Cake Pop Donut Holes Recipe

I am starting to think I need an Intervention.

Last week I was so excited about my Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker that I decided to go buy a Baby Cakes Donut Maker as well!  I have not blogged that just yet… as my hand is still healing from the burn I got trying to “pipe” a circle of dough. I am still mad at the donut maker… but we are going to make up… it’s just too cool to stay mad at for long.


The RECIPES that came with the Baby Cakes Donut Maker sounded awesome, so I had to give them a try, and thought “why not donut HOLES!?!”  So here they are:

Try not to drool too much on your keyboard.

Cake Pop Donuts


  • 1 1/3 c all-purpose flour
  • 1/3 c sugar
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 c milk
  • 1/4 c vegetable oil
  • 1/4 c sour cream
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla

Now, I will be honest… as I was making this I was wondering what I got myself into… I can not tell you the last time I put this many ingredients together in ANYTHING… but it was totally worth it!! 

Mix all ingredients and spoon into your Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker.  Fill each “hole” about half full as the batter will rise.  Bake 4-5 minutes until you can stick the little pitch fork thingie that comes with the maker into the center and it comes out clean.  Pop them out and either roll in powdered sugar or coat in glaze!

Donut Glaze


  • 1/4 c melted butter
  • 1 1/3 c powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tbsp hot water

Mix melted butter and powdered sugar until well blended.  Stir in vanilla.  Slowly add hot water and keep blending until smooth.

The results are AMAZING!  Add this to the list of reasons I absolutely love my Baby Cakes Cake Pop Maker!


  1. I bought a Babycakes mini cupcake maker and have almost used it daily. Tonight I used it to make biscuits for dinner.

  2. OH YEAH! That’s my kind of recipe! I would buy it just to make donut holes! You could have them with glaze, powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, etc…. it could go on and on!

  3. Oh holy cow those look fantastic!

  4. That’s awesome! I want one :)

  5. Those look like they came out awesome and super easy too!

  6. Gosh I really need this machine looks awesome!

  7. Thank you for posting this recipe! Im excited to try it. I just made the apple cider doughnut hole recipe that came with the babycakes machine and they were not very good. My son is allergic to everything so I have to alter every recipe to fit his diet. I cant wait for him to finally get to have doughnuts with the other kids at church on sundays Thanks again!

  8. I was just wondering if you have a recipe for plain vanilla donuts for the donut maker. The manual only came with the sour cream donuts but I want to make classic donuts that I can ice and decorate for my kids.


    • No, I havent been able to find one either. I am planning to try the Krispy Kreme copycat recipe which of course you are supposed to fry not bake… we shall see! HA!

      • Maybe I should get pops maker and try these. I have a donut maker and thought it was terrible. The donuts burnt in one side and then barely cooked on the top. Plus it was hard to get all six filled fast enough. I think the underside of the first one was cooked by the time we filled the last donut. The other thing I found out is directions said 2 tbsp for each donut and that was about 1 tbsp too much. The donuts also had a terrible metallic taste. Any suggestions to getting this right?!!!

        • Hey Dana, honestly, your experience with the donut maker sounds a lot like mine…. I was not very impressed. I burned the top of my hand pretty badly and have not touched it since. I have friends who love it though and they use a pancake pourer (?) to put the batter in and say it works much better. I LOVE the cake pop maker, and was even given the cupcake maker which I have enjoyed – although the cupcakes are bigger than I expected. They are more like full size cupcakes than “babycakes”

  9. I made some donut holes by this recipe and they are real good. All my familly loves them. Thanks for the recipe.

  10. I made your donut recipe today and they were really good. The only change I made was substituting apple sauce for the oil. They were really moist and required the same cooking time. Kudos on the glaze also. My kids LOVED these!!
    I fell in love with my cake pop maker and now have made banana nut pops as well as pumpkin pops for our last holiday gathering this week.

    • yes, we have cooked any kind of “breads” in our cake pop maker since July! :) We LOVE it!

      • so would all of my modified (my son is sensitive to alot of things as well as being on the “autism diet”) muffin and loaf recipes work in the cake pop maker? i JUST got it yesterday and was trying to find recipes i could modify online…

        • Hey Sara! I have had a lot of success modifying recipes for the cake pop maker – the only ones I have found that do not work are the “heavier” recipes – with a lot of oil or eggs. I recommend you have some trial and error – we love snacking on the little “space ships” that we get from the pops that are too heavy to rise! LOL Happy Popping!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! Our family really enjoyed it! The sour cream helps add some flavor and moisture which can be missed in baked versus fried donuts.

    Just wondering if anyone has tried adding chocolate to this recipe and if so what kind and how much? I have both chocolate and vanilla-loving kids and would like to have recipes for both. Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. I’ve just made them like an hour ago and they are really good!. I followed the tip of someone here who replaced the oil for applesauce and they turned out great, plus, i didn’t have that much butter to make the glaze, so i melted chocolate on the stove in a little pan and then dipped a side of them in the chocolate and then put them in the freezer… they are really yummie…

    Thanks again for the great recipe, is a keeper!
    Nice weekend all…

  13. I was wondering if you tried to make the fake Krispy Kreams yet. Would love the recipe for that one.

    • Hey Pam! I havent yet BECAUSE part of the Krispy Kreme recipe is for the donuts to “rise” – and they are much more of a dough than a batter… I am trying to figure out how to modify it to keep the flavor but still make it work in the BC Pops Maker :)

  14. hahahaaaa, i can understand that. i just love krispy kreme’s! I will be waiting ! thanks for your efforts.

