Lifetime’s #7DaysofSex Challenge Finale (And Giveaway!)

Last week Mike and I were asked to participate in the 7 Days of Sex Challenge which accompanies the new Lifetime Reality Series 7 Days of Sex.  Though we got off to a rocky start on Day 1, the week was absolutely amazing and changed so much about ourselves and our relationship.   We learned a lot in just 7 days, and the few days since – hey, I have been crazy busy with Brandcation this weekend – have been different as well.

To recap the week – Day 1 was an “anything goes” day… and for us it was a day of a huge misunderstanding, hurt feelings, and some hurtful words being thrown around at each other.   Not exactly how I had imagined the kick off to this Challenge.  But the next day and even still Mike and I agree it was a “necessary” argument, and though some hurtful things were said, some very good things have come from it as well.   Day 2 Mike got to “be on top” and choose the activities of the day.  It was a wonderful family day of eating out, watching movies, eating entirely too much candy and popcorn, and an early bedtime.  On Day 3 I took the family out shopping and perusing the Home Improvement stores, and then to the place Mike and I had our first date.   Day 4 was full of working in the garden, putting up a new mailbox, and just enjoying being outside and not cooped up in front of our computers.   Day 5 Mike helped me with a lot of my “to do” list… which in itself was wonderfully romantic.  Day 6 I had one last chance to pamper him and make his day a special one.

Day 7 was literally the day before I kicked off the first 2012 Brandcation Bloggers Gone Coastal Event so needless to say I had a million things to do, but Mike and I made a point to spend some uninterrupted time together – getting away from computers and cell phones and work phones… and just BE.  We made some plans for the future, discussed issues from the past, and reaffirmed that we are “in it to win it” with each other.

All in all it was an incredible week, and I am so glad I was asked to be a part of the 7 Days of Sex Challenge for Lifetime.  Mike and I have talked about continuing the ummm… “challenge”  and continuing to make time every single day for each other and spend more time making the effort to do things for and with the other person – even if we do not “feel” like it.  It made a change in our relationship too – leaving for Brandcation the next day was tough, and unlike the two other Brandcation trips where I was really happy to have the break from reality… I really missed Mike on this trip.  From the Ziplining to the Stargazing to the Parasailing… the whole time I wished Mike was experiencing it with me.

Sure it sounds crazy, but I fell in love with Mike all over again this week.  Though Mike and I were in a really good place when this began, we had still fallen into a place of monotony, just going through the motions of a typical American family – work, house, kids, pets, bills… and then getting up the next day to do it all over again.   I was reminded at how lucky I am to have a good man by my side every day of my life – supporting me, challenging me, making me laugh, and cheering me on.   I had really begun to take him for granted, and I am thankful to this Challenge that I realized it and have been making an effort every day to show him how much I love him, and how thankful I am to have him in my life.   I have to think that if everyone made the time to do just that, the divorce rate would practically plummet.  How amazing would that be?

When I began telling you about The 7 Days of Sex I challenged ALL of you to take on the challenge and see what it could do for your relationship.  Well, now it’s time to give you a little bit of incentive - props! 


I am excited to offer one of my readers one set of the 7 Days of the Week boyshort underwear – perfect to keep you on track with your very own challenge.  This set comes with 7 different colored panties with a sexy day on the back, and the 7 Days of Sex logo on the front.


Comment below telling me about how you would spend your day “On Top” planning a full day of events that your partner would love!


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  1. Christy Robles says:

    As you know, between going to a casino and seeing a dentist, I would much rather have a root canal. However, the hubby loves to spend a few hours feeling that adrenalin of the machines. So I guess I would spend my day on top pleasing him with a day trip out to Atmore. (Lawd help me.)

  2. I would spend the day with my hubs without our children. I’d take home out to the beach and then to his favorite restraunt. That evening, we’d sit outside on our porch and spend some together time.

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  6. if I had to plan a day to please him, we would start t outback, go to a sports bar to play golden tee and pool, maybe darts, then home to end the night with me “doing the work” in the bedroom. If there was time, I may play some call of duty with him, go to a movie, or really go all out and trade in the home bed for a hotel room

  7. I would spend my day with my hubbie(without our son)we would take in dinner and a movie.


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  10. I would spend Saturday, at a bonfire with my boyfriend and other friends. Good people good times.

  11. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    I know my husband would love to go to the races during the day, I would follow it by dinner for the two for us and hopefully the night alone (without our 3 kids).

  12. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    hmmm I know my husband would love to go to the races during the day, I would follow it by dinner for the two for us and hopefully the night alone (without our 3 kids).

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  20. Tracy L Davis says:

    I would spend the day with my husband camping.

  21. jacqueline viera says:

    i’d go to one of his soccer games and be the best cheerleader!

  22. Lauren Knott says:

    Probably watching sports…naked.

  23. My plan would include playing golf, going out to a baseball game, and going out to dinner and a movie with my husband.

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  26. I’d probably take him off into the mountains for a day of hiking, swimming, getting some sunshine, and having a relaxed picnic. He loves the outdoors and being in out in the nice weather. :) I’d probably end the day to taking him out to his favorite restaurant or going out to a movie he wants to see!!

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  32. I would definitely spend the day at the art museum

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  34. I would spend the day with walks in the park and going out for coffee or other treats!

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  40. dani marie says:

    on a beach or a romantic island somewhere. a girl can dream right?

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  43. Annette D says:

    A day on the beach sounds heavenly!

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  46. Annette D says:
  47. I use a great todo list called Remember the Milk which is on my phone, my email, and everywhere. I would use that to stay on top of things.

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  51. I would take him to a restaurant, the movies and then end it with a special outfit.

  52. Christine says:

    going out to a movie

  53. I would spend the day sleeping in.

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  56. Erica C. says:

    I’d love to plan events to improve our intimacy.

  57. jen gersch says:

    i would take him for a picnic then a hike in themountains

  58. Steve E. says:

    Wandering fle markets, lunch out, a nice wine bar, early to bed!

  59. Tina D Reynolds says:

    I am not supper out doorsy but my hubby is so I would plan a day of hiking and exploring with a picnic.

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  62. Tina D Reynolds says:
  63. Annette D says:
  64. We’d go to a ball game, a movie, and dinner for two.

  65. To pamper him- poker, tv and good food would be involved. The only one I really like is the good food, so it would definitely show him I noticed and cared about what he enjoys.

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  68. Naina John says:

    We would probably spend whole day on beach, followed by dinner and romantic walk :)

  69. I would spend the day shopping with my husband alone!

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  72. Shanda S. says:

    My husband and I both love the great outdoors. We would probably be camping, hiking, and biking. In the middle of nowhere, of course. We like taking breaks along the way ;)

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  76. Michelle Tucker says:

    Well, it’d involve lots of good food, bacon is a must. A movie that he really wants to see. Some hand holding and cuddling:)
    michedt at yahoo . com

  77. Michelle Tucker says:
  78. I would make his day by planning a fishing trip and cooking on the grill which is his favorites

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