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Jones Kmetz Family 2013Hello! I am Lynsey Jones, the Moscato Mom, a happily engaged mom of two amazing daughters – The Teen and The Midge!   I live in Pensacola, Florida where I was born and raised and plan on spending the rest of my life.  MoscatoMom is my personal blog, but my network includes:

Here at MoscatoMom my goal is to connect my readers with brands and products I love, all while sharing with you the ups and downs of my beautiful life. I have been honored to work with some amazing PR Firms and Brands such as Kia, Honda, Dreamworks, Progressive, FlipFlop Wines, Kimpton Hotels, Jacob’s Creek Wines, Genworth, Mutual of Omaha and Warner Brothers. I was also featured on Lifetime, chosen to be a Walmart Real Mom, and locally in the Pensacola News Journal. This year I am honored to be an Aerosoles Ambassador, Country Crock Casserole Club Member, and WordLock Parenting Council Member.  I make sure to always keep my blog PR Friendly and will represent your brand with the highest level of integrity.

My passions have changed in the four years since I began MoscatoMom. I have recently completed Whole30 and it was absolutely a life changing experience – both physically and mentally. After battling weight issues and food “addictions” I finally got control. Between Whole30 and CrossFit I have made some pretty significant changes in my life, and while I do still sometimes indulge in a glass of Moscato – they are now few and far between. However even with the changes, MoscatoMom still feels very much like “me” and while I considered changing my name and rebranding, I just can’t imagine being anything else.

I believe that rainbows only happen after the rain, that everyone deserves a second chance, that those we love the most are those we hurt the most, that confidence is what makes someone sexy, that girlfriends are you most prized asset, that karma is at work every moment, that you can change your life by changing your thoughts, and that most all problems can be solved over a cold glass of Moscato.

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Accolades and Accomplishments

Global Resort Homes Blogger – October 2013

Walmart Real Mom Nationwide Campaign – July 2013

Mutual of Omaha Nationwide Campaign – June 2013

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