course.  They of course loved it and we enjoyed introducing them to everyone we know up there.  There were 2 huge tournaments and a wedding going on, so the place was pretty busy.  The girls were perfect though and acted like little ladies all through lunch.

Next we spent a few hours strolling through Lowes and Home Depot.  There were a few things we have talked about needing for a while, so we enjoyed just perusing and being out of the house but in the AC.   Naturally I found something to buy at both, but that is ok since Day 4 is “get out of the house” day, so we will be spending time sprucing up our back yard… something we all really enjoy doing.

On the way home I had a moment of inspiration, and told everyone when we got home to change into something nice – we were going somewhere special for dinner.  And hour later we were back in the car – only I knew where we were headed.

I took my family to the Oar House – the place that Mike and I had our first official date over 3 years ago.  Let me tell you, if you are in Pensacola and have not been – you absolutely must try this place out.  I have no idea how I missed such a fantastic place until Mike took me for our date.  Although I am kind of glad I did – it has really become kinda “our place” to go for a romantic night.

We sat by the water and dined on everything from fried pickles to steaks to seafood to key lime pie while watching the boats come into the marina for the night.  We took pictures of the ducks and counted a million hermit crabs.  It was perfect.

Driving home we began seeing some gorgeous old cars and muscle cars and realized it was time for the Saturday Night Car Show that is held right by our house and I have said a million times that I have wanted to stop. Well, this time we did – and we perused the lines of cars telling the girls all that WE knew about the cars – and putting some of the time frames in perspective.

We laughed at the enormous Pontiac Bonneville that was a very old version of my first car – and at least 4 feet longer than mine.  We saw a car from 1931 and I told Samantha that Mamalo – my late grandmother – was 10 years old when that car came out.   They had some swing music playing and we boogied around just looking at all of the beautiful cars until it was time to head home and to bed. We went home, got the girls in their pajamas, and tucked them in to bed.

After such a full day I was ready to head straight to sleep, but because of the challenge Mike and I stayed up a while longer to be together, and afterwards of course were glad that we did.   We didnt turn on the tv, didnt read the Kindle, didnt get on the computers… we just were together.

It made me think of all of the nights I have been “too tired” or “too busy”  and “not in the mood.”   Not in the mood for WHAT?!  A great time?  Strengthening my relationship? Burning off a few calories!?  I mean really, what exactly have I “not been in the mood” for?  I realized what a stupid, stupid excuse that was to turn down Mike’s advances or to not initiate my own.   In the grand scheme of things – what’s one more hour – or even half an hour –   when it can do so much for your partnership?

You can bet this is a lesson I am going to remember.

Disclaimer:  I received a Survival Kit for the purpose of this series.  All opinions and experiences are 100% my own.


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    LOL I learned that lesson on Day 1 of the challenge! Wow, your choice day was so full! Today is my choice day and we are honestly cleaning the house. It’s been pouring rain for two days straight and we are home-bound…I might have to round us all up and at least have a nice dinner out. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    I swear you are talking about me in these posts. I am always too something and just can not seem to get in the mood but I really want to change that. maybe I should unofficially do this challenge


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