Top Five Moscato Wines – My List

Last week I received a frantic text from a guy friend of mine asking what was a good kind of Moscato wine.   He was heading to a dinner date at his new girlfriend’s house, and wanted to take a good bottle of Moscato that would go with just about anything she was cooking.   It might have been the easiest question I have ever been asked.  :)   Though I am nothing near a wine connoisseur,  I do love Moscato.  Here are my top picks:

My Top Five Favorite Moscato Wines

1. Bartenura Moscato

Since the very first sip I took of Bartenura Moscato back in 2008 at Skopelo’s Restaurant I have loved this wine.   It is a very light, sweet wine with only 5% alcohol – low for many wines.   It is a bit effervescent giving it almost a champagne-like feel… perfect for any little celebration.

Bartenura Moscato pairs best with fruits, desserts, and cheeses – but to be honest, I drink it with just about anything.

When I first discovered this wine I could only find it at Four Winds – a local specialty food and wine store, but I am happy to say that Publix carries it now as well!

Average retail: $12-14

2. Flip Flop Moscato

flipflop moscatoLast year I was delighted to try Flip Flop Moscato for the first time.   Besides just having great packaging – it has a screw top and not a cork, which is fantastic for toting to the beach – it was a light, refreshing wine that I really enjoyed.

Flip Flop Moscato is great with fish and chicken dishes or for sipping on the beach or poolside.  It isnt overly sweet but has a crisp flavor and a sweetness that lingers on your tongue.

Another great thing about Flip Flop wine is the Soles4Souls Program – where a portion of the proceeds from each bottle of wine sold goes to helping provide footwear to those in need.   A great wine and giving to charity – its a win-win.

Average Retail: $10-$12

3. Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Moscato

It was just a few weeks ago that I had the pleasure of checking out Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Moscato, however it has made my Top Five list for a couple of reasons.

Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Moscato is a great celebration wine.  Packaged like a bottle of champagne you can literally pop the cork to celebrate anything you wish.  I believe everything in life deserves a celebration, so whether you are getting married, passed that major exam, lost 5 pounds or just resisted that brownie – you can pop the cork and celebrate.

As someone who will be having a wedding in the future, I love the idea of serving this Moscato in lieu of champagne at my reception.  After all, I am the Moscato Mom.

4. Barefoot Moscato

This is probably the wine I drink most commonly since it literally goes with everything.  Barefoot Wines have won thousands of awards, and just one sip will show you why.  The flavors are always unique and bursting with flavor.

The Barefoot Moscato has much more of a citrus-y taste to me than the other wines on this list.   You can also taste the hints of peach and apricot, without it being too overly sweet.

Barefoot Wines was founded by a woman who was supposed to become a doctor, but couldn’t resist the “call of the vines.”   The company has grown from having just four varietals to now 12 still and 5 sparkling wines.  Barefoot is now the most awarded wine brand in California under $15.

Average Retail:  $9-$12

5.  Middle Sister Moscato

I stumbled across this wine by accident – checking out of a Super Target in Mobile Alabama.   The label was so cute I just had to check it out.

Middle Sister wines give every wine its own unique personality.  Though I am an only child and a mother of only two daughters, I can certainly assign a personality to every woman I know with the Middle Sister varieties.  You can determine “which sister you are” from your taste preferences.  Mine, being Moscato made me the “Sweet & Sassy” sister.  Here is what my label has to say:

“After a long hard day of being fabulous, I like to relax with a glass of wine. But I dont want it to bite me back.  Isn’t there enough drama in this world? That’s why this wine is my new best wine friend.  With a touch of natural sweetness, its smooth and refreshing and so easy to love.  Moscato, always stay as sweet as you are.  I’ll handle the sassy.”

Made with 100% California grapes, the Middle Sister Moscato has a bit higher of an alcohol content – 11% – than the other wines on this list… but then I bet any “middle sister” would probably agree that is a necessary evil.

Average Retail:  $9-$12

I am sure there are many many fantastic Moscato wines out there, and I hope someday to try them all.  Moscato is a wine that I have found most everyone likes – even friends who have said “oh I am not a wine drinker” have enjoyed a glass of one of these from this list.

Do you have a favorite Moscato wine?


  1. says

    I can’t say I’m a huge moscato fan but this is a fab post. I also wasn’t a fan of the middle sister wine I had (it was a red) but it goes to show that just because one bottle doesn’t hit the spot – another from the same brand might be completely different. Thanks for a well rounded look at Moscato!

