Pancake Cake Pops… With Sausage!

A couple weeks ago I got the idea of making Pancake Cake Pops using the Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker.  It was a huge hit and we have made them several times since then.  But The Toddler kept asking for sausage, as she prefers it to bacon, so this morning as a surprise I got up early to make her some of her very own Pancake Pops with Sausage.

The ingredients are super simple – Hungry Jack Complete Buttermilk Pancake mix, Jimmy Dean Sausage and your syrup of choice – this one I choice obviously because of the deal that was offered (high five Winn Dixie!)  I also wanted to check out this Hashbrown Casserole as we are huge fans of Cracker Barrel’s version.

Fry the sausage first very gently to make sure it doesnt get “crispy.”   You want it DONE but still soft.  Set aside and let cool while you mix the Pancake Mix with water to a bit thicker of a consistency than it calls for – like cake batter.  This time instead of sprinkling the sausage on top like I did with the bacon, I mixed the cooked sausage directly into the mixed up batter and stirred it all together.

The Pancake Sausage Cake Pops cooked up perfectly in just four minutes – just like everything else in the Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker.  I also microwaved the Hashbrown Casserole – I have to admit it was pretty tasty! – and cut up a green apple to have some “fruit” with this “well balanced meal.”  Pour some syrup on top, serve with an ice cold glass of milk and VOILA!  The perfect breakfast -in only 10 minutes- thanks to the Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker!

Bite sized perfection.



    • admin says

      I love how quick and easy it is, and even my 12 year old can do it and I feel safe letting her do it alone. The griddle I was always scared of her using, but this is easy and small enough for her that she can make her own breakfast. LOVE!

    • admin says

      Hey Em! Thanks for stopping by! I made blueberry muffins in it this morning… they were AWESOME. I think everyone needs one! :) I am testing out all KINDS of stuff in it! Cornbread is next! HA!

  1. Sharon says

    Thanks for the recipes for cake pops. I was given on for Christmas and love using it. Searching for a recipe to make chicken balls in it as I know my kids would love something like that for dinner.

    • admin says

      It should – I have a donut maker too and have made these in it. I had a little trouble getting the batter in – I burned the top of my hand – but I am certain that was “operator error” and not the fault of the machine lol

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