How To Make A Wine Cork Wreath

One of the tasks on my Life List has been to make a homemade holiday wreath to hang on our front door.  Growing up I didnt really have a front door – we lived in a condo on the beach so we entered through the garage – so I have never had one before.  I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted, but when the idea came to me – there was no question this is the one we need to have.

wine cork wreath

Making the Wine Cork Holiday Wreath was actually quite simple – and I enjoyed it enough that I will be making some for friends.  All you need is a wreath form, a hot glue gun, a big bow…. and a whole bunch of wine corks.

I actually purchased a box of wine corks from a lady on Etsy  – Bless all those people who drank that wine – and picked up the other supplies at Hobby Lobby. I also had my own stash of wine corks from some of my favorite memories – the first bottle of wine Mike and I shared, a bottle I received after a huge event, a few Girls Night In corks, etc as well as just corks from some of my favorite Moscato Brands. All in all I think the entire Wine Cork costs me less than $10.  You can not beat that!  I chose a wreath form that had a flat back so it would lay flat against the door – and I would only have to cover the front of the wreath with corks.

wine cork wreath tutorial

Start by covering your surface with newspaper to protect it from rogue hot glue.  Then – beginning on the inside, glue wine corks end-to-end making sure to use plenty of glue.  You can trim one if needed, but make sure to cover the entire inside.  Then begin another row and continue the process – gluing the corks as closely and tightly as possible. For this part you want to use the not special corks as these will not be as well seen.

The good news is you can turn off your OCD on this part – perfection is not your goal here.  In fact it will look better the more “imperfect” it is.  Once the entire wreath form is covered with rows of corks, begin randomly placing your favorite corks at different angles around the wreath. Make sure to leave room at the bottom for the bow – you do not want to cover your favorite corks!

how to make a wine wreath

I will admit that during this part I not only got discouraged – because it wasn’t looking right – but my OCD kicked in too, and I was trying to get all symmetrical with it… neither of those things need to happen here.  You must take my word on it that if you keep placing, keep gluing, there will be this moment that suddenly it starts to look “right” after a while of looking “weird.”

wine cork crafts

Once you are happy with your Wine Cork Wreath, affix the bow and voila!  A beautiful creation that you will love and that is easy and inexpensive enough to be a great holiday gift as well!

wine cork wreath


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