  2. says

    So Moscato is my favorite wine, justsoyouknow. And I love Barefoot, the others you listed i haven’t tried. But, you know whats a really good one?? YellowTail. Its new, like within the last few months and its soo good! You must try it.

      • DJ says

        I just added movendo moscato to my moscato list of 2, the other being bartenura moscato. Movendo is about $7.99 & bartenura $12.99. I want to mention Baron Herzog Jeunesse Black Muscat. When invited I usually bring a muscato & the black muscat, watch them go crazy over the 2. Then dare them to chose.

      • Kelly says

        I’m a huge Moscato lover. Movendo is delicious as well as Villa Jolando. Just bought a bottle of DiCello. Can’t wait to try it. Will let you all know.

    • mer says

      Yellowtail Moscato is AMAZING! It basically tastes like juice tho so it’s a little dangerous if you aren’t careful lol…I like to use it in mixed drinks b/c it mixes really well with juice and a liquor if you want…for really long days or just special occasions…Yellowtail Moscato, Peach Schnapps, and OJ is an awesome one!

  3. Carolyn G says

    I am hooked the Flip Flop Moscato. It is so delicious. I rarely drink but have a few bottle of this in my wine closet!

  4. Maryann says

    I don’t think I’ve tried a moscato before, we usually drink reds. But with the warmer weather coming, it is 80 here today!, I’m looking forward to lighter wines and these sound great. Thanks for the list because I’m keeping it and picking up a bottle or two!

    • says

      Maryann…..I prefer reds too, and I found a red moscato called Electra, with a drawing of an angel on the label. It is absolutely FABULOUS!!! It’s a California wine. I just can’t bring myself to buy any other kind of wine, I like Electra so much. Try it….hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!

  5. says

    I actually just tried Moscato for the first time a couple weeks ago, love it. We went through 5 bottles of Barefoot and Cupcake at my bff’s bday party. There were about 8 of us drinking. I’m a convert now.

  6. says

    I know absolutely nothing about wine, but when we went to the beach last October, I wanted a bottle. I instantly thought of you and grabbed a bottle of Moscato! LOL I am totally serious. Thanks for the list- I’ll have to check these out!

  7. says

    Thanks for spreading the love for Sweet & Sassy. She’s one of my favorite sisters. Try our other wines, too – Sweetie Pie is a sweet red and she’s great with dessert!

    • admin says

      Ohhh that is so good to know! I have been looking for a great sweet red!! I will check it out for sure! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. says

    Ever since I have found you site my DH and I have been trying all different types of Moscato Wines and we are totally are in love!!!!!!

  9. Tracy says

    I adore Moscato, but I have to say, personally, Barefoot would be NOWHERE near the top of my list. If you like a good Moscato d’Asti, try Beviamo ( Quady Orange Moscato is also spectacular (I find it at World Market). Rex Goliath, which I believe Publix is now carrying, is good also.

    • Monique says

      Yes that’s my all time favorite especially as like a New Year’s Eve bubbly wine. I can never remember the name of this moscato to really recommend it but i know that blue bottle anywhere! Delish

    • Teresa says

      I bought a bottle of this wine on Saturday and loved it. It was my first time. I was in the Total beverage store and they were wine tasting. However this particular wine was not the one they were offering. I was browsing for the different types of Moscato D’Asti and came across it. Really I figure I couldn’t go wrong so I purchased it. It was oh so delicious. I purchase the one that I tasted and it was even better. Now I have about five top Moscato D’Asti including cupcake, Villa Jolanda, and Barteneur which is number five for me. I like it sweet and sparkling. I also think the best white wine comes from Italy. I would like to find a sweet 5% red wine. Any suggestion?

  10. says

    Cavit so far is my favorite. And then comes Little Black Dress. Followed by Flip-Flop and Barefoot.
    This is a great list though. I haven’t tried a couple of them.
    I live in a town of 2,000 people with only one liquor store so a bottle of Moscato is hard to come by. But there’s a bigger city nearby that I plan on hitting :)

  11. Carla says

    I am the same way.I don’t like most wines because of the harse alcohol flavor,but I tried Moscato wines and they are really great. Light,sweet and fruity. I really like Middle Sister as well.

