Spicy Shelf Review – Another #Whole30 Must Have

When I moved in with Mike, he already had the kitchen pretty organized. For a bachelor I have to admit – he had a lot of kitchen stuff. The spice cabinet was located directly above the stove – perfectly fine for a man of nearly six feet tall. However as a woman of just over 5 feet tall – that proves to be a challenge.

spice cabinet

I resorted to getting a child’s stool to help me be able to reach and see – but I had so many spices in there, I was constantly digging around trying to find stuff. Since I began Whole30 I have been using tons of spices that I do not normally use – so I have built up quite a collection. Plus once I began reading labels of what I already had – I realized just how much sugar I was consuming that I had no idea about. However even with the stool I could not reach the back of the cabinet – and would keep buying stuff that I thought I was out of – secretly hoping it wasn’t just where I couldn’t see it.

spicy shelf

Spicy Shelf Review

I was asked to review a product called Spicy Shelf and thought this might be the answer to my problem. Spicy Shelf is an organization system that lets you put all of your spices in a neatly organized elevated row so you can see exactly what you have, and reach what you need. The Spicy Shelf requires no tools – it literally just snaps together and you are good to go. You can stack them or do them side by side – depending on how large your cabinet is.

spicy shelf review

I actually let Mike do the organizing on this one and he and The Teen got to work. They chose to do the Spicy Shelf side by side. I got this picture in text telling me I should never have to buy spices again… and he had discovered that my abundance of spices had begun to spill over into the other cabinet which is where we keep all of our vitamins and medicines and stuff… probably not a good plan.

spicy shelf 2

It took them about 30 minutes from start to finish to organize my mess – I know because it was over and done while I was on a conference call in my office. Even though I do still have to use my little step stool, I can now not only see – but reach – everything I need. And I can already tell the Spicy Shelf will more than pay for itself – check out how many duplicate items I have because I couldn’t see the ones in the back and thought I was out! Yikes! I can also organize this to have my Whole30 Compliant stuff on one side, and the rest of the stuff on the other – making this another convenience in my Whole30 lifestyle.

spicy shelf review

There are other uses for Spicy Shelf too.  The Teen wants one for her gazillion nail polishes and Midge wants one for her gazillion Littlest Pet Shop critters. I want another one to organize my craft supplies and Mike said it would come in handy in the garage with all of his car stuff.

You can order Spicy Shelf directly from their website – www.SpicyShelf.com.

What would you organize with your Spicy Shelf?


Disclosure: I received a free Spicy Shelf for the purpose of this review. All images and opinions are my own.


  1. says

    We have a stair step spice rack. It is nice but loses space under the stairs. The only good thing about it is that it has FINALLY been relocated to a lower shelf so I can see stuff.
    I stool for the kitchen too. You aren’t alone with your kitchen stool!

  2. says

    I have seen this and wondered if it really worked. We have eleventy-billion spices so I would need like 8 of these, but it would be much better than our current system of pulling everything out to find a single jar.

  3. says

    Oiy! I just organized our spice cupboard and had FIVE bottles of vanilla, and don’t even ask me how much cumin and cinnamon I have because I kept buying more, because it was shoved either so high, or behind all that other stuff, that I thought we didn’t have any! Plus with two shelves that have lazy susans, stuff is always getting knocked off and then you can’t rotate the dumb things. It’s such a pain! This is definitely something I can use. Come to think of it, my nail polish cabinet could probably use one of these too!

  4. says

    I need one of these. My husband does the cooking in the house but when I try to see what we need for groceries I cringe at going to open the cabinet. I too am short so that doesn’t help.

  5. says

    I WANT these so bad myself. They look totally awesome. I was sold from the first preview of these babies. Now seeing that you used them and your review I want them even more. It’s on my want list now for sure.

  6. says

    I could use one of these for myself. My spice shelf is a mess. I end up buying the same spices over and over because it’s easier than hunting for them! How awful is that?

  7. says

    I’d organize my tiny little kitchen cupboard that has all of my spices. We’re in a smaller house than we’re used to so everything is crammed in. I love how it turned out!

  8. says

    Nice work! I love having things organized and this spice rack looks super easy! I love your teen’s idea! My 13 year has quite of few nail polishes that could use some organizing! She’d love this!

  9. Angela S says

    I could use one of those. My spices are all thrown into a drawer. That over the stove cabinet is impossible to reach!

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