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It has been two and a half years since I took on being “Mom” to three 2-week old motherless kittens that my friend Trisha found in a neighbors shed.  I took them in, bottle fed them, litter trained them, got them fixed, and took on the commitment of 15+ years of cat ownership. But my three kitties were lucky. Millions of cats and kittens are taken to shelters every day in hopes of finding a forever home like mine, and sadly some never do. But Scotties Facial Tissues is trying to help change that by sponsoring cat adoption events along the east coast.

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“At Scotties our focus is softness – so this partnership made perfect sense,” said John Robertson, Director of Marketing for Scotties Facial Tissues. “We hope that our donation will act as an incentive for caring people to come forward and open up their homes.” Scotties Facial Tissue is known for being soft – like their two new “mascots” – white fluffy kittens. Now through August Scotties Facial Tissue will work with rescue organizations in Boston, MA, Raleigh, NC, and Tampa, FL in order to waive adoption fees for prospective cat owners in an effort to place them in loving homes.


I absolutely love this cause, and support Scotties 100% in helping more furbabies find a loving home like our three. To say that these three have brought so much joy in to our lives is an understatement – they honestly completed our family. Every day we know they are grateful by their purrs, snuggles, and head boops, and we laugh all the time at their silly antics – whether it is Stella jumping in to every box she can find, or Athena going face down in an unattended glass, or Sumo who sleeps all.the.time… we just absolutely love that they came in to our lives, and wish every abandoned kitty could find a loving home to spend their days.

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Look for the new Scotties Facial Tissue mascots to start appearing on new Scotties products in your local stores, and enter to win a Scotties Care Package and $25 Target Giftcard below. By entering you are also helping a great cause and getting the word out about these Adoption Events. In a perfect world, every kitty would have a warm and loving home – we should all do our part to try and make that happen.


Enter to win a Scotties Facial Tissue Care Package plus a $25 Target Giftcard! You can enter using the RaffleCopter widget below! Good luck!
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  1. Samantha says

    We took in a little stray kitten from the neighborhood about 2 years ago…she’s part of the family now and has the most gorgeous blue, blue eyes.

  2. Melissa says

    No fur babies for me at the moment as I’m in transition between housing. But once I settle down, I’m looking to adopt a cat!

  3. Nicole Millheim says

    Yes I have two lab girls…they are my whole world. I rescued them but in reality they rescued me. I can just watch them for hours playing and pet them all day

  4. Rhonda G says

    Yes! We have 2 dogs, Maggie and Tucker Yorkies. 2 Kitties, Leonard and Squeek. We also have 15 chickens. :) Love all my furry babies.

  5. Kristy Freeman says

    We have several kitties. Our most recent is a sweet sweet boy we found under our home in insulation under the tub (Mind you that’s how he got the name Tubby) when he was only 1 week old. We had to bottle feed him every two hours and wouldn’t have traded it for the world!

  6. Chriss says

    Cats are cute, but I’m so allergic to the that we can’t have any. I’ve always been a dog person though and took in one that showed up on my porch.!!

  7. Chriss says

    Cats are cute, but I’m so allergic to them that we can’t have any. I’ve always been a dog person though and took in one that showed up on my porch.!!

  8. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    Yes! I Have 2 Fur-Babies! Simon And Rascal Who Are Dog’s And Bring So Much Joy To Our Family!

  9. Kristin says

    I have one beautiful little outside kitty. He was actually hit by a car when he was just about 6 months old, but recovered beautifully, just a little limp. His name is Tiger, tigger, or tom, depending on what we feel like that day. :)

  10. says

    I have four cats and they are my world. I have had one since his mother (a stray) just wondered into our house and had kittens in our closet. I picked Gambit the day he was born and he is my baby. All my cats are great with kids. They do the ‘go limp, pretend to be dead’ thing when the kids pick them up and they only scratch if the kids do too much.

  11. Alvina Castro says

    Yes! We have a sweet family. A mom and daughter who now the mom gave the daughter 3 little sisters! They all look so different and each are super sweet and loved.

  12. says

    3 kittehs – Ellis, Tulo & Dharma. Ellis is the love of my life – don’t tell my husband. Tulo is a punk that really should be a dog, and Dharma is my sweet girl

  13. Madonna says

    We have 3 cats names Lady Elaine, Aphrodite, and Nikki and we have 4 dogs named Maxine, Juliet, Bear and Tinkerbell.

  14. Michelle S. says

    My house runneth over with fur babies, mostly cats and one dog who would prefer I didn’t have any cats! LOL

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