  12. Joyce Ann says

    I am not much of a wine drinker but had Electra Moscato at a restaurant in Seattle. It was low alcohol and delicious. Not sure how to find local but it can be ordered online. It was nice to order wine with dinner and not feel left out because most wines don’t agree with me.

  13. Carla says

    After reading this post I went out and bought a bottle of Bartenura.
    I have to say it is now my new favorite. It’s delicious. Sweet without being too sweet and a little effervescent. Love it!

  14. Brittney says

    Cupcake moscato! Is cheap & sold
    In almost every grocery store! & taste
    Identical to olive gardens moscato but sweeter!!! It’s a must try!

    & for an expensive wine which is really hard to find is “G” moscato!!! You will never drink another moscato after
    You try it!!! Trust me! I’m a wine lover!! Also love middle sister & barefoot & yellowtails

      • says

        Moscato wine from Olive Garden is called ( moscato primo amore ) by puglia, it is Devine! I found it at jungle Jim’s in Cincinnati Ohio, $10.99 vs. $34.00 at Olive Garden

    • Teresa says

      What is the name of the wine? I am willing to try wines that are 5% to 5.5%. Anything over that number is out of range for me. Barefoot and Yellow tail I did not like at all so I am going to continue with my D’Asti adventure. My God mother gave me a bottle of barefoot, then she tried one of my favorites cupcake D’Asti and now she’s loving it. I purchase her a bottle for Easter.

  15. Cassie says

    I am also new to the “wine stuff” but my first taste was Castello del Poggio Moscato D’asti….such a fruity enjoyable taste!! I was hooked, I have since tried a few others :) Cupcake is probably my 2nd favorite! I have also since learned that the lower the alcohol % the sweeter the taste :) just thought I would share that, because I had no idea when I started, but this has been a huge help when im deciding on new wines to try :)

  16. KB says

    The Best Rose Moscato out there now is Santero Rose moscato also the Regular Santero Moscato is good also
    Its all over Upstate Ny and it

  17. Jenny wright says

    Huge fan of cupcake moscato …I love the lingering sweet refreshing taste that overrides my taste buds. Saying look out honey there is a new sweet man in town !CUPCAKE MOSCATO!

  18. Nashville says

    Looking for a really really really really really sweet moscato for my girl friend, who doesnt care for wine. She only likes wine so sweet that it is hard for me to call it wine. If it has a “wine-y” taste at all (even if only a slight hint in the finish), she wont like it. She has had some moscatos that she doesnt care for at all, and others that she has liked, but there are many more of the former than the latter.

    So can anyone recommend moscato brands that are excessively sweet, with little to no wine-y taste? We’ve tried cupcake (which she likes) and I’ve been told to try saracco, but would appreciate any and all suggestions for the sweetest of the sweet wines (for the sweetest of the sweet persons)

    • admin says

      Hey! I totally recommend the Bartenura if she liked the Cupcake. It is terrific. I had some really skunky Moscato this weekend – it was terrible. I’d say to stick with Bartenura, Cupcake…or there is one that has a really cool bottle that has like Greek Gods painted on it… it was good too. I cant remember the name of the brand, but the bottle is quite hard to miss. :)

      • Juliana says

        Candoni! I just tried that one a couple days ago. It has kind of slightly dry, fizzy champagne taste. It was different but good. I didn’t know it was fizzy; I almost hurt myself with the cork. Haha

    • Slava says

      The sweetest Moscato I’ve tried is San Giuseppe, however, since bought it in Brooklyn, can’t find it anywhere on Long island, no one ever heard of it, it’s a pity, I would buy a case.

    • Lola says

      I love Allegro Moscato, found it at World Market. And Verdi Spumante (which isn’t a moscato, but has the same moscato sweet flavor)

    • Jere says

      I’m a moscato lover! hands down best I have tasted is castello del poggio moscato.Really sweet and sparkly she will love it.

