The Story Of Us – Five Year Anniversary

5YearsToday in 2009 I woke up to my credit card terminal on the fritz. I had a credit card that I needed to run for products I had already delivered, and I was getting antsy.  In a desperate attempt to get it fixed I logged in to MySpace (yeah, remember that?) and posted a message asking for help.  I jumped in the shower and got ready for work – praying for a miracle.

A while later I got a message from a guy named Mike, offering to help.  He said he had a similar terminal in his office, and I could use his to input the card and he would give me the cash back. Simple.  I thanked him for his offer and told him I would come by after I got off work around noon.

After work I called him to see where his office was.  Turns out… he worked from home. I got the address, and headed to his house. I pulled into his driveway and called my friend Megan to tell her I was at this address – and if she didnt hear from me in 15 minutes to call the police.  Yes,  watch too many crime shows.

I met Mike and he ran my card – literally three minutes later and I was done. But… wait…

I said “Can I at least take you to lunch to thank you for your help?” 

He said sure and we went up the street to Applebee’s for lunch… where we ordered the “Two for Twenty” and sat talking and laughing for nearly five hours.  The waitress came back and asked us if we wanted to see the menu again for dinner.  We said no, I paid our tab, and we both left.

Two days later he texted me and asked me out. There was a Mardi Gras parade on the beach that he and some friends were going to, and he wanted to see if I wanted to go along.  Of course I did.

Six months later we moved in together.

In the last five years we have gone through every up and down you could possibly imagine.  From sicknesses to legal battles, life altering surgeries to cross country job opportunities, amazing vacations to huge wins in the poker room… and whether we were up – or down – he has been the best friend I have ever had.

five years collage

Last week. As we were leaving that same Applebee’s – having ironically ordered the exact same meal that we did five years ago – I turned around to see him holding a beautiful black diamond ring. 

 black diamond engagement ring

Some day soon I will marry my best friend.  The person who knows me better than anyone ever has. The person who could not love my girls any more if they were his own blood. The person that drives me just this side of homicidal… and then makes me laugh hysterically. The person I can be completely corny with. The person who accepted me – and all of my flaws – and has never made me feel bad for them (because he has his own too!)  The person whose family I have fallen in love with, and who my family loves as well. The person who has stood beside me for five years as my partner, my lover, my best friend, my soul mate. The person who has helped make me the best version of myself over the last five years.

Is he perfect? No. But he is perfect for me. And that is all that matters.

Today we celebrate five years together, and look forward to the rest of our lives. I love you Mike, and I am SO glad I took you to lunch 😉



  1. says

    I have always wondered how you guys met! I love this story! Aside from the “going to lunch” part, it’s pretty awesome that you agreed to let a random stranger run the card for you… cash or not! HAHA! :) Worked out well for you, Lulu, and I’m so excited for you guys! CONGRATULATIONS!!

  2. says

    Wait, back this story up … you took a man to lunch that you had only known for mere minutes??? You are crazy! (in a good way) It’s funny how fate works out.

  3. says

    Lynsey, congratulations!! I love the story of how you met and got engaged the fact that you were at Applebee’s for so long they asked if you wanted dinner! You are such a cute couple, and I love your beautiful ring. Congrats again!!

  4. says

    I knew you got engaged but hadn’t heard the story. How totally sweet. When people ask me who my best friend is, I always say my husband. They are surprised because their “bestie” is usually a female. Being married to your best friend is the awesome. Can’t wait to hear about “The story of Us – Ten year anniversary” Congratulations to both of you!

  5. Tina James says

    So happy for you both! I love stories like this! I have a pretty interesting one to! I’ll share someday with you! We going now on 33 years! Gets better everyday! I love just looking at him, can’t stand it when were apart, and look forward to everything we do!


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