Corndog Cake Pops – Thinking Outside The Pop

My girls love corndogs and I am always looking for easy, quick snacks to feed them when they come home from school to tide them over until dinner.   We are not big “snack food” people, so I need REAL food that is easy and small enough to be a “snack.”   Well, today I found THE perfect one!  And they are FABULOUS!

This morning while perusing Pinterest I ran across this Pin from

My first thought…. I CAN DO THAT IN THE CAKE POP MAKER!!

I jumped in the car and headed to Winn Dixie for the ingredients – Jiffy mix, eggs, milk, and hotdogs.  It doesnt get any easier than that!

I mixed up the Jiffy mix just exactly by the box, and cubed the hot dog into tiny little pieces.

I put the pieces of hot dog into the microwave for 30 seconds – just to cook them a little more.  Then I poured the pieces directly into the Jiffy mix.  I used 2 boxes of Jiffy mix for this first round, and three hot dogs.  Next time I will use four.

I spooned a heaping teaspoon of the mix into each of the holes in my Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker, and cooked for THREE minutes.  They were perfect.

Paired up with another favorite – Ore Idea Tater Tots – with some Ketchup and a glass of milk, and we have a perfect, nutritious snack in under 10 minutes!

These would also be very easy to make in large batches and freeze in the Zip Lock Snack Size freezer bags for the girls to grab on the go.  Also easy to pack in lunches – there is no mess!

Thanks to MoneySavingMom for the inspiration and Baby Cakes for my favorite cooking tool in the world!

If you are an amateur chef thinking of bringing your great ideas into a professional setting you can make great use of a commercial refrigerator.


  1. lorrie says

    They look great and fun and super easy to make…but really to call them a nutritious snack…I don’t see how those could ever be nutritious..but hey a wonderful party type food.

    • admin says

      Well, I mean more nutritious than chips or a Little Debbie cake or something. They certainly arent carrots and apples lol

  2. Sue says

    Great Idea!! I saw the same pin and repinned on pinterest. My daughter is getting the babycakes cakepop maker for Christmas. We will definitely do this with tofu dogs :)

  3. Laura says

    I am so excited about all of these cake pop posts! I got the baby cakes thingie at Christmas and I love it I can’t wait to make the pancakes and sausage and the corn dogs!

  4. Deborah214 says

    How well do these freeze and are they just as good reheated (in the microwave I assume). My son’s birthday is coming up and with all I have to do it would make things easier to prepare them ahead of time and just warm them up.

    • admin says

      Hey Deborah! I froze 6 at a time in the Ziplock snack bags and they were great! I could nuke them in the bag for 25 seconds and voila! A snack!

  5. Robin says

    Wow! I was looking up some cake pop recipes that would be quick and easy to make for my parents (their cake pop maker has been used exactly once, when I made them glazed blueberry doughnut holes) and I think this might be the perfect thing! never would’ve thought about doing this!

    Thank you!

    • Lynsey says

      Hey Lindsay! I think as long as your recipe “rises” and isnt too heavy… the problems I have had with homemade mixes are they they do not rise properly, so they still cook, but they look like little UFOs and do not puff up into a round ball like they should 😉 (they are still tasty and cute though!)

  6. Alexa Fouts says

    This is so cute!!! I never thought of making corn dogs. I just got the cake pop maker that you put in the oven, so would the amount of time that I bake it be different? your donut recipe will be the first I’ll try and then these adorable corn dogs.


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