    • Juliana says

      Barefoot red moscoto is my favorite right now. That is a good fruity one for anyone who likes really sweet. Haven’t seen a lot of red moscotos on the shelves. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place? Schmitt Söhne is an amazing Reisling wine for people with picky friends… and yourself. I can’t imagine anyone not liking it. Great with orange juice and any kind of food. Not super sweet but also doesn’t have that alcohol aftertaste. Serve it very cold, even over ice. My “go to” wine. Also comes in bigger bottle size. I promise you and your friends will like it! :)

    • Teresa says

      The Villa Jolanda D’Asti Moscata is twins to Moscato cupcake D’Asti. Very refreshing, sweet, sparkling, and does not leave an after effect. $10.00 a bottle and if there is a Trader Joe in you area you can get it for $9 a bottle. Beautiful bottle as well

  19. Luanne says

    I guess it all depends on personal taste. I accidentally found a Moscato I love. It has a creamy, slightly sweet taste. It has a little bit of fix and I like it better than any I’ve tried. It is Cavit Moscato. I was a fan of Barefoot’s brand, but once I tried this, there was no comparison. It’s by far my favorite thus far.

    • Teresa says

      I like but hard to find in my area. For two years I could always find but now only in certain area. You get a lot for your money. Normally, I purchase the big bottle for $13. It’s number six on my list.

  20. Allan says

    I have tried the Bartenura. It is very good. Light, sweet and effervescent. What more could you ask for. I also had wine Moscato At Carmines while dining. The name was LaSpinetta Moscato D`Asti. Very similar to the Bartenura. My girlfriend enjoyed them both and she is not a wine drinker.

    • KB says

      After a Hard weekend Helping Cleanup in Broad Channel Queens
      We are Sitting Back Enjoying Santero Coconut Moscato
      We Bought 6 btls at in Albany ny
      Thank you all for you’re Help with Storm Sandy

  21. KB says

    We Bought a Bottle of Santero Coconut Mo scato and Rose moscato at empire wine in Albany
    They are So Good ..You can Also order on line from them @
    Order yours Today
    It’s So Yummy for My Tummy

  22. KB says

    Storm Sandy Moscato pic is
    Santero Rose Moscato
    You can Buy it on Line @

    I Love all the Santero Moscato Wines

  23. maya says

    has anyone tried Robert Mondavi’s Moscato d Oro? it is from a winery in Napa Valley, California. A little pricey, $25 for a 375 ml bottle, but it is so good. Bevmo carries it sometimes but vintage is older. they say moscatos peak within a year to two years, and the winery sells last years(2011) vintage. Bevmo carries 2009 mostly. i havent tried buying from Bevmo though as I am a Moscato d Oro wine club member and they ship it to me for $20 a bottle (80 for 3 bottles including tax and shipping) quarterly.

  24. KB says

    Sassy Bitch Moscato is so Awesome
    It’s From California
    Ask for it at
    They will get it in and Ship it to you
    They Also Carry The Santero Rose Moscato

  25. says

    Castello del poggio moscato. They serve it at the Olive Garden. Super sweet, not dry at all and a light delicate fizz!! For me it’s the end all of all wines!! :)

  26. TT says

    This list has definitely helped! I am a fan of Moscato and have tried many different brands!! Do you know where I can find/purchase Jacob’s Creek Moscato?

  27. KB says

    Happy Holidays to All
    My Moscato pic this week is
    Santero Strawberry it has Sparks to it
    Plus it will be great for the Holidays
    Beautiful Taste and Color

  28. Lance and Jessica says

    REALLY!?!? Nobody has said YELLOWTAIL moscato?!?! Lil Sweet/Lil Fizzy. It’s award winning! And also good anytime. Try it and I’m sure it’ll be in your top 5.

  29. KB says

    I was at Exit 9 warehouse in halfmoon ny today and I tryed all 3 Santero Flavor moscatos
    Peach,coconut and Strawberry
    they are awesome I bought a case
    They told me they also Ship via UPS
    Check them out on Line
    Happy Moscato New year

  30. AW says

    I’ll have to try some of the listings on this list -I’m always on the hunt for a good Moscato. I love the Castello del Poggio but have had a hard time finding it. For Christmas I received a bottle of Zonin Moscato Puglia and it’s my new favorite – very, very good!

  31. Lindsay says

    I live in central IL, there is a winery about 10 mins from me and I absolutely love their Moscato! It’s called August Hill and if you ever pass through IL, I definetly recommend it they have a tasting room that is amazing and not badly priced 😉

  32. susan says

    You mentioned Jacob’s Creek Sparkling moscato, but I’m in love with Jacob’s Creek classic moscato. It has frizzante bubbles, it’s 8% alcohol, it comes in a screw-top, and it’s around $5.20.

  33. Shari says

    LOVE Verdi Moscato! It ROCKS and when you can find it at WalMart – it is under $6.00!!!! It is one of my fav moscatos!

