Olive Garden’s New Porta Vita Wines

Last week I was so excited to get the opportunity to try out Olive Garden’s new signature wines – the Porta Vita Collection – which compliments their new menu choices.  Since Mike doesnt eat pasta, I seized the opportunity to meet Trisha and have a “no carb left behind” experience at Olive Garden.

Olive Garden has a history of wine leadership in the casual dining industry – the restaurant offers 35 wines by the glass and has influenced American wine preferences, as seen with Moscato. Now, it introduces Porta Vita wines, which were crafted in partnership with the award-winning team at Cavit Winery in Northern Italy and were skillfully blended to be aroma-driven and fruit-forward.

Trisha and I met for our weekly girls lunch and vowed not to even discuss the amount of carbs and calories we consumed.  It was a delightful lunch where we tasted all three new Olive Garden Porta Vita Wines – Rosso, Rosato, and Bianco – with appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts.  Hey, I said we didnt hold back.

Our favorite wine of the three was the Rosato as it was the sweetest of the three and went great with everything. The Bianco was a bit more dry but was our second favorite.  The Rosso was good but neither of us are “red” drinkers.  I think it would go really well with a red meat dinner though as it was a very full bodied wine. (they say medium… I say full)  

The wines were a great addition to our always amazing meal at Olive Garden.  The new meals were amazing as well – but then I am not sure I have ever had a BAD meal from Olive Garden.  You can check out the new wines and all of the new entrees at your local Olive Garden – and don’t forget to pick up some gift cards to throw under the tree for your friends and family…. and favorite blogger…. *ahem*

I think Trisha got into a bit of a carb overload…

Disclaimer: I received a giftcard in the amount of $25 to cover the cost of our meal for the purpose of this review.  No other compensation was accepted.   All opinions are 100% my own.



  1. George Seguin says

    now that Principato is not available i get nothing but grief from customers who cannot buy Porta Vita retail.

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