  15. Alecia Mickelsen says:

    I made these tonight and they were delicious. So light and tasty and I love the fact that they are not FRIED. Do you have any secrets on how to make the glazing process easy?

    • Hey Alecia! No – not really. I used the little “fork” thingie that comes with the Cake Pop Maker and dipped mine. Then just put them on a wire rack that I had paper towels on… it was messy, but a quick clean up :)

  16. Thanks for pushing this recipe. We made it and also filled the holes with jelly. They are excellent!

  17. These are awesome! My boys loved them! I made them with whole wheat flour instead and the kids still gobbled them up.

  18. this looks like wonderful machine to make Takoyaki, a Japanese recipe for octupus balls, i will go and get one of these.

  19. Rachel Mason says:

    Just popped out a batch of these donut holes and I don’t know how I’ve gone so long without them. I’m really enjoying this new morning treat. Thank you for posting.

  20. I just purchased the Cake Pop Maker. I was so excited to see how it worked. I used a purchased cake mix (pink Lemonade). They turned out terrific. I am going to try the donut wholes this weekend with my Grandkids. It should be fun for us all as the machine is so easy to use and the results are perfect. These are going to be so fun to do for Christmas treats. Going to make some Santa and Snowmen on a stick. Cannot wait to do. So many exciting ideas for this wonderful little machine.

    • Joyce – welcome to the love that is the Cake Pop Maker! LOL I feel the same way! Did you see my Rudolf and Santa cake pops? SO easy and cute!

  21. I was wondering do you have to use sour cream? I can’t use it cos of my kids is there anything i can do in place of that?

  22. I bought a Babycakes maker last week and I made Chocolate Mint Non-Gluten Cakepops for a catering job last night, dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkled with snowflakes. They are so beautiful, thank you for the positive notes on the machine and how easy it is to use. A friend from Australia was asking me to make him some and send it to him via UPS…hehheheee…posted pictures on Facebook.

  23. mine turned out to be tasting like waffles!!! How does that work?!?!

  24. I got one this year (Keebler brand) and the first thing I thought of was donut holes. I knew someone would already have this online, and this page popped up! Can’t wait to try the recipe and glaze. Thanks!

  25. Have you ever prepared the batter or glaze the night before? With two eager little boys who are hungry the moment they get up, it would be nice if I could prepare this ahead of time.
    I just got this for Christmas and am dying to try some of your great ideas. I especially like the corn dog and cinnamon rolls ones. Thanks for posting such a fun site! :)

    • Box pancake batter doesnt really save overnight – it gets all airy and dry and weird. I have heard scratch mix does but I havent tried it. We do biscuits and cinnamon rolls for those “gotta have it NOW” mornings :) Now COOKED pancake pops save in the fridge well though and just a few seconds in the microwave will get them just like they just popped out of the Babycakes :)

  26. Happy New Year! Got a cake pop maker for Christmas & was searching for ideas & came across your blog! Made the doughnuts this morning-they were a big hit!-although with a family of six I had to double the batch! I also wanted to mention two things to make ‘cake pop’ life easier: 1) use a small scoop (pamp. chef) level to fill cake pop wells-works super quick & NO mess! also, 2) use a pair of silicon tongs to romove (or flip over) cake pops from maker-easy & quick! Thanks for ALL the great ideas!

  27. I just tried the recipe and followed it to the “T” but they were way oily and didn’t rise in the baby pop maker at all – what did I do wrong?

  28. I just made these and they are amazing! Thanks so much

  29. Great recipie! Made these for the kids the other day and they were gobbled up quick. I used greek yogurt instead of sour cream cause it was what I had in the fridge.

  30. Another tip to make filling the cake pop maker easier, I put all the ingredients in a ziplock bag (you can mix in the bag or mix before putting in the bag) then cut off a little bit of one corner and squeeze the batter into each “cup”. I make “pancake pops” almost daily for my kids this way. Works like a charm and easy to clean up! Can’t wait to make the doughnuts later!

  31. These were blah and the batter was so thick. I followed the recipe to the T and they were ughh. I know they are baked but the taste was just blah. The only saving was dipping them into the chocolate glaze I make

  32. Hi, I have the cake pops cake ball maker, how do I do this with that one? Mine goes into the oven, so what would be the differences?

    I’m trying to find donut hole recipes for the cake pops maker since I want to have my grandsons stay over night one night and make these the next day.

    Thanks for any help

    • Hey Deb! I am not sure there would be any difference. They should puff right up like in the Babycakes maker, but I am not sure. They will be tasty though een if they look like little “space ships” LOL Thanks for stopping by!

  33. Barira Nabeel says:

    I do not leave comments. ever. but this recipe was AWESOME! each pop tasted like a mix between a doughnut hole, a pancakes and waffles! my three favourite things! awesome awesome fool proof put-together-in-ten-minutes recipe!
    thank you!

  34. may I use just regular cake mix to make them?

    • Hey Sandra! Sure – I used regular cake mix to make all of my cake pops. I have found that Pillsbury works best. Duncan Hines is too “moist” so you end up with “space ships” instead of little round pops LOL they do not rise correctly – but they still TASTE great! :)

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