  34. KB says

    I can’t believe that Santero Peach moscato is So good Last night while at KingCork liquor in Schenectady Ny I found it there and Bought 3 bottles

  35. Ree says

    I love Castello del Poggio. It’s sold at Olive Garden but I first tasted it on a Carnival cruise ship. Give it a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

  36. Brittany says

    Just wanted to say thank you for this list! I stumbled upon your blog when googling, “What are some good Moscato wines?” and voila, you had answers! :) Checked out other areas of your blog and also subscribed. Keep up the great work!

  37. Lorie says

    I tried Seven Daughters Moscato at Macaroni Grill the other night. It was phenomenal!!! The waiter joked that it was “sprite wine” because of the bubbles and sweet taste. And oh my, it really tasted like that!! I wonder if the bartender gives it a dash of sprite… lol. I’ve been looking for it everywhere, to no avail. I picked up some Barefoot Moscato tonight and although it’s not as tasty, it’s not bad. Aftertaste is a lil too strong.
    Anyone have any suggestions for a super sweet, bubbly Moscato?? (other than #1 in this article, Bartenura… I’m going to Publix in search of this one tomorrow!)

    • Lynsey says

      Hey Lorie! After a bunch of commenters here recommended the Cupcake Moscato, I have picked it up a few times and REALLY like it. It is light like the Bartenura as well without the strong aftertaste that Barefoot has :) I will have to check out Seven Daughters!

    • Yolanda says

      Hi, try RISATA Moscato d’ Asti this one is sweet and bubbly. :) it comes in a beautiful blue bottle hope you like it!

    • melissa says

      I have found it in Michigan at Meijers, and Krogers. I had it at Macaroni Grill also It is wonderful my new favorite so far. A Seven Daughters fan.

    • Angie says

      I’ve also had the Seven daughters moscato and it is my absolute FAVORITE at the moment, but I can’t find it anywhere, only online. Does anyone know where I can find it in northern NJ?

  38. KB says

    Try santero moscato it’s available in many flavors also go to and you can have it shipped to your house

  39. KB says

    Santero flavored Moscatos are
    Peach Moscato
    Coconut Moscato
    Strawberry Moscato
    Passion Moscato
    Pineapple Moscato
    Also The Santero Rose Moscato is Awesome

    Need help finding

  40. Michelle says

    My two favorite Moscato’s are the Risada Moscato d’Asti and the Antica Cantina di Calosso Moscato d’Asti.

  41. Angy says

    I don’t know of its been mentioned but its so good I will mention it just in case. You must try Marco Negri moscato di asti. You will not regret it!!!!!!

    • FranShawn says

      I was scrolling through and could not believe Marco Negri had not been mentioned! Hands down the BEST moscato I’ve ever had. I’m glad you agree lol

  42. Sara Shuman says

    OMG!! Just tried SIP Moscato for the first time and LOVE it!! Editor’s Choice in December Wine Enthusiast and Gold Medal winner at the recent SF Chronicle Wine Comp. MUST try!!!!

  43. Rachel says

    OMG! I just tried Bartenura for the very first time, a few days ago…..I am hooked! I was a Jacob’s Creek wino, but I have moved on to the blue bottle!

  44. says

    My friend and I were at the Opera last month. We wanted some wine and I am a “sweet’ wine drinker when I drink. The only sweet wine they had was a white muscadine wine. I think it was a Moscato. It was delicious. I am not sure of the brand name and I could kick myself for not going back and asking the bartender.
    Do you have any idea from my poor description what type it could have been . Or could you suggest one for me.
    Thank you.
    Ann H. Simmons

  45. RJ says

    I love Moscato and have been working at trying different brands. I love Jacobs Creek (regular is a little sparkling) which restaurants are starting to have. Another I was impressed with was Il Conte d’Alba Stella Rosa Imperiale Moscato. It’s a bit pricier. And Mirassou Moscato was rather good too. One of my favorites they serve at the Chart House and I found it at Stater Bros is Luccio Moscato. Not as economical as some of the others but very tasty and worth splurging on when they have a sale. I’m the original Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante girl so finding others I like is a joy.

  46. kenny tannins says

    Everyone!!! Please try Martini and Rossi Asti. It is so incredible. Cavit Moscato is a close #2.



