MC Hammer Rocks The Pensacola Fair

After a full day at the Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival, Mike and I headed to the Pensacola Interstate Fair to see MC Hammer take the stage.    We arrived over a half an  hour early to get good seats – and the area was already packing out.  I was amazed.  Who knew Hammer, who was most famous in the late 80s and early 90s with hits like U Can’t Touch This and Too Legit to Quit, would draw such a huge crowd… nearly 20 years later.

The crowd was one of the most diverse crowds I have ever seen at a concert of any kind.  Young and old, and every nationality came together to jam out to Hammers top hits, as well as a few of his newer songs which I have to say I liked just as much as the old school songs!  We rocked out to favorites like Have You Seen Her, Pray, and even Addams Groove from the 1991 movie The Addams Family.

During U Can’t Touch This, Hammers entourage allowed over 100 fans to take the stage, including mostly children.   Hammer and his dancers danced with each person, one young boy so involved in dancing, he did not even realize that Hammer was right behind him.  It was quite comical when he turned around and saw him right there.  Very cute moment.

Other touching moments of the concert include Hammers intro to Pray, talking about how times are tough, but if we continue to pray, God has promised to take care of us.   In the late 90s after his rise to fame was fading, Hammer became an ordained minister and has devoted his time to youth and prison ministries.   With so many artists and celebrities trying to be “neutral” because that is what we now consider to be “politically correct” (dont get me started…) I thought it was absolutely fantastic to be standing in front of several thousand adoring fans to share his faith.

Hammer also acknowledged tributes to artists such as 2Pac, Luther Vandross, and Michael Jackson.  Needless to say, after each name, the crowd absolutely erupted.

The concert concluded with one of Hammer’s more recent songs – Going Hamm On It – which I have to say… I really really liked!  It has the old 80s/90s feel to it, but wasnt quite so “Pop.”

All in all we had an absolutely fantastic time.  I would venture to say that every single person there had a great time.   MC Hammer might not still be hitting the air waves like he was 20 years ago, but his songs remain timeless, and at nearly 50 years old (did I do that math right?!) he still puts on a great show.


The Pensacola Interstate Fair – Hammer Time!

I hate the Fair.

Hell for me would resemble the Fair – with loud obnoxious games, greasy food, wild unruly children running loose, toothless people trying to rip meat from enormous turkey legs, Carnies heckling you as you walk by… yes, that would be what my Hell would be.  I have always said any time you start to feel bad about your own family, go spend an evening People Watching at the Fair. It frightens me to wonder WHERE those people are every OTHER day of the year… 

Call me a snob or a Breezer if you want to – I am perfectly ok with that.  I remember when I got divorced one of the things I celebrated was never having to go to the Fair again, as he and all of his buddies just LOVE the Fair. Course they also “fit in” with the crowd *ahem*   (Add this to my One Million Reasons I Love Mike list – he feels the same way I do!!) 

HOWEVER.  Even in all of my disgust, all of my hatred, all of my grossed-out-beyond-belief-that-anyone-cares-what-a-2-foot-woman-looks-like or when-did-they-make-FORKS-illegal-at-the-Fair…. On Saturday, October 22nd, 2011…at 8pm Central… you will find me one place and one place only.  The Fair.

Yes, MC Hammer will be performing at the Fair this year, and I absolutely can not resist the chance to see him live.  Any time I see an artist from the 80s or 90s performing ANYWHERE I always do my best to go see them, but I remember MC Hammer being played at all of my school dances – the boys dancing while the girls cheered them on- LONG before the Boy Band days.

I can not wait to see if he is still sporting the parachute pants, or the designs in his hair like I remember from 20ish years ago.  Or if the backup singers and dancers will be in head-to-tow spandex.  Either way I am sure it will be quite a show.

There are several other bands and artists performing during the week that the Fair is in town, but none that I could imagine a second trip back for.  Even the way over-glorified Molly Ringwalds will be there.  (My heart still belongs to the Velcro Pygmies)  For the complete line up click here. 

So look for me on October 22nd to begin drinking early so that I will be able to stomach the Fair in all of it’s Carny glory – just to see one of my favorite artists from “back in the day.”   And if you hear about a crazy lady frantically handing out forks, napkins, and hand sanitizer… well…