The Day I Nearly Lost a Thumb Making Christmas Ornaments

wine cork wreath ornamentNotice: I am typing this with one hand…

A few weeks ago my friend Natalie shared a picture on Facebook of a reindeer made of wine corks.  Obviously, I fell in love.  Upon searching I found all kinds of nifty crafts to make with wine corks, and decided I would hand make all of my Christmas Ornaments this year – especially since I am involved in a few ornament swaps, and I AM the MoscatoMom after all.

So I cheated a bit and ordered wine corks (did you know you can do that?  God bless all of the people who drank all that wine who made my crafty disaster possible) and set to work on making ornaments.

The first ones I made did not require any cutting.  I simply hot glued corks to make Wreaths

wine cork wreath ornament

Christmas Trees

wine cork Christmas tree ornament

and Candy Canes.

wine cork candy cane ornament

Easy right?

Well then…. I just HAD to try and make a Rudolph.  And I did.  ONE.  And he was so cute, I wanted to make more.  So I carefully picked out my corks again, picked up a 7 inch ceramic butcher knife, and…

thumb craft disaster

The good news is nothing is severed or broken, and I should be just fine in a few weeks, although I will forever have a scar and because I was too much of a weenie to let them extend my thumb all the way back, its possible it will heal a little too tight.  Is there a Bloggers Compensation Program?

Thankfully my one little Rudolph was already completed, so it wasn’t a total loss.  And as much as I wanted to create the whole crowd of reindeer, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Coment, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen (yes, I had to sing the song to get that right) will have to wait a few weeks to join their friend Rudolph… at least until the splint is removed and I come up with a smarter plan for cutting the corks.

wine cork reindeer rudolph

On a positive note, I got to go to the salon today to have them wash my hair, which I love.  It is amazing how much you use you thumbs for – even on your left hand.   So far Mike has had to learn how to fasten a bra, put up a ponytail, and open sugar packets.

Oh how I love that man.


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  1. Karen Reilly says

    Aww Lynsey I love this post! I hope it doesn’t hurt you too much :(
    Thank goodness for Mike being there to help you with those things too lol! You don’t realize how much you use your thum!b

  2. says

    My mom sliced her thumb back when I was in college.
    Not to scare you but she eventually had to have surgery on it because she couldn’t bend it to hold stuff. If you get to that point (and I pray that you don’t), let me know so you can talk to her about it. She is a nurse but wishes she knew more going into that than she did.

    I hope it heals quickly for you!!

  3. says

    On the bright side… The reindeer that got finished is so adorable I want to come steal it!

    I hope your thumb heals nicely.

    Make Mike split the corks for the rest of the reindeer put on gardening gloves or something so he doesn’t lose a thumb too!

  4. says

    Oh my gosh – I feel so guilty! I should have realised you’re not fully trained in the use of kitchen equipment! :) Hugs for a speedy recovery!

    Especially love how you’ve balanced the shades of red, white and rose – and oh that reindeer! Adorable!

    You truly suffered for your art <3

  5. says

    Blogger’s Compensation…lol!

    Sorry you got hurt! But it made for a GREAT post and made that one little reindeer even more special because now he has a memory attached to him!

  6. Sherryl Adam says

    I have done some wine cork crafts before and used an electric knife (like you use to carve a turkey) but I would highly recommend that you use some kind of protective gloves Lynsey! :) Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  7. says

    Yeeeeouch!! This must have taken a long time to type with one hand. I hope your finger heals up quickly. Now that your husband has learned how to tie a ponytail, perhaps you can teach him how to make the rest of the ornaments, although I think Santa’s sleigh will be fine with just Rudolph. 😉 Your ornaments turned out cute, if it’s any consolation.

  8. says

    Oh wow, now I’m glad that I am not crafty by nature :) I hope that you’re doing ok. I had a friend who was cutting a 5lb block of cheese and accidentally sliced her wrist. I now buy only sliced cheeses because I have that kinda luck.


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