  47. Nicola says

    I have always hated wine,taste like acid. which is crazy since my whole family drinks it. Last week I tryed Jacobs Creek Moscato. And love it. What else is similar ? Thx

  48. John & Jen says

    Hi Moscato Mom!!

    We are converts from “Reisling only” drinkers due to your website and are huge fans of you :) Our go to wine used to be Relax Reisling, but after discovering the sweet taste of moscatos, we havn’t gone back.

    We’ve tried most of the moscato wines on both your lists and comments , as well as some random ones from the store and can both agree we LOVE Bartenura. We now use it as a standard to compare other moscatos to.

    – Flip Flop/Barefoot was our first moscato – great budget wines for every day drinking.
    – Middle sister was not very good at all. It didn’t taste like moscato at all, it tasted completley different to us. I’m thinking maybe we got a bad bottle because it was BLAH.

    Recently we came across TWO moscatos that may be even BETTER than Bartenura.

    1. Castello Del Poggio Moscato D’Asti – . This one is found at Olive Garden but may be hard to find in stores. Its sweeter than Bartenura and bubbly. It tastes a bit of a citris/honey taste too it. VERY good.

    2. Saracco Moscato d’Asti 2012- – Found this randomly in a store after reading comments about Moscato D’Asti varities- also deliciously sweet very “grapey” taste – almost like a bubbly grape juice!

    I think the proof is in the pudding!

    Moscato d’Asti wines combines the delicious taste of moscatos with the crisp and refreshing bubbly tastes of champagnes.

    I think the d’Asti ones are the way to go!

    • Monique says

      Lol I also was a Relax Riesling drinker. It was the first wine that enjoyed that wasn’t dry and bitter. But now for some reason rieslings give me a headache.

  49. jamm says

    I haven’t seen anyone mention Alice White Lexia-Moscato. I used to love it when it was just called Lexia, but now that Moscato is so popular they added that to the name. I’ve found it all over the country and it is not expensive. Give it a try!

  50. Monique says

    I really like Gato Negro and Fish Eye. I received Seven Sisters and Middle Sister as gifts yesterday. I hadn’t tried either yet. I love going into Meijer and walking the wine asle deciding which new wine to try. Sometimes I hit but many many times I’ve missed. Example I tried a nasty moscato called truck something. It gave me a nice buzz though lol. Oh yeah a really delicious cheap moscato is J.W. Morris at Trader Joe’s!

  51. Faye says

    Barefoot and FlipFlop moscato is the worst ever. I had excellent moscato at at a wine galley at a resort.
    If you by cheap you’llget cheap.

    • jamm says

      It’s a personal choice as with everything else, Faye. I happen to think FlipFlop and Barefoot moscato are great tasting wines. Why not tell us the name of the excellent moscato you had at a wine galley at a resort? If it’s so great, share the name with everyone so we can try it, too.

      • Faye says

        The next time I go to the Resort to listen to live jazz music, I’ll find out the name of the Moscoto.
        I had try different wines and some I can’t stand. I don’t like wines that have a lot of acidity/dry wines, so I go more for the sweet or fruity wines. I like couple of German wines… Riesling is my favorite: like Auslese and Beerenauslese. Arbor Mist isn’t bad. Like you said , everyone has different taste.

  52. Robert Tidwell says

    I had your #1 for the first time about 3 years ago.. The only store I know that sells it (Roger Wilco) is closed for renovations and has been for 6 months

  53. Tse says

    So that blue bottle….The best!!!!!! Bartenura moscato had me hooked :) I went to the store to get a bottle for a girlfriend of mine, since I have been ranting on and on about it and they were all out :(. A lady recommended Banrock station 2011 to me and they were $10/2 (what a price right?!!) went home, chilled it, had it with dinner and it was delish!!!!!

    So if u r looking to try a new wine, try it. Still have 2 spare bottles of my favorite blue though :)

  54. Nephie says

    My favorite moscato is Sutter Home…, pink or white….i try alot of moscato wines i dont care 4 the sparklinG 1’s. :)

  55. Christy says

    My oldest sister brought me a bottle of Middle Sister Moscato as a gift for hosting Thanksgiving. Yes, I am the middle sister but I am not too big on white wines. I Love this Moscato, a must try for any wine drinker!

  56. starlight says

    I am a beginner in the Moscato field..I must say Bartenura so far is the best….but still exploring….Yellow Tail and Barefoot….will try Santero Moscato Coconut flavor…sounds good…:) ,p.s. any other suggestion for for beginners…let me know…thx.

