To Convert… Or Not…A Garage Door Saga

Last week when I moved into my new office, I fell in love.  For so long I have had my “office” in one end of our master suite (it’s one of those long rooms that spans practically the whole back end of the house – but still, it was in viewing distance of my bed) so it has felt wonderful to have my own “space” to work.   Before we made this move I had been lobbying to convert our two car garage into one large office.  With Mike being in the automotive business and me being someone with a lot of “stuff” in the garage, I thought it would be perfect to clean it out, spruce it up, and put both of our offices in there.  Mike did not agree.

My idea seems perfect – to remove our residential garage door and put in a solid wall where it was.  We could put windows and such in the wall to give some lighting, since there are no other windows, and even put a Bay Window in for a nice place to sit.  Or we could even remove the door, fill the wall half way, and put a smaller commercial garage door in so he could still accept the larger deliveries without having to drag them through the house.    I could still have my window, and he would still have his home garage door.  Seems perfect right?

Mike thinks that it will take away the resale value of the home to convert the garage.  He thinks that having a 2 car garage is a better selling feature than having the three bedrooms plus an enormous (and beautiful – cause you know I am gonna have to decorate it) bonus room that can be used as a den, game room (Mike also has a fooze ball table, poker table, and video game), wet bar, or an office.  I just don’t agree.

I am still trying to get Mike on the bandwagon of converting the garage – even if not for an office, for a game room or “bonus” room –  but at least me having my office for now takes the pressure off some (although I think he is a bit jealous at how awesome it is.)   We need some garage door repair work done… maybe I can convince him then.

Have you ever tried to convert a garage?  Or do you live in a home with a converted space?  Did having/ not having a garage sway your decision to buy your home?


Mike is always right… help me win this one!   😉