  57. Katie Schimpf says

    My Mom and I were very pleased to see our two favorite Moscato brands on your list! Barefoot and Flip-Flop! :) I’m going to try the Jacob’s Creek in place of champagne tonight!

  58. Ylonda says

    Actually Ladies the VERY BEST MOSCATO on the market out there is called “Ruffino Moscato D’Asti”, I’ts wondeerful. I’m not a drinker however I will kill a bottle of this. You can evn purchase this at Krogers Martket for only $12.99, at Merjers on sale $12.99. State Store &19.99.
    A very smooth sweet wine, if that’s what your into.

  59. Sugar Sandy says

    My husband picked up a bottle of the Bartenura Moscato yesterday (at World Market) and we loved it. Thanks for the suggestion.
    P.S. This is my first time viewing your site. LOVE IT! Good job!
    Sandy Dering / Gourmet Treats by Sugar Sandy / Paws Rescue Krewe / Gulf Coast Dog Rescue
    Pensacola, FL

    • Peg Newcomer says

      My girlfriends and I are huge fans of Moscato and until a recently felt most were delicious. While they are all great we have found the absolute best (for our tastes) is la ardilla. It is made in Spain and has a picture of a squirrel on the label. Unfortunately we have difficulty finding it in Lancaster County,PA

  60. Brenda says

    I love Primo Amore Moscato, moscato by cupcake , just tried and sipping now the first one you listed . Taste is wonderful. I did not like the moscato yellowtail, sutter, few others I also tried. Barefoot was ok,,,,love the idea of a little party 4 pack. I think I tend to like the wines from Italy vs California …I am new to this,,,,I do not like any dry wines….so Moscato for me :). Happy sipping and thanks for the information !!

  61. Jessica says

    Have you tried MoscaMango? It is to die for! It has actual mango pulp in it! You need to gently roll the bottle to mix it up, just don’t shake it because it’s a sparkling wine! I bought it in Minneapolis for about $15. I love, love, love sweet wine and this is truly amazing!

  62. Jeni says

    I absolutely LOVE Tintero Moscato d’Asti, from Piemonte, Italy, but cannot find it in any stores- have only had it in my favorite fancy restaurant Tony’s Steaks and Seafood in Mason, Ohio. I did try a new one tonight-Castello del Poggio Moscato D’Asti and it is a very good sweet dessert wine-maybe a little too sweet though. Love the site!

  63. Gina Maske says

    Hi there, I have an excellent Moscato for you to try if you haven’t already done so. Moscato’s are the only wine that I care for and I am constantly on the look out for new ones. It’s
    Candoni Moscato D’Italia Sweet White…it’s not always easy to find but recently my hubby did find some at Kroger’s. Besides tasting amazing, the bottle is just beautiful. If you’ve not tried it before, I hope you can find it. I know that you will love it!!
    (I tried to paste a pic but it wouldn’t allow me to do so)

  64. Kim says

    I’m a moscato only girl. The sweeter the better for me. My faves:

    #1 Sant’Evasio Moscato d’Asti ($14 for larger bottle) This is the wonderful sparkling wine we had at our wedding.

    #2 Sant’Evasio Brachetto D’Acqui ($19) This is a red moscato with slight strawberry flavor. Just discovered and really is a tie between this and my #1.

    #3 Seven Daughters Moscato. Had at a restaurant but have been unable to find locally.

    #4 Blue Fin Moscato from Trader Joes. If you’re just looking for a cheap moscato this is really good for $4.50. I have noticed a difference from bottle to bottle though. Sometimes it’s a little more acidic.

    #5 Cupcake Moscato D’Asti

    #6 Annalisa Moscato Vino Spumante

    Looking forward to trying some of these other recommendations!

  65. Natalie says

    Bartenura is wonderful as well as Castello del Poggio, Mia Dolcea, Estancia, Marchesi di Barolo Zagara, and Ecco Domani. Salud!

  66. Rachel says

    I have probably tried every Moscato out there! I am very picky about my Moscoto….My two favorites are tied for first….Cupcake Moscoto and the one from Olive Garden called Castello del Poggio Moscato d’Asti. They are both really reasonable in price. Tied for my second choices are Bartenura Moscato and I believe it is called Turning Leaf Moscato.

  67. Rene says

    Villa Alena Moscato d’Asti, which is sold exclusively at Trader Joe’s is heavenly! Lower alcohol makes this an easy drink and only $8.99 a bottle. This my favorite so far.

  68. 58jamma says

    sounds like there are some great moscatos out there.Have enjoyed reading the different posts. one of my favorite Moscatos that I have tried recently is by primo amore absolutely wonderful around 10 or 11 dollars beats Olive garden’s price of$25. Found at world Mart.

  69. glee says

    I work at the local liquor store and I get a ton of requests for pink moscato. My favorite would have to be Miss Prissy by Duck Commander

  70. Helene says

    By far, the best Moscato is Stella Rosa Black. Truthfully, any of the Stella Rosa family is awesome. But my fav is the black.

  71. Leanna says

    Hi! Has anyone tried Lost Angel Moscato? I had a glass at a restaurant the other night. It was delicious! My top two though are definitely Cupcake and Castello del Poggio.

  72. Leslie DeWald says

    I love Moscato Wine, but my all time favorite is Candoni brand Moscato. It is sweet, with a fruity flavor, and goes well with just about anything!

  73. Katie says

    My favorite moscato is Primo Amora. It’s a really light moscato with a sweet taste. It’s not harsh at all. It has a white label with a silver snow flake. I don’t care too much for the barefoot because it has more of a wine like after taste that I don’t really like. My second favorite would be Moscato D’Asti, from Belle Bolle. I drink this one most often, it’s $8.99 for a regular size, you can get a walmart, and $15.99 for a bottle almost double in size. Which is usually what I buy :) It tastes just like the Primo Amora but it’s not a sparkling one. Both are very crisp and fresh and have a sweet taste.

  74. Donna Sanderson says

    My husband and I were on vacation a week ago in Clearwater Beach, Fla. and received a free bottle of Seven Daughters Moscato with dinner. It was delicious. we drank the whole bottle! Looking for it around here!

  75. says

    Everyone needs to try Sip Moscato if you haven’t tried it yet… It’s the only premium moscato on the market.. The wine is absolutely delicious and the package Is very classy and hip.

  76. Kelley says

    Beringer has a pink, red and white moscato that are great! 11.5% and about $5 a bottle.

    I also recently found a Canyon Oaks Pink Moscato that’s 10% and $6 a bottle!

  77. Amelia says

    Great artical. I’m sipping on some Fliflop right now. It’s delicious. My fiance bought two bottles for us. One of my newer favorites is Palm Cove. It’s out of Australia, and it is absolutely the most delicious Moscato I have ever tasted besides this Flipflop I’m sipping. Thanks so much for this artical and list.

  78. Evie says

    I’ve been trying to like moscato but I must have tastebuds that are overly reactive to sweet- I’ve tried the middle sister and too mellow flat sweet – heavy, cupcake, yellow tail- syrupy sweet too heavy. I would like to find light, crisp, sweet but not like m drinking syrup heavy moscato. Any recommendations? I liked the barefoot of all that you listed mentioned because it wasn’t syrupy

  79. nanette says

    Most of the comments are from women. But it seems men are liking this moscato, also. My son prefers it (30 yo) also.

    The 1st time for me, was at a Greek restaurant, Santorinis, in NJ, a few years ago. It was pricey there, but not in the stores. I never heard about it before, so it must be a new wine.

    I went looking for it, and tried Sutter’s Home and Barefoot. I’d prefer Sutter’s ( grapefruity) , while the later is too sweet.

  80. Jan says

    Interesting I have not heard. The name Flat 120 red moscato, it is made in Austrailia and retails for$ 12.99 here in Canada .I like it more than barefoot , it’s a sweet flavor , 4.4 a must try :)

  81. Tricia says

    Am not familiar with a lot of what’s on the list above cause I term to stick to wat I kw n love whn it comes to wine….and BAREFOOT is wat I love. It is amazingly delicious…haven’t said that ima give couple of them a try like the yellow tral tat every1 is talk abt &…Bartenura

  82. Josiah says

    EWWWWWW Barefoot is disgusting! It tastes like flavored cat piss, pardon my language. BLECH.
    Castello del Poggio is an excellent choice if you’re on a bit of a budget. If you like apple cider, 2 Fly is good as well. It’s dirt-cheap, and tastes like, well, apple cider.


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